#Cubs and Lester face Pirates

Jon Lester gets the start Saturday night at Wrigley Field when the Cubs play host to the Pirates in the second game of a three-game series. First pitch is scheduled for 7:15 p.m. CT and the game will be broadcast on FOX. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Heyward RF

Bryant LF

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Baez 3B

Russell SS

Ross C

Lester P

Lester is the reigning NL Player of the Week. Cubs starting pitchers have given up three or fewer earned runs in 20 straight games, posting a 1.65 ERA in that stretch while going 12-4. Since 1920, only three times have Cubs starting pitchers strung together stretches of 20 or more games having allowed three or fewer earned runs: 31-straight starts in 1992; 22-straight in 1946; and 20-straight in 1945.

The Cubs are 16-6 in their last 22 games, and the 45-20 record is the best start since going 46-19 in the first 65 games of 1918.




Did y`all know Jason Heyward`s younger brother, Jacob, is part of the Miami Hurricanes` roster, and is indeed in the lineup tonight at the CWS in Omaha versus the Arizona Wildcats? The pity is both the Cubs` game and that college contest are being played simultaneously, just as Sunday night`s Game 7 of the NBA Finals will be played at the same time as the Cubs/Pirates, not to mention the Coastal Carolina/ Florida CWS game. (Oh wait! I did just mention that.)

Aloha jhosk, that is neat. I will try to listen to some of the game if possible. Lester is having a hard day but I hope he can get out of this bases loaded inning. Offense has had chances, I hope they come through and that Fowler will be ok. Mahalo!

Btw, k.g., Jacob Heyward was selected in the 18th round by the Giants.

T`is a pity Jon Lester hit Mercer`s foot with a pitch to force in a run, k.g. Lester was fit to be tied when coming off the mound after retiring Harrison. I think he blurted out an expletive, but it`s best it was unintelligible to myself, as I believe Carrie would look with a jaundiced eye on any attempt by myself to repeat it. (smiling) Did you hear about the Cubs` third round draft choice pitching brilliantly at the CWS today? This boy is a keeper. I watched the game, and jasper said he did as well. I think he said it`s the first time he`s watched a college game. It would behoove him to have done so, I suggest. Perhaps jasper will choose to do more of that in the future. I`ve been doing so for decades. The competition is on a high level, and the players are not monetarily remunerated, so you know they are playing because they love the game and its competitive nature.

jhosk, in jest, but fact, I am a Cubs fan. I don’t really care about college or anything Sports related, unless it has to do with the Cubs.
I was never into the Draft before this Management. Never into the AFL before this Management. I would go into Cubs chat rooms, but the nay sayers were always a bummer and I usually would be kicked out and start over with a new ID.
So it has always been about the Cubs, that’s why I don’t join in on other conversations, just not that knowledgeable or interested.
It sure was a great game by Hatch today, hope he takes them all the way. Also seen Trey Cobb warming up in the BP in the 9th inning in case Hatch faltered. Cobb was the 374th Pick in the 12 Round by the Cubs.

Aloha jasper&jhosk- yes, I read jasper’s comment about watching the game and was happy that he did see it. As he said, sometimes one is more inclined to check in because you know the Cubs have a stake in a certain player. I used to be plugged in to it just because of my relationship to college ball and always wanted to know about the other teams/competition and so forth. Plus for my father, soon after the CWS ended he would be up in Alaska with his coach friends ready for the players to come in for the summer league, the Alaskan Summer League was a competitor to the Cape Cod League out East. Jasper, I always say, it is never to late to learn but I think it is smart that you focus on the Cubs. And thank you for your updates from the AFL in the Fall! I knew about Contreras but when you shared with all of us in the Fall of 2014 how he was coming about and his hitting, that really made me pay more attention to him. He was not that “developed” between 2009-2013/14, then broke out in the AFL into the 2015 season. Of course he was converted from 3rd to backstop only so many years ago. I hope the team after battling can hold onto the lead! Mahalo!

Yes, jasper, am looking forward to seeing Cobb work in a game at some point in this CWS. Isn`t it hard to believe Rondon has never had a plate appearance as a professional until tonight, given he`s been a pro since 2006? Lester must be especially grateful that Rossy`s dinger enabled Jon to get the W tonight. Wonder who will be Lester`s personal catcher in 2017.

Jhosk, that was a comical At Bat for Rondon and yes, hard to believe his first as a professional.
Ross hitting that Game Winner, giving Lester the win, gives the Cubs a very good shot at two 20 game winners.
Next year Lester will have to use either Schwarber or Contreras or maybe both.

If I was on the right page, Szczur is hitting .389 against right handers. I would have liked to have seen him get that at bat.

Aloha Mat B, will be interesting to see if he gets to start again tomorrow, Sunday. The team needs to come through and produce some offense for Hendricks, one of the least supported pitchers of his caliber right now. I think Szczur can assist in that area and who knows, Wilson Contreras may be in the lineup too! Mahalo!

It’ll be fun, regardless.

I know Doug would disagree and that’s ok, but I never understood not giving Szczur a chance. He has done well, when he has played.
Doug may be right that he will never be a regular, we all know he will not be a regular with the Cubs. I have always been curious how he would do.

Aloha jhosk, gosh after Ross’ perfect suicide bunt and then his blast, gosh they may need to convince him to stay! Oh, and his throw-out of Andrew going to third! The young folks need this veteran presence! For example, Baez over swinging, not thinking about his ab approach. Well, having a Zobrist/Ross/Fowler is tremendous. I know some of the younger folks will step up like Rizzo, who I love to add shortens up his swing when there are two strikes on him, what did he do today in that situation? HR! Next year you could potentially lose 2 of the 3 named above. You almost wish Ross could stick around but there is now a log-jam at that position. Well, a good problem to have. I think it would be neat to see an outfield tomorrow of Szczur-Almora-Heyward! Athleticism! Mahalo!

If you read that Cubs.com profile of David Ross by Carrie Muskat, k.g., you may conclude that the catcher is determined to retire after this season. That was certainly my conclusion. I`ve entertained the hope that Rossy may reconsider his retirement plans, and decide to return in 2017, but no longer feel that way after reading that piece. His family takes priority over baseball, and that`s as it should be.

Aloha jhosk- yes family does come first. By the way, Lincecum pitched here yesterday…in Oakland! He went 6 innings and got the win. Mahalo!

Nice solid game by Ross in game 2 against Pirates. Has any other player both hit a home run AND executed a squeeze bunt in the same game? Ross is the ultimate teammate and complete player.

HD K’Hook, I tried searching that fact, could not find the INFO.
A professional google meister might can find it, I could not.

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