#Cubs and Hendricks face Phillies

Kyle Hendricks gets the start Tuesday night for the Cubs in Game 2 of their three-game series vs. the Phillies. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Heyward RF

Bryant LF

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

La Stella 3B

Montero C

Russell SS

Hendricks P

Cubs starting pitchers have given up three or fewer runs in 11-straight games, posting a 1.32 ERA (11 ER/75 IP) in this stretch while going 8-1.

Cubs starters have a 2.33 ERA (93 ER/360 IP), by far the lowest mark in the Majors. The Mets starting rotation is second with a 3.17 ERA.

The Cubs join the Cardinals and Nationals as the only Major League clubs to utilize five starting pitchers this season.

The Cubs are the first team to reach 40 wins this season. The 40-16 record is the franchise’s second-best start to a season since 1900. This is bested only by the 1907 Cubs who won 44 of their first 56 contests (44-12). This is the best start by a Major League team since the Mariners were 44-12 to begin 2001.



We deserved to lose Tuesday`s game. I predicted to my amigos before this series ever began that we would lose at least one of these three games versus Philadelphia, given we had already swept them at Wrigley recently. We did not show enough offense tonight. I must question why Travis Wood was sent to first base to run for La Stella in the ninth. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Tommy is an excellent baserunner. Why would anyone substitute a pitcher, no less, to run for him in a critical situation like that was? I assume there was a good reason, but I have to know what that reason is. I viewed the game on the Phillies` network, and Tommy did not appear injured or ill. If he indeed was, I apologize for my protestation. But if he was healthy, I stand by my argument that it made no sense to insert Wood into the game to run for La Stella.

One more thing: Kris Bryant should have been charged with an error on that ball Galvis struck in his direction in the first inning, and Bryant misjudged, and the ball fell and bounced off the wall, and Galvis was credited with a double. Galvis eventually scored, and that one run was the difference in the game. I know my critics will point out that Kris never touched the baseball, and argue how can one charge the left fielder with an error? My response is: b.s. The ball should have been caught, pure and simple.That alone is reason enough for the official scorer to designate “Error 7.” Kris Bryant is a stand up guy. I will wager he will tell you he should have caught that baseball which was struck by Freddie Galvis in the first inning of Tuesday night`s game betwixt the Cubs and Phillies at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an `at bat` with which Freddie was credited with a double by the official scorer, but should have been ruled an error by Kris Bryant.

Aloha jhosk, I did not see most of yesterday’s game. I did read that the ball Bryant missed is one that he has caught before. I also think the play in the 7th was rough from the stolen base, wild pitch, etc..Not a well played, executed game. I know there will be days like that. I see Almora starts in LF today. Take care now. Mahalo!

Haven’t commented on here in awhile. Did not see the game but agree with you on the no “error” call. There is a lot of that. Enjoying the ride this year hoping our Cubbies go all the way.

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