#Cubs and Lackey face Nats

John Lackey starts Tuesday night for the Cubs in Game 2 of their three-game series against the Nationals in Washington D.C. Since the calendar turned to May, Lackey has gone 4-1 with a 1.59 ERA (10 earned runs over 56 2/3 innings pitched) in eight starts. That’s the third-lowest ERA in all of baseball behind only Madison Bumgarner (0.96 ERA) and Clayton Kershaw (0.99 ERA). Tuesday will be Lackey’s 400th career start.

First pitch is scheduled for 6:05 p.m. CT. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Heyward RF

Bryant LF

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Baez 3B

Russell SS

Ross C

Lackey P


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Aloha Folks! Wow, that was a huge game against a hot team! The Cubs have had a hard time this year with 1-run, games. Give them kudos for fight back late in the game after they lost the lead, then the Nats tied it for the young folks to come through in the 9th for the lead! Addy then Almora with that big knock! Baez made a great play to end the game. Time for the showers! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. You stole my thunder, as I was going to cite all those things you did. Rossy`s sac bunt was big too. This guy is fundamentally sound. He gives us solid defense behind the plate, and provides offense at key moments. Our friend, Pedro, was effective in the seventh, as you suggested elsewhere. Maddon pulled the right strings tonight, and is more proof why he`s one of the best skippers in the game. Am pleased for Almora; he was eager to succeed and indeed did so, and his teammates in the dugout vociferously gesticulated their support for him, especially Bryant and Rizzo. Am still concerned about the bullpen. Rondon should not have needed to get five outs, and Hector did surrender the lead. A principal reason why Andrew Miller is especially coveted is because he can easily serve as both a set-up man or closer. He`s filled both roles in the past, and he`s a great teammate. Miller was a closer before Chapman joined the Yankees. When Chapman came aboard, Andrew did not complain when he was bumped to set-up man. Chapman can fill just one of those roles, and he has those character issues.

Aloha jhosk, did not mean to take your thunder! I think this will be one of the games that we fans/the team will look back on for the season. To be up, surrender the lead late and come back to win as this has been a weak point for this team (close games). I know the organization just picked up a LHP that used to be with the Orioles. But having a Miller/Rondon combo would be formidable! Then you have Cahill/Strope/Warren/Wood and others for the middle to long relief. I just wonder what the Yankees would want in return for Miller? Well, another big test tomorrow and Hammel has a much better era but Strasburg has stronger RS (run support), though Hammel gets a good amount of offense too. Take care now! Mahalo!

To answer your question about Miller, k.g., I`m sure the Yankees would want plenty. The latest news I`ve read on the subject suggests the Yankees may not want to make Andrew available at all, given he`s under their control to the end of 2018, and they plan to be relevant again by that time, if not sooner. I`m thinking it`s also possible an organization could make the Yankees an offer they find impossible to refuse. Not sure if I want to see the Cubs be that entity.

Technical question: If a closer (Rondon last night) comes in with inherited runners and gives up the lead, should he be charged with a “blown save?” Somehow that doesn’t seem fair. It’s not the same as starting your try with nobody on and no outs and then giving up a run or runs. Thoughts?

Aloha Bruce- that is a good question. Let us say that the Cubs are up 3-2, bases loaded and no outs and Rondon comes in and gets a ko-flyballout-ko, 1 run scores on the flyball but now game is tied, it will be recorded as a blown-save. We would view it as Rondon came in and did his job and that it is a miracle more runs did not score. I am guessing, this is one of those things that would have to be redefined by the MLB. As Pat Hughes says, “fasten those seat-belts,” as I am sure there will be more games like last night’s! Mahalo!

It’s fair. He didn’t do his job. But Rondon also got the win

Great game last night! Back to 25 over, going for 26 today. Will be interesting when Soler comes back and what happens. Hoping Almora continues his good start.

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