About last night … #Cubs notes from the Bryant game

On Monday night, Kris Bryant became the first player in MLB baseball to ever hit two doubles and three homers in a game. The five hits were a career high for Bryant, who is the top vote getter among NL third basemen in the latest All-Star balloting.

With 16 total bases, Bryant set a new franchise record for the Cubs; the previous record was 14. Also, became the youngest player in Cubs history with three homers in a game (10 days younger than Hall of Famer Ernie Banks, who hit three in 1955).

He is the third player in modern Major League history to slug an extra base hit in each at bat in a game, with at least five at-bats and three home runs in that game. The others were Josh Hamilton (May 8, 2012, 5-for-5, 2B, 4 HR) and Joe Adcock (July 31, 1954, 5-for-5, 2B, 4 HR)

Bryant has hit safely in all five games at Great American Ball Park this year, batting .542 (13-for-24) with four doubles, five homers and 14 RBI.


This was Bryant’s second multi-homer game of the season, fifth of his career. Both multi-homer games this year have come at Great American Ball Park.

Bryant’s home run stats for the night:

Third inning: Solo homer off Dan Straily, 1-0 count. Distance: 410 feet to center field
Fourth inning: Three-run homer off Straily, 1-0 count. Distance 444 feet to left field
Eighth inning: Solo homer off Ohlendorf, 1-2 count. Distance 403 feet to left field

*With 21 home runs and 57 RBIs, Bryant is tied with the Rockies’ Nolan Arenado for most home runs in the NL and is third in RBIs behind Arenado (65) and the Reds’ Jay Bruce (59). Bryant does lead the league in runs scored (59). His slash line now is .278/.367/.567

And, Bryant did all this while playing three different positions in the game, playing third base, left field and right field.




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During last night`s broadcast, Len Kasper at one point cited a historian who claimed no major leaguer had clouted three homers and two doubles in a single game since 1913. Most have said it`s never been done before. Could we have clarity here? Both claims are at odds and one can`t be correct. I`m guessing that historian is mistaken, and Len was premature in referencing that person`s erroneous finding.

Bryant is the first to do so in the Major Leagues

This was the game I have been waiting for. I knew it was coming and know there will be more. Bryant is that good.
Anyone seen the headlines on Samardizja? Last four starts, not so good. Arietta seems to be having the same problem, what’s the common denominator?
Contreras is doing great and I knew he would, but I was hoping it would be behind the plate.
I understand it will take the Pitching staff time to adjust to Contreras and Contreras time to know the Pitchers. It will take even longer if he is playing 1B & LF.
Looks like its the time of year fans will see guys come and go and some go, then come back. Concepcion, Peralta, Warren, Richard and many on the DL, some will return, some wont.
I read today that Richard has been Pitching with a blister. I would think if he had a half year blister he too would have been put on the DL instead of just carried and getting bombed?
It is time to get Theo signed, so he can get his staff resigned. Theo may not be in a hurry or need the job security, but the ones under him may be getting a little worried and looking at their options as the time approaches.
When Fowler, LaStella and Soler come back, after their REAHAB, who goes back? Almora for sure, but who else?
Also don’t forget Szczur has no options left. There is another 3rd Baseman on the DL, maybe for the rest of the year that has no options upon his return in Villanueva.
Then its time for the Candelario watch, another interesting youngster that will be on the team soon. I have read that his defense at 3B is better than Bryant. He has an Power hitting, Switch hitting Power Bat from both sides, will take his walks and fit in perfectly.
If your a Cub fan, you have to look forward to a guy that plays 3B, Switch hits with power.

Aloha jasper, I sure do look forward to seeing many of the young folks coming up. I understand some “had” to come up because of all these injuries. That is not always the best situation to be brought up when the team is not playing well. Baez looked horrible with his ab in the 11th tonight. He still does not get it. But he is not the only one having trouble, especially with runners on base. This game has to be frustrating for Maddon, even though hitters not coming through, Lester pitched a great game and should have picked up the win. Now, Maddon is having to use his struggling bp for a second night in a row. I just hope they can pull this one out. Mahalo.

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