#Cubs and Hendricks face Pirates

Kyle Hendricks gets the start Sunday night when  the Cubs face the Pirates in the series finale at Wrigley Field. Dexter Fowler, who came out of Saturday’s game with a sore hamstring, underwent an MRI on Sunday. Manager Joe Maddon said they were trying to decide if Fowler needed to go on the DL. Chicago is 7-1 against Pittsburgh this season. Here’s the lineup:

Coghlan LF

Heyward CF

Bryant RF

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Montero C

Russell SS

Baez 3B

Hendricks P

*NOTES: Willson Contreras will make his first start Monday night, catching veteran John Lackey.


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Aloha Folks, Wilsooon Contrrrreras! Jasper/jhosk/mat b/White/Doug/Kenly/Tom how was the knock to CF?! For some reason the game is blacked out in my area so am listening on the audio portion. Take care now! Mahalo!

It was quite impressive. Nice easy swing, his head was down on the ball, tracking it all the way to contact & beyond. It was pretty.

Aloha Folks, this is hard not to be able to watch this game! I bet it had to do with the NBA Final in my area…jhosk you must be happy! Anyhow, Hendricks pitched a great game on a good day for hitters! He deserved this and the offense behind his performance. I am just curious how long Richard stays on this team. I feel bad for him but he is not getting the job done and with an era of over 7.00, it is hard to justify keeping him up. I am sure Carrie/Doug can let us know but unless Richard is injured and he can go on a rehab assignment, I bet they say he is out of options. The bp gave up 4 runs in 3innings whereas Hendricks gave up just 1 run in 6. Will be interested to see what happens in the next month+. Big win and hope they continue this against them Redbirds! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., am not only happy the Cubs and Cavaliers won, but Coastal Carolina upset No.1 seed Florida in the CWS. The Gators, who have enjoyed No.1 status in the polls most of the season, and a team which saw five of its pitchers go in the recent MLB draft, including two first rounders, could not solve the Chanticleers` Andrew Beckwith, who btw, went undrafted, and threw a complete game, just as the Cubs` No 1 draft choice,Thomas Hatch, did Saturday. You commented before the Cubs` game that it was high time Hendricks got some offensive support, and it came to pass. Isn`t it unusual that Contreras spells his name with two l`s? What a moment for him! {It was more than a challenge trying to watch three separate contests simultaneously.} Look forward to seeing Willson behind the plate tonight.

Aloha jhosk, first thank you for reminding me that Contreras has two ll’s in his first name! Coastal Carolina made our point…for most of the regular season going into the CWS, the Gators were ranked #1 but were upended. Maybe the Cubs FO makes an offer to Beckwith now! I hope Willson has a great game tonight too! Mahalo!

I like that suggestion that the Cubs give Beckwith a contract, k.g. In fact, I like it a lot. (smiling) Speaking of Coastal Carolina, the golfer who won the U.S. Open at Oakmont yesterday is a Coastal Carolina alum. It was Dustin Johnson`s first win in a Major.

k.g., you’re a mind reader. My thoughts exactly on Richard. The game was on TV in Brazil — ESPN — but came on a bit late due to U.S. Open golf. I watched the first two innings on my computer, via MLB.tv. Contreras, wow! Sure looks as though our Cubbies are going to be around for quite some time.

Aloha Bruce, you are right these Cubbies will be with for sometime! I finally was able to see Willson’s hr on MLB network (repeat), as Mat B mentioned a nice swing and he did it on a change-up! Well, your area must be readying for the games, I hope all goes well. Mahalo!

I thought about the Olympics too. I forget where Bruce told us he resides. Is it in the Rio environs, Bruce, and do you indeed plan to attend the games?

jhosk, k.g., Hi. I’m in Niteroi, which is on the other side of Guanabara Bay, opposite Rio. Just like Sarah Palin, I actually can see Rio from my house. The Olympic Games, however, will be way, way on the other side of Rio, miles and miles away. Interest in the games among the average Brazilian public, which has more important things to worry about these days, is extremely low. Thanks for asking, but I’ll stick with the Cubs. I continue, however, with my campaign to teach the basic structure of baseball to my Brazilian friends: “The guys with the bat are the offense. Only they can score points. The guys with the ball are the defense. They try to stop the offense from scoring. If they succeed, they get to switch sides and go on offense…” All this in Portuguese.

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