#Cubs and Lester vs. Braves in finale

Jon Lester will close the Cubs’ series against the Braves on Sunday in what will be the Cubs’ last game at Turner Field. Lester has a 2.06 ERA, the fifth-lowest mark in all of baseball and third-lowest mark among left-handers, trailing only Clayton Kershaw (1.52) and Madison Bumgarner (1.88). Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Heyward RF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Coghlan LF

Baez SS

Ross C

Lester P


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Hey Carrie
Is that a good or bad thing? 🙂

The Cubs will transition from playing the very worst team in MLB (Braves), to the Nationals whose record is second to only that of the Cubs. Mid-major Coastal Carolina has reached the College World Series for the first time in its history. One of Coastal`s best players is third baseman Zach Remillard, who was chosen in the 10th round last week by the White Sox. Zach`s brother, catcher Will Remillard, was chosen in the 19th round by the Cubs in 2013. Will missed the entire 2015 season due to Tommy John surgery. Before you say “isn`t that reserved for pitchers,?” I agree it`s unusual for a position player to require it, but obviously it happens. Don`t know which Cubs` affiliate Will is with these days, (if anyone knows, would be much obliged), as I did try to find out, and failed. I doubt Will any longer has a future as a catcher. Will also matriculated at Coastal Carolina. I would think Tommy La Stella will be pleased to hear the Chanticleers have qualified for the CWS in Omaha for the first time in its history, and will compete with schools which have been there multiple times, the likes of Miami (25), Oklahoma (20), and Arizona(17). UC Santa Barbara reached for the first time also, and it would be refreshing to see that school or Coastal triumph, but both are long shots, of course.

Correction: it`s Oklahoma State which has qualified for the CWS, not Oklahoma. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the difference between the right school and the almost right school, is similar to the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. { Did y`all hear that Jake Arrieta wants to participate in the “Home Run Derby” next month?; that came after MadBum declared he wanted to take part; now Wainwright wants in too. Should there be a separate event for the pitchers, or just one contest with position players and hurlers co-mingled? I`m thinking all this chatter is making these ace pitchers` managers uncomfortable.}

Aloha jhosk- I forgot where you mentioned that the Cubs were going from the Braves to the Nats. Tonight has been a hard game to listen/watch as Max just mowed the batters down. I realize you go from one type of pitcher to another but going into this game, Hendricks had only allowed 4 hr’s and Max 16! But when I watched some innings, even if Cubs hitters got ahead in the count it was like all of a sudden, they had to let him off the hook and succumb to a ko. The play in the field was not very good either with more errors tonight though I will say that Heyward made a valiant try on a hr hit to RF, he almost had it. I am venting a little because I really like Hendricks and he is just not getting the offensive support this whole year, like Matt Cain and Shark so many years ago. I know in the 6th the Nats rang him up but still he deserves better. The good thing is in the foreseeable future when the offense can get to some “regularity” instead of 13runs one day and 1 the next, the team benefits and so does a pitcher like Kyle. Well, let’s hope they can pick it up tomorrow. Mahalo!

Off the above article, but I’ve got to believe Matt S. is going to be trade bait. Yes, there are arguments as to why other outfielders should be rotated through – left-handed bat, potential future star, etc., but how can a guy hitting over .300 be ignored day after day except to pinch run and pinch hit on occasion? 8 or 9 starts is all.

Bc he’s really not that good other than a 5th outfielder. Baez has been great and we are better overall with him on inf and Bryant in outfield.

Aloha Baard, one has to wonder if Szczur and Almora both could be traded. I only say this because when the FO went back to the A’s and brought Coghlan back for Alcantara (AAA), then sent a message. Sure LaStella went down and before him Soler. But now in Coghlan you have someone that can play both outfield and some infield and since they brought him back, I have not seen Szczur start and since last Wednesday’s game against the Phillies Matt has only had 3 PH appearances. So something is going on. Only time will tell if a big trade is pulled off to get say a Miller from the Yankees. Take care now. Mahalo!

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