#Cubs lineup vs Reds, roster move

Adam Warren will start Wednesday in the series finale vs. the Reds. Here’s the lineup:

Ben Zobrist 2B

Kris Bryant RF

Anthony Rizzo 1B

Willson Contreras LF

Tommy La Stella 3B

Jason Heyward CF

Addison Russell SS

Miguel Montero C

Adam Warren P

Joel Peralta was designated for assignment to make room on the roster for Warren. The Cubs still needed to announce a move to make room for La Stella. David Ross took a foul ball off his mask on Tuesday and was being evaluated.



And the collapse has begun. It will take more than B-players like La Stella and Warren to save this sinking ship…and I’m not being an alarmist. Look at the last 3 weeks, and this team is stumbling in all aspects of the game…starting pitching, bullpen, defense, and timely hitting. They’ve allowed both St. Louis and Pittsburgh to rejoin the race, and the Cubs will be lucky if they enter the All-Star break with at least a 5 game lead. What a disappointment!

Isn’t it possible that they weren’t every really as good as their first two months indicated? I mean, did you really think Jason Hammel was going to have a sub 2.00 ERA for an entire season? Or that Jake Arrieta was going to go 26-0 with a 1.60 ERA? And Dexter Fowler was the table setter for this lineup, so when he went down is it really surprising that the offense suffered as well? And let’s not forget how young this team really is. The other day they had a starting lineup with only two players who had at least two full big league seasons under their belts (Rizzo & Heywood…. Zobrist had the day off that day). I know this stretch is frustrating to watch, but CALM DOWN PEOPLE!!! The Cubs weren’t going to maintain a 120-win pace all season, young players are going to struggle at times no matter how talented they are, and the playoffs are still a long way away. If you were told in Spring Training that going into play on July 6, the Cubs would have the best record in baseball and be ahead of the Cardinals by 8.5 games and the Pirates by 9.0 games, would you proclaim the season a disappointment? And I don’t know how being 8.5 games ahead is letting anyone back in the race anyway!

Doug, well stated. I agree. We still have a good team. It still is very likely we will make the playoffs. The problem is post-season depth. Let’s see if the front office comes up with something in July.

Thank you, Doug

True, and depth for the post-season is usually addressed at both trade deadlines and just before September callups. The Cubs know where they need to improve their depth and with the non-waiver trade deadline 25 days away, I’m sure they’re doing some scouting and being scouted themselves and trying to put together something that makes sense for this year and beyond. The Cubs could probably have Aroldis Chapman today if they wanted, but that would mean giving up Kyle Schwarber, and I don’t blame them for pausing when considering trading their starting LF for 2017 and beyond. After all, this team is built to compete for a World Series title over the rest of this decade, not just for 2016. And they had a good enough first half where they don’t need to make a panic move just because they’ve hit a rough patch. Their good first half combined with players coming back off the DL soon (hopefully… as it at least sounds like Fowler might be back for the All-Star Game) means they have a little wiggle room to weigh offers and make the best trades that will balance giving them a decent chance to win the World Series in 2016 with being World Series contenders for 2017 and more as well. Stay tuned and hang in there, as it might be frustrating at the moment, but the time to panic has yet to arrive!

Aloha Jason, yes it is frustrating. The team since June 1st is 17-17. They have lost more games in this five week period than all combined in the first two months. They need Fowler back and to have their regulars playing consistently at their given positions. You watch, I bet we see some big trades for pitching. Hang in there now. Mahalo.

Aloha jasper, I bet you shut something off and did something enjoyable? Was happy to see LaStella back. Mahalo!

Aloha folks, just want to say I do not think anyone with baseball acumen expected this team to beat the 1906/7/8 team in terms of regular season record, I know I did not. Also because we are still blessed to live in a free society folks should be able to speak as long as it is civil and with decorum. I was taught when I put together large studies, eg marketing ones to make sure to include all opinions/sides not just the “cheerleaders” who wanted the project to go forward. So, I think it is fine for Jason to say he is frustrated at this moment. I agree the sky is not falling but I am also live in reality and the overall play currently by the team is not good. Yes, this team is full of talent and things will happen. But as one who knows this game, many are not playing to their ideal levels for various reasons. This team is better than all the past-balls, wild-pitches, hit-batters, errors in the field than what has been displayed in the past 5 weeks. It is because I know they are good that this gives me hope in the near future for a big turn around in that area of play. I do feel that Maddon/FO may have put on display some of the talent that the organization has so any interested teams out there know what they could get in return. I agree Doug about Chapman, not worth it as he is a rental. But Miller is another story. Teheran’s name comes up a lot but the Braves will want a ransom in return. Maybe the FO can swing a deal for both Hill and Gray from the A’s. In any event, I look forward to Heyward’s return so a more set lineup can be in place as I feel this will greatly affect the team in a positive way. Mahalo & Go Cubs!

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