#Cubs and Hendricks face Mets

Kyle Hendricks will close the Cubs’ three-game series against the Mets on Wednesday at Wrigley Field. First pitch is 1:20 p.m. CT. Here’s the lineup:

Zobrist RF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Contreras LF

Heyward CF

Russell SS

Montero C

Baez 2B

Hendricks P

Hendricks, has a 1.50 ERA (10 ER/60 IP) in 10 games (nine starts) at Wrigley Field this season, the second-lowest home ERA in baseball (The Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw has a 1.31 ERA in eight starts at Dodger Stadium).

Hendricks has given up three or fewer runs in each of his last 15 starts at Wrigley Field dating to Aug. 8 of last season. He owns a 2.29 ERA (23 ER/90 1/3 IP) and is 7-2 with just 18 walks, 88 strikeouts and a .202 opponent average in this stretch at home.

The Cubs have a day off Thursday, then bus north to Milwaukee to face the Brewers. Here are the pitching matchups for the weekend:

Friday: RHP Jason Hammel (8-5, 3.34) vs. RHP Jimmy Nelson (6-7, 3.39)
Saturday: RHP John Lackey (7-6, 3.75) vs. RHP Zach Davies (6-4, 3.79)
Sunday: LHP Jon Lester (10-4, 2.89) vs. RHP Junior Guerra (6-2, 3.06)


Coincidentally, Colon and Hendricks have both worked the identical number of innings in 2016, 104. Kyle has a better WHIP, better ERA, and has fanned 20 more batters than Bartolo. Colon has to be one of the easiest pitchers in all of MLB for batters to prepare for, given he throws 80% fast balls. Doing something with those fast balls is another matter. The 43-year-old, who grew up in a household in the Dominican Republic without electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing, has enjoyed a remarkable career, and it continues. {There is a long piece in today`s `USA Today` on Kyle Schwarber which I highly recommend.}

Aloha jhosk, I think about the year I first participated in this blog. After the trade of Shark and Hammel I really paid attention to the trio of Arrieta/Hendricks/Wada. I like them all. I took a liking to Kyle as he reminded me of Maddux. Not over powering but very good control. Fast forward to today, the best pitcher the last month on this team is Hendricks and his era is 3rd in the league only behind Kershaw and MadBum. Defense played well and so was the offense (RISP 4-8). Very good win after yesterday’s loss. Hope you are good. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. The bats came alive today after yesterday`s embarrassing slumber. What do you know about Montgomery, whom we`ve just acquired?

Aloha jhosk, I do not know a whole lot about Montgomery except for his appearances against the A’s. He handled Oakland well. I think Vogelbach and Blackburn are quite a lot to give for Montgomery, as I am curious what his main out-pitches are. You know Miller has his a nasty slider and fastball. I remember Doug bringing up Blackburn earlier this year and was looking forward to seeing him grow. So I wonder if this means no Miller but do they still look at Hill/Gray of the A’s? Thank you for your info about the article on Schwarber in USA Today. I really wish Kyle could become a better backstop or average outfielder as a way to stay. Because I have to say some of the arguments in favor of him going to the Yankees are compelling. I just believe that Schwarber wants to be a complete player, not just a DH/hitter. Maybe Montgomery is flipped with some other folks for Miller? Just kidding, I am sure that will not happen. I wish Dan V and Blackburn well. Take care now. Mahalo!

Did not know Blackburn was part of the deal, k.g. The piece I read mentioned only Vogelbach. I have to think about this. I`m leaning toward your assessment, meaning giving up both Blackburn and Vogelbach is excessive. I am pleased the Cubs have an off-day Thursday, after that 24 game stretch before the ASG when the lack of a break proved taxing. The fact that the Yankees have been winning lately versus the top team in their division makes it less likely they will want to part with either Miller or Chapman. I suggest that`s shortsighted on their part, because I`ve concluded long ago the Yankees do not have the horses to be a contender in 2016.

As I read about Montgomery, I`m convinced he will be a utilized as a specialist versus left-handed batters almost exclusively. Left-handed batters are hitting .164 against him. Mike is just the appetizer. Look for more trades for pitching before the deadline.

Aloha jhosk- I am sure the FO saw something very valuable in acquiring Montgomery for the long haul. I like that he is under control for many years. The middle relief market is hard. Yes every so often you hit it big with an Affeldt or Miller of the Yankees. You know, so many come and go. I hope he works out and works out well. I really wanted to see more of Blackburn but that was not meant to be. I agree with you, more trades on the way. So, can the FO convince the Yankees to part with Miller and not give up Schwarber, that is a big question. Take care now. Mahalo!

I hear you, k.g. Have you seen what Darwin Barney has been doing with the Blue Jays this season? Tonight he started in left field for the first time in his life and drove in three runs. He`s been ever so close to batting .300 most of this season. Getting away from the Cubs is the best thing that ever happened to him, I suggest. He was vilified by posters on here relentlessly. I am very happy for White. This is a classic example of a change of scenery benefiting an athlete. I check the box scores every day for seeing what former Cubs are doing with other MLB teams, and Darwin Barney is prominent among those athletes. He was utilized as a pitcher in a game not all that long ago. Talk about versatile!

jhosk, Barney went to the Dodgers first. They got rid of him too.
Maybe he found a coach that got it through his thick skull, he is not a power hitting pull hitter.
He has to hit to all fields to be successful. He was not good as a Cub.

Did you know your boy, Hendricks, has the third best ERA across all of MLB, k.g? Not shabby for one who began the season as No. 5. We could find lots of arguments as to where he deserves being placed in that rotation these days.

Aloha jhost and jasper, yes I like to keep up with former Cubs too. Right now I mainly check in to see how Shark, Castro and Barney are doing. I remember when Castro/Barney were touted as the future for the Cubs, they did make a good up the middle combo. Maybe as young players and the expectations set so high the pressure to excel hurt them. I believe Darwin’s best years were his 2nd/3rd as a Cub, offensively speaking. I am happy for all three now and hope them the best. I think I will be adding more names to the above very soon with the trade deadline nearing. Take care, next up them Brewers! Mahalo!

I`m well aware that he made a stop with the Dodgers, jasper. He seems to have found his “comfort zone” in Toronto is what I`m suggesting. Barney made at least one excellent defensive play in left yesterday also. {Former Cub, Starlin, had four rbi in one game this week.} That unfortunate “thick skull” choice of words is inappropriate, uncalled for, and unnecessary, but I doubt pointing that out will matter to you.

Your right jhosk, pointing it out matters none to me.

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