7 #Cubs named to NL All-Star team

The National League All-Star infield will be all Cubs as first baseman Anthony Rizzo, second baseman Ben Zobrist, shortstop Addison Russell and third baseman Kris Bryant earned trips to the All-Star Game along with teammates Dexter Fowler, Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester.

Rizzo was the top vote-getter in the National League, and the infielders plus Fowler were chosen by the fans. Arrieta was voted in by the players, and Lester was named by Mets manager Terry Collins, who will manage the NL team.

It’s the first time since the 1985 Padres that one team has had five players selected to start the game. The only team to have all four starting infielders was the 1963 Cardinals, which included first baseman Bill White, second baseman Julian Javier, third baseman Ken Boyer and shortstop Dick Groat.


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Would love to see Julio Teheran start the game for the NL. He plays for the very worst team in the league (Braves), and has a losing record (3-7), but has the second lowest WHIP (0.93), and is holding hitters to the fifth lowest batting average (.197). He ranks in the top five in innings pitched (113), and has an ERA of 2.72. He may very well be performing better these days than Arrieta or Lester or anyone else one cares to name, and he could be traded for by the Cubs before August 1. It`s a long shot that Terry Collins chooses Julio, but the odds were far longer that the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers would win the national championship in 2016 at the CWS in Omaha.

Aloha again jhosk, you make another compelling argument. If this ASG has something at stake and we have determined that it does (Home Field for the WS), then it behooves Collins to put forth the best team. At the end of May Arrieta had an era of around 1.56. Since then, he has had 6 starts going 3-3 his era going up to 2.33 and out of those 6 starts only 2 qualified as “quality-starts.” Lester at the end of May had an era of 2.48. Since then, he has had 7 starts going 4-1, 2 no decisions. He could have easily gone 6-1. His era had dropped as far as 1.89 during this stint but jumped back up because of the shellacking he took last time against the Mets, his era now 2.67. Out of those 7 starts, 6 were quality starts. Really the one bad game was the July 3rd one in NY. Now, Teheran at the end of May had an era of 2.77. Since then he has had 6 starts going 2-2, 2 no decisions. His era had fallen to 2.46 but back up to 2.72 because of his last start, not quite the shellacking that Lester took in his last start. Out of these current 6 starts, 5 of them qualify as quality starts. In 112.2 innings he has 105ko’s to 24bb’s. Arrieta has 115ko’s to 42bb’s in 108.1 innings and Lester has 105ko’s to 25bb’s in 107.2 innings. If you just look at the ko’s/bb’s Teheran and Lester have better ratios of ko’s to bb’s from 4.2-4.376. Arrieta ratio is quite behind at 2.74. Both Lester and Teheran have had a better past 5 weeks than Arrieta has and thus I think it would be all right if Collins started off with either Teheran/Lester. Again, putting the best product out there because something is at stake. And as you have been adamant about starting pitching, just looking at these quick stats shows that Teheran would be a valuable addition to the Cubs rotation! The same goes for the starting infield, if Collins wants to start Addison and Zobrist at SS/2nd base then bring in Corey/Daniel to play more/get more at-bats, I would not be upset, he is trying to win the game. Take care now! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. Thanks for doing the research. We know, for sure, MadBum will not be starting for the NL in the ASG. He won`t be eligible, given that Bochy has announced the southpaw will start Sunday`s regular season game.

Aloha jhosk! Yes, I think Bochy did that on purpose but that is fine, smart manager wants to win games and puts his best 9 out there on the field. The Giants are playing very well right now and are due to get back a couple of their regulars which means they will be very strong. Hope Warren can give a “quality start” today for our Cubbies! Mahalo! Oh, I read one person’s thought about the FO trading for Rich Hill of the A’s and said the Cubs give back Vogelbach and McKinney. Vogelbach could be the A’s future DH. My only hesitant with that trade is that your giving up a lot to get a “rental.” Now if you could work it to get both Rich Hill and Sonny Gray for not much more than the above in players, that might be a good trade. I am still high on Gray because he is young and “controllable.” You could insert Hill into the rotation and Gray work out of the bp while he is getting his “legs” back. Then go after Warren of the Yankees maybe dangling Baez (my father thinks that would be a good addition to their team)/Szczur/Warren/etc..Because you know the Braves are going to want a lot for Teheran and maybe working with the A’s could give the Cubs a viable alternative. You take care now! Mahalo!

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