#Cubs Minor League report

Wednesday’s games

Iowa split a doubleheader against Salt Lake. Drew Rucinski took the loss in the first game, giving up two earned runs over four innings. Jake Buchanan won the second game, giving up two earned runs over 5 2/3 innings. Mark Zagunis went 2-for-2 with a double, a walk, two runs scored and three RBI in the second game. Dexter Fowler was a combined 1-for-5 with a double and a walk, and Jorge Soler was 0-3 in the first game.

Tennessee lost, 8-2, to Mississippi. Tyler Skulina gave up seven earned runs over five innings. Gioskar Amaya hit his first home run. Bijan Rademacher had two hits, both doubles.

Myrtle Beach had Wednesday off and faces Wilmington on Thursday. Jake Stinnett is scheduled to start.

South Bend lost, 7-5, to Burlington. Eddy Martinez had three hits including a double, a triple and a solo home run, and drove in two runs. He’s batting .397 in 18 July games. Donnie Dewees had two hits and one RBI. Justin Steele gave up two runs over five innings.

Jose Paulino struck out seven and gave up two hits over seven scoreless innings in Eugene’s 4-0 win over Hillsboro. With the win, Eugene clinched the first half Southern Division title. Wladimir Galindo had two hits, and Robert Garcia hit a solo home run.

Mesa scored four runs in the bottom of the ninth to beat the Angels, 7-6. Jhonny Bethencourt had two hits and two RBI, Yohan Matos had two hits and one RBI, and Luis Ayala had two hits and one RBI. Eugenio Palma picked up the win in relief, pitching two innings.


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Tell Epstein to put Travis Wood back in the starting lineup-he is better than Hamels & Hendricks together!! Put one of them in the bullpin and improve pitching 200%!!!!

So much wrong here, I don’t even know where to begin. Okay, let’s try… how exactly do you combine two people’s performances to measure against a single person? It’s bullpen, not bullpin. Hendricks is leading all of the starters in ERA, so you don’t even need to combine him with anyone to be better than Wood. Travis Wood hasn’t started a game in over a year, so there’s pretty much zero chance he returns to the rotation. Even when the Cubs had to use a spot starter this year, they went with Adam Warren instead of Wood. Joe Maddon is the manager of the team and he decides who is in the starting lineup, not Theo Epstein, who for the record is the President of Baseball Operations.

CORRECTION: Upon further review, Travis Wood did start two games last September, which is within the past year. However, both of those starts were on “bullpen days” which Maddon instituted to help keep the Cubs rotation fresh for the playoff push. The “bullpen days” are designed so the “starter” only goes two or three innings and then a long reliever comes in and throws another two or three innings, then you can use your regular bullpen as needed later in the game. In both of Wood’s September bullpen day starts, Trevor Cahill followed Wood and pitched thru the 6th inning, then the regular bullpen came in for the 7th, 8th & 9th innings. Wood’s last start as an actual member of the starting rotation was May 14, 2015.

Aloha Rodney, welcome to Carrie’s blog. I think you might have some folks mixed up as they say. Hamels, a darn good pitcher is on the Rangers; he beat the Cubs this past Sunday. Cubs pitcher Hammel has had issues but his last start was very good. Lastly, the one pitcher who has been consistent the whole year and 3rd in the National League with lowest era is Hendricks. Wood is doing a very good job out if the pen. Take care now. Mahalo.

Thanks for your opinion and sorry that I mispelled Hammel.

It’s not a misspelling if you completely change the pronunciation of the name! Spelling Hammel with just one “m” is a misspelling or a typo and is at least understandable. Calling him “Hamels” is referring to someone all together different (as k.g. pointed out, there is a Cole Hamels on the Texas Rangers who is most definitely a different person than Jason Hammel on the Cubs). It’s like Ryne Sandberg is not Ryan Sandberg and Kerry Wood is not Kerry Woods. I know it sounds nitpicky, but as a Cubs fan you should at least know the proper names of the players on the Cubs, especially a player like Hammel who has been in the Cubs starting rotation for the better part of the last three seasons!

You can certainly tell when there is not a lot to discuss. LMAO

Aloha jasper, Doug, Rodney I was confused at first as Rodney’s was the first/only post when I replied then came back and saw I was dropped in the lineup to “clean-up,” LOL! I think what is neat about Travis is that if called upon he can start a game. I know the FO was hoping that might happen with Warren but not sure about that now. I also know that Edwards still hopes he could start and he may one day. Pitching is what will get this team deep into games, the playoffs, etc…I am looking forward to seeing who else is brought in before the trade deadline. Take care. Mahalo!

You make a good point, jasper. It`s been a slow news day. We`ll have that when the Cubs are idle. There is a point I`d like to make. If we are going to fend off the Cardinals, we are going to need to beat them head to head. We can`t rely on the likes of the Padres to provide any help whatsoever. The Friars played a four game series in St. Louis, and found a way to lose every blessed one of those games. San Diego lost to the Redbirds Tuesday, lost a double header Wednesday, and had a 5-1 lead entering the bottom of the eighth of tonight`s game, and still lost. Did I mention the San Diego Padres are one of the sorriest franchises on the planet? Why couldn’t they have sucked this way in the 1984 playoffs versus the Cubs?

Jhosk, all I know is the Cubs have to beat the best to be the best.
The big plus is, they have to beat the Umpires too.
The Padres are kind of like the 2013/14 Cubs. Cant depend on them.

Aloha jhosk, and to top it off look what San Diego did to the Giants just before playing the Cardinals! As jasper said, this team has to prove that it can beat the best. Tomorrow are those pesky Brewers, though at the bottom, I believe they had the Cubs number in their last meeting. Another test. Take care now. Mahalo!

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