#Cubs and Arrieta face Mets

Jake Arrieta gets the start on Saturday night against the Mets. The Cubs have lost three of Arrieta’s last six starts. The offense has stalled, scoring four total runs in those three losses. He’s gone five innings in three of his last five starts, and his pitch counts in those starts: 108, 106, 93.

Here’s the lineup:

Zobrist 2B

Heyward CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Contreras LF

Montero C

Russell SS

Coghlan RF

Arrieta P


I’m guessing Coghlan will be in right.

Aloha Mat- Another tough loss. I just went back and looked and was amazed in the month of June, Arrieta only had 2 quality starts and with each start the walks went up and for the most part the strikeouts went down. I guess today, he had command issues and was able to put in a quality start. 43yr Old Colon was very good and in ever category was better than Jake except for bb’s. I know there are those out there who say not too worry look at how many games they are above the next team. No, you should be thinking since June 13th to today, the team is 8-11, only winning series against teams that are below .500. Against teams that are .500 or above they are 2-10! I was concerned about their play even before that away series against the Nationals but I use that as a reference point. I understand folks now putting on a cool face saying it will be all right but I know enough about the game and have enough friends that have worked and played in the big leagues to know internally there are big concerns. I believe even if Fowler-LaStella-Soler were not on the DL this whole time, there would still be sizable issues to deal with. Having said that, I think the FO must show the team and fans how serious they are right now and put together a substantial trade for pitching way before the Aug. 1st deadline like when they dealt Shark and Hammel to the A’s for Russell/McKinney/Straily on July the 4th, 2014. With the way they are losing against better teams the month of July is not any easier. After this Mets series, there are 23 more games in this month out of those 13 are against teams that are .500 or better. Small sample size but if you take the winning percentage from above against the .500+ better teams and apply it only to the 13 games after tomorrow against these .500+ teams one might predict you only win 2-3 of those games and lose 10-11. That means you practically have to win all the other 10 games against the below .500 teams just to even out. So, could we see a 4th of July blockbuster trade(s) I hope so because pitching is what wins you games and I see the urgency to get an elite starter (thank you jhosk for pressing this) as well as elite bullpen arm(s). This means that you might have to include a starting pitcher from your current rotation in a deal and I am thinking that would be Hammel but if you got a Teheran in return that would make up for the lost. Of course when it comes to bullpen help everyone talks about the Yankees Miller; again you have to give something up to get someone of his caliber on the team plus he is not a rental, the Cubs would have control over him for two more seasons after this one and with Teheran the Cubs would have control til 2019 with option for 2020. Of course the FO will push out there Richard/Warren/your Szczur and as I am guessing Hammel but that is no where near what teams will want so who else is offered: Grimm/Strop/Montero/Baez/Soler? I would have to say a trio of Wood-Miller-Rondon for the 7-8-9innings would be scary. Or if Madden decided to share the closing with Miller sometimes it could be Wood-Rondon-Miller. Again, the FO made a bold move when it traded away Shark (who they had control over for another season) to the A’s. And I do not see the FO going after hitting because as painful as it has been to watch our folks, so many of them are still very young and hitting can take a while, it just takes time and more plate appearances. The one thing I could see Maddon doing for the offense is moving Heyward down the lineup and at times inserting your Szczur to give Jason a day off. A lot of what-ifs! Anyhow, I hope the team can climb out of this funk they are in and the FO pull-off a serious trade way before the deadline! You hang in there and go Cubs! Mahalo!

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Can’t blame arrietta for maddons stupidity if he keeps using baez he is going to keep losing the man lost Thursday game throwing the ball to Bryant when he had a force out at the plate and he let the pop up drop at 2nd tonight that lost the game the man should not be on the team. That is what we got Zobrist for 2nd baseman only maddon is stupid his infield should ALWAYS be Bryant Russell Zobrist and Rizzo NO EXCEPTIONS and Montero The rookie had his day now he is backup not every day starter the only problem should be the outfield til Fowler gets back but NOT baez!!!!!

Baez almost made an incredible catch. The problem Sat night was Arrieta, not Baez

almost doesn’t count he also threw the ball away thursday to bryant on a play with the infield drawn in you get the sure out everyone knows that what is his excuse there? he also strikes out way tooo many times. I thought we got Zobrist for 2nd we don’t need Baez at all send him out for assignment he is worthless as is Richard and Peralta!!!!!! Conteras had his day now Montero is out catcher! The infield should be Bryant Russell Zobrist Rizzo EVERYDAY no ifs ands or buts you look at the Giants Nats Indians (the GOOD teams with the SMART managers) that are winning!!! they use their * BEST players EVERYDAY!

The home plate umpire, Laz Diaz, also contributed to our loss. Did you see the pitch Javier was punched out with in his ninth inning ab? Not even close to a strike, as Joe Buck and John Smoltz pointed out on the Fox broadcast. One wants umpires to be consistent, and that was not Diaz Saturday night. His strike zone was all over the place, and it hurt both clubs, but especially our side. Diaz has a long reputation for blown calls; do a little research and y`all will see. {MLB should encourage him to retire.} The Mets were lucky; that cheap hit which went off Baez`s hand and drove in two runs, most second basemen would not have even come close to touching. Am not sad to see Coghlan go on the DL; his contributions have been marginal, and many of us fans have been eager to see Jeimer with the big club to see what he can do. Reports on him have been glowing.

Aloha jhosk, I caught the tail-end of the game and heard both Ron C and Pat H speak about that pitch to Baez. I think they said even Maddon started to chew out the ump. It is neat to see the young folks. My only concern is that you need regularity with the person in the “trenches” next to you. Ideally the Giants want Duffy-Crawford-Panik-Belt around the horn as they say. I realize injuries have hurt this young club but at some point what ideally is the Cubs best 4: Bryant-Russell-Zobrist-Rizzo with LaStella/Baez as backups? You also have to wonder, could there be a big trade on the horizon? Take care now. Mahalo!

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