#Cubs Minor League report

Friday’s games

Willson Contreras hit a three-run homer in the sixth to lead Iowa to a 7-5 victory over Oklahoma City. Contreras is batting .335 and has hit in 12 straight games. Arismendy Alcantara had two hits, including a double, and Dallas Beeler earned the win in his first rehab appearance. He pitched two innings in relief.

Tennessee lost, 2-1, to Jackson. Tyler Skulina gave up two runs over four innings adn walked six. Cael Brockmeyer had two hits.

Jonathan Martinez gave up seven runs over 4 2/3 innings in Myrtle Beach’s 11-10 loss to Salem. Gleyber Torres had three hits, all doubles, one RBI and scored three runs. Jason Vosler had three hits and three RBI and Gioskar Amaya had three hits, including a double and a triple, and drove in three runs.

Preston Morrison gave up one unearned run over six innings in South Bend’s 2-1 loss to West Michigan. Ian Rice drove in the only run. Donnie Dewees hit a double.


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You`ll recall when last Sunday Kershaw pitched versus the Mets at Citi Field, and that meant the dominant southpaw would not face our Cubs in their four game series. Something similar is happening today in Philadelphia at Citizens Bank Park. Nola, the Phils` best starting pitcher, will face the Brewers, and that means the Cubs will not have to deal with him in their three game series beginning Monday.

Aloha jhosk, I almost wonder if the team does better against the elite pitchers, because here today again a pitcher with a high era shut down the offense. I know some of the umpiring was questionable. I hope they can pull this one out! Mahalo!

Did not see today`s game, k.g., but did hear Jake`s interview afterward, and he said it was a strange game. One would expect him to win any contest in which he has 12 punch outs, but not today. (Aside: was a big fan of Ali from the first Liston match to the end of his career; met him twice, and saw him train for the Holmes match in 1980 at his Deer Lake training camp. Muhammad should have retired before the Larry Holmes match, as he was severely punished in that bout more than any I can recall, and I can`t help thinking that led to his pugilistic Parkinson`s syndrome more than any other single match.) Let`s hope Lester can continue his recent success in Philadelphia Monday. More offense than we saw today will be much appreciated.

Aloha jhosk- I listed to some of the game and thought the same thing, here is Arrieta striking out 12 over 5innings but on the flip side a pitcher with a high era, the team cannot hit him? Tomorrow the pitcher Lester goes against has over a 7.00era. Again, I have been amazed at the very good “elite” pitchers this team is beating then having trouble with the “sub-par” ones. I almost wish the team would have to play all the elite pitchers more often! Yes, sad by Ali’s passing. My father went to maybe one or two of his bouts in Vegas when I was a kid. I remember watching his bout with Spinks, I was very young but mesmerized. I did have the pleasure of meeting and holding the door for his lovely daughter Laila Ali in the LA area. Well, I hope the offense awakens as well and that you get to see an exciting game along with your cheese-steak! Mahalo!

You make good points about the starters we face, k.g. Maddon last season advocated for the Cubs to be challenged by the best teams in the game, meaning it would bring out the best in our boys, and we`d be the better for it, and it would permit the evaluators to see exactly how the club measures up. I assume the skipper would want his players to challenge the best pitchers also, although we saw Joe was not all that upset when we bypassed Kershaw recently. Am looking forward to the game, and thanks for remembering. The Phils` offense was in rare form yesterday when they scored eight runs. I do not see Lester permitting any such repeat. (I`m more concerned with the ongoing traffic delays on the turnpike due to construction.) Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- hope you enjoyed the game! I got a little nervous there at the end. Felt bad for Grimm as he only threw 8 pitches and gave up 3 runs then Rondon gave up a dinger too. Thank goodness the offense showed up. I thought they could have tagged the starter Morgan for more runs in the first but as they say a win is a win. I hope Soler will be Ok. Lastly, when I got home from work and put on the MLBTV, I did not realize that I put on the Phillies station and wouldn’t you know, they were talking about voting for the best stadium food and hoping folks would vote for their Campo’s (sp?) cheese-steak! I have to say, it looked good! Well kudos to Lester! Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. I enjoyed the game, but that ninth was uncomfortable. Lester was dominating, and he made multiple Phillies batters look silly, including Galvis at least twice. But Galvis had no problem solving Grimm. His long ball to right was a “no doubter.” The Joseph homer was to the deepest part of the park in center field. I did not learn until tonight that Joseph came to the Phils from the Giants` organization in the Pence trade. Since Ryan Howard is on the decline, Joseph is going to see more and more playing time. My friend and I sat in the eighth row behind the Phillies` dugout. We arrived 90 minutes before the start and observed some of the Cubs` players engage in batting practice. Ben Zobrist had several sessions in the temporary batting cage, and Joe Maddon observed from behind the cage. We moved as close to the field as we could and, at one point, we both waved to Maddon when he looked our way, and he returned our wave. We were impressed. We observed Schwarber behind that batting cage as well. There were many Cubs fans present, and one informed me that Schwarber`s rehab is going so well, there are rumors he could be available if we qualify for the playoffs. Is first time I`ve heard that. Do you know? Was especially impressed with KB and his ab`s tonight. This guy`s a keeper, and I guess most know that already, but it bears repeating. The neutral objective observers have consistently said right along that, if the Cubs have a weakness, it`s the bullpen. I agree with that, and we saw it tonight. There is speculation that if the Yankees fall out of contention, their relievers, including Betances, Miller, or Chapman could become available, and the Cubs would be more than mildly interested. I favor Miller myself. {Aside: I took your advice and ingested a cheesesteak sandwich, but it was from Tony Luke`s, and not Campos. Btw, they get $8.75 for the beers at Citizens Bank Park. I purchased one. That`s a bargain compared to AT&T Stadium and Yankee Stadium. It would be informative if someone can tell us what beers cost at Wrigley these days.} Also, when Soler came up lame at first base after his impressive knock to left field, Joe Maddon appeared to know immediately what Jorge`s issue was. Joe came out of the dugout and came to first base and informed Soler he was leaving the game, and did so with little need for discussion. The identical thing must have transpired in the past with Jorge, is my conclusion.

Aloha again jhosk, I forgot to comment on your info about Pence! Of course I was happy for the Giants at the time to get Hunter but did not know Joseph was a part of the deal! By the way, I like to check in on former Cubs and see how they are doing; Barney is having a very nice year with the Jays. I hope he can keep it up! Let’s hope offense is present today, Hendricks has to be one of the best “4-4” pitchers in the league! Take care now! Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- very neat that you and your friend got to the park early to watch batting practice. As well as to give well wishes to Joe! Yes, I think the bp is having some issues at the moment. If the offense were very high powered, I think Joe might pull starters a little sooner, for example after the 7th. What is showing is that they, the bp, needs to get into games as well so they are not rusty. I think your beer cost is a bargin compared to where I am and am glad you coupled it with a Luke’s sandwich (saw them on the Food Network, will have to try their cheese-steak). I also read on the net, if Soler goes on the DL there is a very good chance that Almora comes up. Take care now! Mahalo!

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