#Cubs and Arrieta face Mets

Jake Arrieta makes his first start of the second half on Tuesday night at Wrigley Field. First pitch is scheduled for 6:05 p.m. CT. Here’s the lineup:

La Stella 3B

Bryant RF

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Contreras LF

Heyward CF

Russell SS

Montero C

Arrieta P

Arrieta has had 10 days of rest since his worst outing in over a year, July 8, when he gave up six runs (his most since May 2015) over six innings, taking the loss against the Pirates. Arrieta has four losses over his last seven starts, going 3-4 with a 4.81 ERA in that span. He had four losses in his previous 39 starts combined (28-4, 1.59 ERA in that stretch).


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Aloha folks, thank goodness Arrieta is doing well because both of the first two innings began with Cubs hits, no outs and no clutch hits. They are letting Thor off the hook. Let us hope they can break through. Hang in there as I tell myself too. Mahalo!

Too many lost opportunities.

Aloha Tom- good to see you here again. I do not know where to start. If this were a pitching duel where say Noah throws a 3 hitter, gives up no walks and an unearned run and on the other side Arrieta pitches a 3 hitter, gives up no walks and one earned run and then it goes to the bullpens and someone gives up a dinger and the Cubs lose. Well I would say that is baseball. That is not the case here. This is such a disappointing lost on so many levels. From the beginning the team had Noah on the ropes and let him off the hook, 2 on no outs, cannot do anything. Then to see bad base running from Heyward/Addison/Arrieta early on hurt terribly too. The silver lining was Arrieta looked much better today but this was a poorly executed game, there is no way the Mets should have won this game. And these are the games that this team has to win. If they cannot find a way to win these games and capitalize on the opportunities you mentioned that they have had in regularity, there is no post-season. I also think Rondon at this moment is not up to the task of closer. That is hard for me to say but he has looked shaky the past month. I think the FO has to be bold and go after a Miller, it is time to take a risk. If you do not try, you will never know as they say. And if they get Miller, Rondon may have to share closer with him or be setup man, this is not about feelings. I also agree with others who are saying that Maddon needs to set the lineup. I am not saying that Heyward gets to the ball and stops Reyes from getting to 3rd over Bryant’s attempt but it is high-time that the lineup is set and you know who your starters are at every position, again this is not about feelings. This game is simple, you either win or you lose. I just hope they can come back to take the series tomorrow after a lost like this. Forgive me for being frustrated, it is hard to watch a talented team faulty like this. Let us hope for a better result tomorrow. Mahalo.

Aloha Tom, I see that my frustration made me mistype a word, I meant to say it is hard to see a talented team like this one falter in a game like this. I said a silver lining was Arrieta. I then thought about it and also hoped in a good way if the team is as frustrated as we fans are and I am sure they are even more, for them to get angry (in a great way) to say enough is enough we are better than this and it is time we showed it. I look forward to that. Take care now! Mahalo!

And the choke train continues. Bases load, no outs, and this impotent offense can’t scratch across a single run?! Am I the only one in the country that wanted to see a squeeze play in the bottom of the ninth? The outcome would not have been worse. Maddon is bold when the game is not on the line, but when the eggs are in the skillet, he chickens out. This is not a team, in its current state that can make the World Series. At this rate, the Cubs will be lucky to hold off the Cards or Bucs to win the division. Here’s a simple message for the GM: GET A CLOSER! For Maddon: STOP SHUFFLING THE LINEUP! For the Offense: LEARN SITUATIONAL HITTING! So help me, after being a thirty year Cubs fan, if this team flushes this season down the drain, I’m done with them!

I was wanting a squeeze bunt by Szczur in the ninth with the bases loaded and no outs too, Jason. I`m pretty sure Matt can be counted on to lay down a good bunt. You have to score at least one run to at least tie the game in that scenario. I listened to the radio account of that ninth in my car on the way home, and Ron Coomer said Szczur swung at two pitches out of the zone to get into an 0-2 hole. Never good. (In fact, Ron said very few pitches to any of the Cubs` batters in that ninth were strikes.) I fault Maddon for not calling for a bunt there, a bunt of either variety, suicide or safety squeeze. Bottom line, when your team scores just one run in a nine inning game, you deserve to lose. Arrieta pitched the way we have been accustomed to seeing, and it`s satisfying to see him return to that status, but it also was a wasted effort on his part. I agree this team is not ready for “prime time” if it cannot find a way to win games like this one tonight. There are players not on this roster currently who need to be added in order to make the Cubs WS worthy. { One more thing: Why have we not seen your insightful comments here more often?}

Aloha Jason and jhosk- I was so bewildered at the missed opportunities at the beginning of the game, lead-off hits/two on no outs that I could not even comment about the 9th. I felt the game should not have even been close. But you both bring up a great point and I always say, ones approach at the plate is so important. Szczur has been a bright spot on this team and with his tools, it is amazing that Maddon who likes the element of surprise did not call for the bunt. I am not sure if they, the coaches remember early on in the game when they had their multiple chances with folks on 3rd and could not even get a long enough fly ball to score a run. So back to what you brought up, why not with Szczur who runs fast and runs the bases well, have him lay down a bunt? Nothing else in the game worked and the way the team got its only run was on an error by their catcher, to which I might add a heads up play by Contreras to see the ball get away ran. We can be upset by Rondon falling apart but again, I believe this game was more about the offense letting down the pitching effort. One can only hope tomorrow the infield will be Bryant-Russell-Zobrist-Rizzo and the outfield include Szczur. Quality start by Arrieta wasted. Tomorrow the team goes up against a disciplined pitcher in Colon (stays low and around the strike zone), they have to be patient and manufacture runs and hope Hendricks does not feel discouraged by today’s game and goes out there tomorrow and pitches lights-out. Hang in there. Mahalo.

An obvious need, and fit, is a closer that’s better than the other guy’s closer, which we obviously don’t have. We need to pay out the same kind of money we paid for Heyward for an elite closer who’ll take a one run lead in the late innings and make it a win.

If we don’t, in post season, the same thing that happened today (2 to 1 loss) will keep us out of the series. Mr. Ricketts, open your wallet!! Mr. Epstein, get us a championship team!! We’ve waited long enough.

I can`t disagree with anything you expressed, Joel.

I was frustrated last night as well. Did not watch the ninth thank goodness. On the bright side the Cubs still are up 7.5 on the Cards. Arrieta pitched well last night. Hendricks has been a huge plus. The negatives are the same, RISP, situational hitting and the bullpen. We need more younger starting pitching. Thought the announcers brought up a good point last night about moving players around. Like the idea of leaving Rizzo at first, Russel at short, Bryant at third and letting the younger players move around. Wondering if by moving them into a position where they are not as comfortable throws them out of sinc at the plate. Thoughts anyone?

Younger starting pitching? Since the break, Cubs starters have a 1.82 ERA. They’re holding opponents to a .178 average. I’d agree the RISP is a problem, but not the starting pitching

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