#Cubs and Hendricks vs Reds in finale

Kyle Hendricks gets the start in the Cubs’ series finale vs. the Reds on Wednesday. It’s an early start — not what either team needs after a 15-inning game Tuesday night. It’s Benny and the Kids in the lineup today. Ben Zobrist is the only one over 26 years of age.

Here’s the Cubs lineup:

Zobrist RF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Contreras C

Baez 2B

Szczur LF

Russell SS

Hendricks P

Almora Jr. CF

On Tuesday, the Cubs reached 50 wins in their 76th game, their fastest to the mark since 1918 when they their 50th in game No. 71.

Cubs pitchers Travis Wood, Spencer Patton and Pedro Strop all spent time in left field Tuesday. The last time the Cubs saw three pitchers play the field at any point within the same season was 1904 (Mordecai Brown, Bob Wicker and Frank Corridon). According to baseball historian Ed Hartig, going back to 1913, the Cubs never had two pitchers play the field in the same game.

Javier Baez’s 15th-inning grand slam was the latest by inning in Cubs franchise history, edging out the 14th-inning grand slam by Cliff Johnson in 1980 in a suspended game against the Expos. Johnson is credited with hitting the grand slam on May 28, 1980, though he actually hit it on August 8, 1980. He was on the Indians when the game started but acquired by the Cubs on June 23, 1980.

*Looking ahead to Cubs at Mets, here are the pitching matchups:

Thu: RHP John Lackey (7-4, 3.29) vs. LHP Steven Matz (7-3, 3.29)
Fri: RHP Jason Hammel (7-4, 2.58) vs. RHP Jacob deGrom (3-4, 2.67)
Sat: RHP Jake Arrieta (12-2, 2.10) vs. RHP Bartolo Colon (6-4, 2.86)
Sun: LHP Jon Lester (9-3, 2.03) vs. RHP Noah Syndergaard (8-3, 2.49)


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Szczur’s second start in a row matt b, he might want to get a hit or two.
Its a pretty good lineup when your #2 hitter is leading the team in HR’s and RBI’s.
With Heyward out of the lineup today, you have to wonder if he gets a two day rest with the Cubs facing LH Matz tomorrow.

Aloha jasper, I have to say I like this lineup. It seems to be working; string of players getting on base. Also agree with you about Hendricks; really like him and sometimes wonder about his pitch selection. The Reds park this time of year is “conducive” for the long ball, so if he can get out of the game with just the one, that would be great. Take care now. Mahalo!

K.g., that lineup today produced.
Hope they go with it again.

Aloha jasper- it sure did, the offense was more fluid. RISP was 3-8, much better. Every one got a hit except for Hendricks who made a great bunt! I did a little research on Heyward during his 2015 season with the Cardinals here is what I found and it is not scientific as I took a small sample out of each month except for October 2015: April-early on he was in the #2 slot by the end of the month he was hitting .208. May-Slot positions varied but later part of the month he dropped as low as #8 and was hitting .238. June-Slot positions varied with the lowest I saw #7 and he was now hitting .257. July-Jason moved up to #5 mostly and rose to an average of .284 by later part of the month. Aug-Moved up to #4slot and held his average in the .280’s. September was in the #3 slot often but also #4 and ended the month with an overall average of .292! So, I am no fan of the Cardinals but I have to give Matheny credit where it is due; he saw something early on and made a decision to take the pressure off a young Heyward and dropped him low in the batting order like Maddon did with Russell. As Heyward came out of his slump he would move him up slowly to where he ended in the 3/4 slots with a very respectable average. I wonder if Maddon might try this out because there is some history that shows that Heyward will respond favorably to this and help him out as he is still very young too. Take care now. Mahalo!

That’s some serious research, kudos to you K.g.
Hopefully Maddon will see this.
However, they did very well without him in the lineup.

Bob Nightengale was interviewed on the MLB Network earlier this week, and he commented that Heyward also got off to a slow start with the Cardinals in 2015. K.g.`s findings confirm that.

