#Cubs Coghlan to DL; Candelario up

The Cubs placed outfielder Chris Coghlan on the disabled list Sunday and promoted Jeimer Candelario to the big league team. Coghlan had to leave Saturday’s game because of right rib cage soreness.

Candelario, 22, ranked seventh among MLB.com’s list of top 30 Cubs prospects, was batting .333 at Triple-A Iowa with three home runs and 15 RBIs in 25 games.

Coghlan started Saturday’s game against the Mets in right field and flew out to right in his only at-bat in the second inning. He was lifted for pinch-hitter Javier Baez in the fourth, and Baez then stayed in the game at second base and Ben Zobrist shifted to right.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon said Coghlan felt something on a checked swing, but Coghlan said he’s been battling some discomfort for a few days.

Coghlan was batting .194 in 70 games this season.

— Carrie Muskat


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Now you look at Sunday’s lineup Lester HAS to throw a shutout or they lose How really fuckin stupid is Maddon what kind of a lineup is this you bring up a guy and he has to PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!! And again Baez over Russell and Conteras starting again??? why why why you can’t win with all these rookies the Mets are going to play their 8 best. You are giving them automatic outs!!!!!! Maddon is giving them a sweep Winning the division doesn’t give you home field advantage in the playoffs!

Since everyone is on the DL, I really don’t know what you want Maddon to do. Plus, if you use actual punctuation and grammar, you don’t sound nearly as stupid.

Aloha Neal- First let me say good to have other Cub fans coming to Carrie’s blog! You have every right to be frustrated-upset-worried, etc. Many of us saw some things coming a while ago and even with injuries as a former player (but not in the majors) and student of the game, one would always hear the word execution. The team has not be executing well for almost a month and I like to use a reference point from the Nationals away series to current. The team is now 2-11 against teams over .500 which does not bode well coming into the month of July. Even with the injuries, you play through it as other teams have; this team can too. What hurts, injuries or not, is when you have pitchers having command issues-hitting batters with more regularity as well as wild pitchers, position players having pass balls and errors – not throwing to certain cut-offs and so forth. I agree with you that Maddon needs to set his lineup. Bryant-Russell-Zobrist-Rizzo you need your infield more set in my opinion than your outfield meaning the outfield can be more fluid but the closer action to the play and runners you need those folks tight. I think Maddon and the FO felt at the time with a large lead and such they could bring up some folks to give them “try-outs,” a taste of the bigs and then when Fowler-LaStella-Soler come back many will go back down but can be brought back up towards the end of the season when they push for the postseason. I also feel in my gut that there could be a big trade on the horizon and by bringing up many players it gives other teams a look at what the Cubs have so if the right situation presents itself, for example Yankees reliever Andrew Miller or a starter like the Braves Teheran, they can be gotten in trades. No one with baseball acumen will argue with you that presently, the situation is not good and some things will definitely have to change in order for this team to be playoff worthy. But I agree with Doug, please do not use expletives-“foul language” here. Feel free to yell in your house when one of the pitchers gives up back to back homers, or someone makes a bad throw or with no outs and runners on 2nd and 3rd the next three guys either strike-out or hits an infield pop-up and no runs scored in that inning. I totally get it. Hopefully that will help let off some steam and then come here and join the civil and lively discussion about the most storied franchise in baseball history! Take care and have a great 4th of July! Mahalo!

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