#Cubs and Lackey face Bucs

John Lackey will start Sunday against the Pirates in the Cubs final game before the All-Star break. The Cubs have lost nine of their last 10 games, and hope to snap a five-game losing streak.

Here’s the lineup:

Zobrist 2B

Bryant LF

Rizzo 1B

Contreras C

Russell SS

Heyward RF

Baez 3B

Almora Jr. CF

Lackey P


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How does this fuckin manager expect to snap a losing streak if he continues to roll over the same nail that is casing the tire to go flat? Look at that starting lineup again your power Bryant and Rizzo are not batting 3 and 4 Again Baez is starting. Again too many rookies so spring training is back. I bet the Pirates use their 8 best players. This is not going to work the only way the Cubs will win is if Lackey pitches a shutout!!!!!!!! You are putting too much pressure on the pitcher to be perfect and he has no defense behind him!!!!!!!!

Aloha Neal, we feel your pain too. This is a complete meltdown but today the offense began and it is Lackey who fell apart, already two hr’s given up. In fact this past two weeks have been more about the pitching. Hang in there and all I ask is please refrain from the bad language but by all means share your thoughts. Take care now. Mahalo

Well they won and Bryant had the game winning RBI, so that shows you have no clue what you’re talking about! Next time, try taking a deep breath before you decide to type out something you obviously know nothing about!

Starting lineup and defense has nothing to do with all the loses. The Starting Pitching & Bullpen does! Lester, Arietta, Hammel & Lackey have all been terrible, awful!
I don’t mind a good rant from someone else once in awhile, but al least have some clue as to what you are talking about.

Aloha Doug, I do not think you are replying to me? I will say, this was not the best executed game and the defense at times was spotty but as you said, it is a much needed win and the team will take it. Before Bryant had that opportunity to drive in the winning run, it was not looking to good. Szczur with one out coming in as a PH came through again with a huge knock and almost hit a dinger. Then Zobrist who I like bunted the ball in the air for an out. That one baffled me, I wonder if he got a sign mixed up. Down to one out and Bryant came through. As much as Lackey had difficulties so did players play such as Baez and Contreras, though I give Willson a little more leeway for only being up for so long. By the way, I think it was a good decision on Fowler’s part, not to play in the ASG. Take care. Mahalo.

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