#Cubs and Lester face Mets

Jon Lester gets the start on Sunday in the series finale against the Mets. The Cubs promoted Jeimer Candelario from Triple-A Iowa and placed Chris Coghlan on the DL. Candelario is starting at third base on Sunday. Here’s the lineup:

Zobrist 2B

Heyward CF

Bryant RF

Rizzo 1B

Contreras LF

Candelario 3B

Baez SS

Ross C

Lester P

Lester was named NL Pitcher of the Month for June after going 4-0 with 1.41 ERA (seven earned runs in 44 2/3 innings pitched) and 44 strikeouts. The three-time All-Star tied for first in the Majors in innings pitched during the month of June, was tied for first among National Leaguers in wins, and posted the NL’s second lowest ERA while tying for second in strikeouts.


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Well that didn’t take long, game off, on with the day.
Mets look like the Bronx Bombers playing the Galena MO little league team.

Aloha jasper, yes. I am glad we have had a chance to see the young folks of the future and now it is time to get down to business. They have to set the infield with Bryant-Russell-Zobrist-Rizzo. Send the young folks down but they have had a good taste of the bigs and bring them back up for your run towards the end of the season. I do see, hopefully, a big trade coming soon! Will do you like and enjoy the rest of the day. Mahalo!

I have been seeing a big trade coming soon for over a month.
It looks like Fowler is really being missed.
It looks like Hammel is being his historical self.
Great to see the youngsters being brought up in a losing atmosphere.
Arietta has been humbled.
All these All stars cant score enough runs to win a game.
The starting Pitching was good, not so much now.
Bullpen goes out scared, except Wood and Cahill.
Bottom line this is no All star team, no Championship team, not even a Playoff team.
You can blame it on injuries, to me its an excuse.
They were built very well, but not even competitive.

Aloha jasper, well Heyward is slotted at #6 today, I hope this is the beginning of his return. Not sure about Baez at the top. Maybe we have to wait until after the all-star break to get back to Bryant-Russell-Zobrist-Rizzo on a regular basis. I just hope between now and then that not much more ground is lost. Happy 4th! Mahalo!

Heyward had a nice At Bat in the 2nd inning.
Hendricks looking good through 5 with a lot of Pitches.
Almora called for that ball that took Bryant out of the game, but he just continues to make himself look bad.
Contreras is going to be awesome,
Candelario with two walks today, one intentional. Love to see that Power Switch Hitting bat in the middle once he gets comfortable.

Aloha jasper- I was so happy for Hendricks again today. He and Lester both have been more of the stable starters the past 3 weeks. One thing I wish is that after the Cubs have a score, that in the following inning the pitching and defense can shut down the opposing offense. Wood has been great this whole year, was just hard when he gave up those back-to-back homers. I know as the temps heat up at Wrigley and the wind blows it will be harder to keep the balls in. But again, I would love to see starters/bullpen shut down the other team after the offense comes through. I does something psychologically for one’s team. I agree, about Almora am happy he has had a taste of the bigs, he did make that call but at some point he needed to pull off. I am sure Maddon is not happy with what happened even if Almora did make the call because your best hitter the past 3 weeks is now on a day to day basis. I hope the bullpen can hold this lead and not think just because it is a big lead that they have “room” to play with. Their mentality should be no more runs, period. Got to like how Edwards is coming along! Take care now. Mahalo!

K.g. you know from my posts a little over a year ago, I really like Edwards. I was hoping they would keep him in the rotation. Watching him in the AFL he reminded me of Oil Can Boyd.

Aloha jasper- I cannot argue with you, I try hard to be diplomatic but sometimes the plain truth is the best though it may hurt. I agree with you about the injuries, that is no excuse, gosh the 2010 Giants had to fight through that too and brought up young folks in that season (Madbum) but they had the confidence to go out there night after night and play great-execution-ball through all nine innings+ and even if they were down late into games by more than a run, it was amazing to see how many times they came back and won. As you mentioned I also think it was a good idea to bring up some of the young players before the break, let them have a “feel” of what it is like in the majors and then send them back down for more work. In September I am sure many will get called back up. I concur with you that this is not a playoff worthy team at this point and Maddon needs to set his lineup, especially the infield which had been a staple of reliability but has played poorly the past 3 weeks, it can be tough on players changing them up all the time, who is going to play today at what position and so forth. Not bad to give the team that scenario so if it comes up again in the future, they will have that field of experience to draw upon. But now it should be a Bryant-Russell-Zobrist-Rizzo quartet. If you give someone time off you do it with only taking out one of the 4 and leaving everyone else in place. I am a little concerned about 1st base (too bad the team does not have Bour now! Just kidding) and I think in terms of competitiveness it might be best to have Zobrist cover first and then you put LaStella (when he comes back) at 2nd. The outfield can be a mix of Fowler/Heyward/Szczur/Soler/Coghlan/Baez. The main thing offensively speaking is that Heyward needs to be dropped to the 7/8 spot like Matheny did last year so Heyward can get his confidence back. Because if the lineup change works by putting Heyward down and the hitters come back and generate runs/clutch hits then they can “shield” Heyward as he works through his ab’s but allow him to play great defense. Now, you know I find the backstop very important and it has been hard for me to see Montero playing as he currently is but I do not think Contreras is ready and should go back down to work on his framing as well as ab’s. That might mean a trade that brings in catcher that can work immediately with and gain the confidence of the whole pitching staff. Someone that comes to mind is Lucroy. I know some will say that is a pipe-dream but look at where the Brewers are now as opposed to earlier in the year, Lucroy has a lot to do with that and managing his bullpen. He would be a great addition. I of course am assuming that Ross still retires after the year and Montero’s issues are not going away anytime soon. You know the rest, try to get an Andrew Miller and possibly a Teheran. I felt if they went after Teheran, in the mix of players might be Hammel. In the meantime I am taking some rest like you as well, I am checking in listening to the radio portion when I can but not allowing the blood pressure to sky-rocket. I hope you are doing well too. Take care now and have a blessed 4th of July and thank you for your service! Mahalo!

Aloha jasper, yes I remember your admiration for Edwards and the reference to Oil Can! I am intrigued by him as well, meaning could he become a starter? Does he have the endurance, I would be glad to give him so of my extra weight if it might help! I am really pulling for him, a bright spot during a rough patch. Take care now! Mahalo!

They switched him to the BP because of his small frame. As far as I know, they never gave him a chance to prove if he had the endurance or not.
Yes he had starts in the Minors, so no idea who made the decision?

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