Aloha jasper & jhosk- Some of my friends out here thought I better take a break from the “game.” They know I was frustrated. One of them said to me, you should be happy that “your Cubs” are in first place by what 9 games? This friend of mine was a very good pitcher and I believe in both was the Dodgers and A’s minor league systems. He was of course being sarcastic with me, because my response was I do not care how many games a team is up by it is the level of play/execution that matters. What if the Cubs were only say 3 games up or 3 games below and it was like last year with the Cardinals and Pirates, all three playing great ball-executing. I love that type of ball. I asked my friend with the close of the NBA season, who had the best record and he correctly answered “Cleveland,” because they won the championship, not the Golden State Warriors. So, for me the past 3 weeks have been tough because this Cubs team is good and their level of play/execution was not inline with their level of ability, if that makes sense. I know some of us, me included, have brought up Heyward’s name a lot and not in a disparaging manor. Jason must be frustrated as he would love to contribute more on offense and run the bases, for which he is good at. The coach/manager has to be able to see everyone on the field and make assessments that benefit the whole team as well as to help out those having difficulties. You know I like Maddon very much but I think he has not handled Heyward’s situation very well, whereas Matheny did. Maddon has allowed this to go on too long and it not only hurts the team but it hurts Heyward too. I still think Maddon can try out what Matheny did in placing Heyward in different slots and as he produces move him up. Wouldn’t it be great to have a surging Heyward towards the end of the season leading into the playoffs? It would be like adding that additional bat you have not had all season long! I wish both Maddon and Heyward well going forward. Take care now. Mahalo!

Did y`all note that Jim Hickman passed Saturday? He played for four major league teams, but his best season was 1970 when with the Cubs (32 homers; 115 rbi). It was Hickman who hit the game-winning single of the All-Star game that year in the 12th inning, sending Pete Rose barreling into Cleveland catcher Ray Fosse for the winning run. That`s one of the most memorable plays in All-Star game history. {Fosse regrettably was never the same after that violent collision.}

Also enjoyed watching Hickman as a Cub. I may be mistaking, but he was also an original Met under Casey Stengle.
good memory jhosk, I remember that All Star Game, the take out slide by Rose and Ray Fosse as well.
I also remember reading, ( true or not ) that Rose had a huge cook out the night before the game and Fosse was in attendance.

Aloha jhosk- I was just looking through some old baseball cards and I think I have a Hickman card. I wish the younger generation (eg: Millennials) would be interested in the history of this game and the folks that came before. I know we are not big fans of Harper as we think he needs to grow up and mature. One comment that I read about him that gives me hope is that current manager Baker said one of things that impresses him about Bryce is that he is hungry to know/learn about baseball/baseball history, players and such. Took Baker by surprise because he admitted that this does not seem to be important to the younger players of today. I was just blessed to acquire an early card of Jackie Robinson (1950 Bowman). Of course I never saw him play. But because of my interest in both the game and our country and I wanted to learn about him and those around him. It is too bad that most of the media today only want to talk about him and I understand why but for younger folks like my nephews, they want more and need to know the whole story. So I told them about Branch Rickey, a bold man driven by his faith. Now you do not have to subscribe to his faith but this is what drove him as he believed all men “bleed the same color blood,” that is my quote going back many years. When Rickey poured over the many players that he could choose he knew that he needed a person-player of his faith to bond with him (Rickey), so that they could weather the tough times that lay ahead. Jackie would later speak of their close relationship that Rickey was a father to him. I am always amazed how the mainstream media never talks/reports about this though this is known and is essential to the whole story. So I said to my nephews in essence if no Branch Rickey then no Jackie Robinson. And because of this one man’s faith and bold stand, today we are blessed to talk about players such as Banks/Rizzuto, Berra/Campanella, Ford/Gibson/Koufax/Newcomb, Aaron/Clemente/Mantle/Mays/Snider, Gehrig/BWilliams without skipping a beat. Because as MLK Jr said it is about the content of one’s character not the color of one’s skin. I know I digressed and now it is back to Cubs baseball! Mahalo!

Very well stated K.g. Fans of all races should hear more of Branch Rickey every Jackie Robinson day.
Who knows how much longer the un-fairness would have continued without him.

Yes, jasper; you have a good memory, as well. Hickman made his major league debut with the Mets in 1962. We need Hendricks to go deep into today`s game, given the bullpen will be limited with Wood and Rondon being declared unavailable. I see we are off to a good start in today`s game. Coastal Carolina faces Arizona tonight in Omaha at the CWS to decide the national championship. Undrafted Andrew Beckwith will start for the Chanticleers. He`s pitched two complete game gems versus Florida and TCU to this point, and both those offenses were more formidable than Arizona`s. Like Kyle Hendricks, Beckwith is not a fireballer; he`s a soft tosser who relies on deception and change of speeds,and pinpoint location. Did I mention Andrew Beckwith went undrafted earlier this month?.

Hendricks going to deep into the game would be a bonus today. Zobrist playing RF, throwing out Votto at the plate helped in the third.
But to begin the fourth, Hendricks gives up a leadoff HR. Then a single.
I am a huge fan of Hendricks, great stuff. just cant understand why he cannot be more consistent?

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