Davey’s Dugout kids at Wrigley. #Cubs

Prior to Monday’s game at Wrigley Field, Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez hosted a group of children from several elementary schools located in Belmont Cragin, part of his “Davey’s Dugout.” The kids had either never been to a professional baseball game, excelled academically this school year, or, are from families experiencing economic hardship. Martinez provided them with Cubs hats, “Davey’s Dugout” shirts, baseballs (which he autographed), and Cubs Cash.



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This is what makes baseball so special, moments like this. We were in Pittsburgh last week and hanging out by the field watching Carl Edwards Jr warming up. My son stared at him watching him throwing rockets. He looks up at me and says,”Daddy, I wish I could pitch.” He’s five and you know something? You can’t get that close at other sports. Baseball is more about the kids and for us adults it reminds us what it was like to be a kid again. I have very few regrets in life but one regret is that I can’t experience Wrigley Field every game. You folks from Chicago are blessed for sure. I’m just the biggest Cubs fan from North of The Border http://bit.ly/29QNrGr

Mark, You nailed it! 😀 Beautifully written! Thank you for pointing out that baseball should be viewed as a sport and not a business. The kids want heroes to look up to – not stats and averages. Yup – they also want those tasty hotdogs with all the trimmings!

Also, I haven’t heard much about Ryne Sandberg this summer. How is he keeping busy?

He was one of the Cubs representatives on their float in the Pride Parade in Chicago last month. Based on that, I would guess he’s also making appearances on behalf of the team in other PR/charitable capacities.

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