#Cubs and Lackey vs. Phillies in finale

John Lackey will close the Cubs’ series against the Phillies on Wednesday, and Albert Almora Jr. will make his first big league start. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF
Heyward RF
Bryant 3B
Rizzo 1B
Zobrist 2B
Almora LF
Montero C
Baez SS
Lackey P

With Almora’s arrival, the Cubs have had their first-round selections from the 2011 (Javier Baez), 2012, 2013 (Kris Bryant) and 2014 (Kyle Schwarber) Drafts play this season.

This is the fifth season in which the Cubs have had four of their first-round selections play. It also took place in:

2011: Kerry Wood, Luis Montanez, Tyler Colvin, Andrew Cashner

2003: Doug Glanville, Kerry Wood, Corey Patterson, Mark Prior

1990: Shawon Dunston, Derrick May, Mike Harkey, Lance Dickson

1988: Dunston, Harkey, Drew Hall, Rafael Palmeiro

Almora is the first rookie to play for the Cubs this season, doing so in the team’s 57th game. According to baseball historian Ed Hartig, this is the latest the Cubs have gone into a season before using a rookie, as at least one had played for Chicago within the first 20 games in each of its previous campaigns.

Looking ahead to the Cubs’ series vs. the Braves, here are the pitching matchups:

Friday: RHP Jason Hammel (7-1, 2.14) vs. RHP Bud Norris (1-7, 5.28)
Saturday: RHP Jake Arrieta (9-1, 1.80) vs. RHP Matt Wisler (2-6, 3.98)
Sunday: LHP Jon Lester (7-3, 2.06) vs. TBD



Why did Travis Wood run for Tommy La Stella in the ninth of Tuesday`s game, and what does a beer at Wrigley set one back these days?

I was wondering that myself? LaStella doesn’t exactly have blazing speed, but I never thought of him as slow either. Oh well, probably wouldn’t have mattered as the double play ball was hit hard and Blanco made a nice play on it. As for beer, the vendor selling Bud & Bud Lite in my usual section has it for $8.75. I’ve seen Goose Island vendors at over $9 (I usually don’t get Goose Island at Cubs games so I don’t know the exact price). I don’t recall what it costs at the stands themselves, but it’s probably somewhere in that range as well.

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That`s very informative, Doug, and much appreciated. My questions are not always answered on this forum, and I frankly expected my questions this time to be ignored, as well. This is a pleasant surprise. I paid $8.75 at Citizens Bank Park this week and $12.00 at Yankee Stadium a while back, and k.g. said $12.00 is the rate at AT&T Park. Since NYC and San Francisco are two of the most expensive locations one can think of, and Philadelphia not so much, I anticipated Chicago`s prices to be somewhere in between. The fact that beer can be purchased at Wrigley in the $9.00 range is a bargain, I`ve concluded. The reason for the La Stella substitution remains a mystery. Thanks again.

Aloha jhosk & Doug- Even though I do not drink I have to say that is a bargain! I was amazed at the folks in front of me just getting special draft after special draft! You drink 3 and you have just spent almost 40.00! I have to remember using my finance back-ground and bringing things up to “present-day-dollars,” that prices go up. Glad you two get to have those treats at a better cost than we do! Take care now. Mahalo!

Beer at the ballpark, not me. Rather go out to a nice place with the wife after a Cubs win and purchase a good bottle of wine.
K.g., awesome and thank you, check your e-mail please.
Not picking until the 3rd Round, the Cubs don’t even get a pick the first day of the Draft.
There are many, a bunch of Cub’s Minor League All Stars this year.
Cubs just trade Alcantara for Chris Coghlan, wont help the BP, but needed in the OF.

I usually only drink beer at baseball games. Otherwise, I’d be right there with you in line to get some good wine! And with Chris Coghlan coming back, I can only imagine that the people who think Matt Szczur would be Babe Ruth if only he got to play more are totally freaking out right now!

I think with LaStella hitting the DL, the LH bat was needed depth wise.

If I know or at least have a good guess, I try to do what I can. Of course, I also seem to rub people the wrong way on here sometimes, so I try not to wear out my welcome! But hey, part of talking sports is debating the issues, so if someone says something that doesn’t seem quite right to me, I don’t mind chiming in and anyone is welcome to do the same with me as well! As for the beer prices, I usually sit in the upper deck, so the prices may be different than, say, in the bleachers. I know the back deck behind home plate and above the Wrigley sign has a wide variety of beers and other drinks and can get over $10 depending on what you order. So I guess it really depends on what you get and where you get it.

Aloha k.g. Am pleased the Cubs have a day off Thursday. My Virginia team was eliminated the first weekend on the road to Omaha. That`s okay. My favorite player on that team was injured in the second week of the season in February, and I lost interest. I`m pulling for Coastal Carolina now, Tommy La Stella`s former school. Are they a major long shot to reach Omaha and the College World Series? Does a bear sh*t in the woods? {Aside: I`ve heard Lincecum could get a start with the Angels soon. Shields underperformed with the Friars, and is now with the White Sox. I think we were right to advise the Cubs to bypass `Big Game James.`}

Aloha jhosk- sorry about your team. It is hard to repeat in the CWS. They are still a very good team! The Shields trade is a unique one at that. The WSox know they are taking a big risk on him but if he gets back to form, then they can justify taking on the remainder of his contract as he is an innings-eater. On the flip side you have to give the Padres kudos getting all these prospects for two pitchers: Kimbrel and now James. I am sure folks will be watching the new prospects from the WSox and see how they do in the near future! As for our Cubbies, it will be interesting to see what happens by the trade deadline. Does they FO go after bp help? I hope Ventura of the Royals is not a consideration. You take care now. Mahalo!

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