#Cubs Rizzo helps Make A Wish

Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo met Friday with 12-year-old Gavin Hill, who is one year cancer free. Hill used his Make-A-Wish to meet Rizzo at Wrigley Field prior to the Cubs game against the Pirates. Shortly after he was diagnosed, Hill received a letter from the Rizzo Foundation offering encouragement. Hill said he read it “a hundred times” and it helped him.0617Rizzo


Stay well Gavin Hill! Maybe we will see you on the field someday. Rizzo did it – so can you!

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That`s the appropriate attitude, White. Related to this subject, did you see how ESPN and Turner Sports came to an agreement allowing Craig Sager to work the sideline during the NBA Finals for Game 6 Thursday, and I assume Game 7 Sunday? The much admired Sager has been employed by Turner for 34 years, but has never worked a Finals. He was first diagnosed with leukemia in April 2014, and it was treated and was in remission, but this past March Craig announced it had returned. ESPN already had a sideline reporter (Doris Burke), and both those rival networks deserve high praise for making this happen for the beloved Craig Sager.

Rizzo does a lot to help a lot of people, to include his team.
I also understand, to win a game the Cubs don’t want to start crap with the opposition, just win the game.
If you look at these Pirates the last few years, you will find they like to hit a lot of batters. The League knows this, the Umpires know this and Rizzo definitely knows this.
Myself, I am not into Bean Ball wars, I find it pretty immature. Yesterday Rizzo was hit twice, enough is enough.
Its time someone had Rizzo’s back Mr Maddon. Start Grimm at 2B, Lester faces the first two batters, then switches with Grimm at 2B. Grimm comes in and hits McCutcheon with his hardest Fastball and tries to hurt him. Grimm gets kicked out of the game.
Lester goes back to the mound, Zobrist comes into play 2B.
Point made and hopefully Hurdle gets the point!

Aloha jasper! LOL! Yes, I have been disappointed with the Pirated in this regard; respect Andrew, Marte(sp), Palanco. But someone is not guiding the pitching staff well. My father would say, there are times to throw “high-cheese” inside. My coach would say a brush-back pitch. But you do not intentionally go after anyone. They went after Rizzo. Maybe instead of Andrew they “hit” that infielder who throws tantrums both on the field and in the dugout! It would show that we protect our own but have a level of professionalism not to go after one of their main folks. If they do not stop, then all bets are off. Hope Lester does well and if he leaves after say the 7th I hope Wilson gets to come into the game as well! Mahalo!

K.g., I agree, yet, they are going after the Cubs RBI leader & Team leader.
The ole Goose and Gander come to mind.

while some players sit home counting their money Rizzo does so much to help other people.this guy is truly a gem of a human being.

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