#Cubs and Lester face Reds

What will Kris Bryant do for an encore? Bryant and the Cubs face the Reds on Tuesday night at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. On Monday, Bryant hit three home runs and two doubles, the first time that’s been done in Major League history. Bryant is batting third on Tuesday and playing third. Here’s the lineup:

Zobrist 2B

Heyward RF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Contreras LF

Baez SS

Szczur CF

Ross C

Lester P

Noteworthy: Bryant (21 homers) has surpassed 20 homers for the season at 24 years and five plus months old, becoming the youngest Cubs player to reach 20 home runs prior to the All-Star break since a nearly identically aged 24-year-old Ernie Banks did so in 1955. Anthony Rizzo was the last Cub to reach 20 homers before the break in 2014, doing so one month prior to his 25th birthday.

According to Elias, Bryant is only the fifth Cub in franchise history to record five multi-homer games before his 25th birthday.

Also on Monday, Jake Arrieta picked up the win. He’s the ninth pitcher in franchise history to reach 12 wins before the All-Star break, the first since Rick Sutcliffe in 1987.




This team drives me crazy! If it’s not the bullpen blowing games, the offense going to sleep at the worst time, or Joe Maddon abandoning the sacrifice bunt, it’s some self- inflicted cause to lose. The Cubs need help in the bullpen, and timely hits. Sometimes a single is all that is needed! Get with it! And try not to blow it! There’s too much talent on this team to squander what could be a great season.

On Tuesday, Lester pitches 7 1/3 innings, and the Cubs bullpen combined for 7 2/3 scoreless innings (and played OF, too)

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