#Cubs Fowler returns to lineup

Dexter Fowler is back at the top of the Cubs lineup for Friday’s game against the Brewers. Fowler was activated from the disabled list, and Albert Almora Jr. optioned to Triple-A Iowa. New Cubs reliever Mike Montgomery also joined the team, and Spencer Patton was optioned to Iowa to make room.

Jason Hammel gets the start on Friday at Miller Park. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Contreras LF

Heyward RF

Russell SS

Montero C

Hammel P



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He’s welcomed back with open arms!!!

I agree, Mark. I missed Fowler far more than I miss Soler. In fact, I do not miss Soler even a little. Would prefer Almora on the major league roster before Jorge. But those boys are not the principal reason I chose to respond to you. I`m concerned with Rondon. I know the record will show he entered tonight`s game and preserved the victory. But the way Hector did so was not one bit impressive. He came into the game with a three run lead, and pitched to each batter ever so carefully, as if each batter was Babe Ruth. He flirted with the edges of the outside corner to the point where it was like watching grass grow. He walked a batter doing so. That is not the ideal approach one wants to see in a closer in those circumstances. With a three-run lead, you should want to see your pitcher full of confidence and throwing strikes. Allowing passes is unforgivable in that situation. Challenge the hitters. “See it and hit it” should be the only option. So what if a batter runs into a pitch and goes yard. You still have a two run lead afterward. I`m not impressed with Hector Rondon as our closer, and predict if we are good enough to reach the Fall Classic, someone other than Hector Rondon will be filling that role.

Wow, so because Rondon didn’t strike out the side on 9 pitches of 99 MPH fastballs, you have to complain about him? The guy’s walked five batters all season, so I think he can afford to throw pitches on the outside corner if he wants to. What’s next, complain about Kris Bryant not swinging at a 3-1 fastball? “The guy has 25 home runs, but if he doesn’t take an aggressive approach at the plate then he’ll never be an elite player!” Just enjoy the fact that the Cubs aren’t looking as bad in the 7 games after the break as they did in the 7 games before the break!

You missed my point. With a three-run lead, a pitcher should have a different approach than when he has a one-run lead, or the game is tied, just as a batter should modify his approach at the plate depending on the count, as Pete Rose pointed out recently. A batter with an 0-2 count should not assume the same attitude at the dish as he does with say a 3-1 count. We often see that with Rizzo; he chokes up on the bat when the count is not in his favor. {Bryce Harper did that (choked up on the bat) in Thursday`s game versus the Dodgers, and an observer who claims he`s seen every Harper ab at the major league level, said he`d never seen that before from Bryce. Perhaps it`s because he`s hitting .250 on the season, something very unHarper-like, but I digress.} Actually no, I did not look for Hector to throw ninety-nine and punch-out the side; I do not think he`s capable of that; I expected him to pitch to contact and forget about nibbling around the edges. There was no reason to be “fine” with a three run lead.

And you missed my point in that Rondon’s style is not to pitch to contact. The numbers show that he’s done a pretty good job this year of throwing strikes and keeping people off base.

Aloha jhosk, well put. I have not been confident with him coming in for the past month. He is trying too hard to “paint” the corners and when he does not get the call then he has to come in with an obvious strike and all heck can break loose. I think it was Hughes who said that he got away with one and was lucky damage was not done. I like Rondon but right now he/his stuff is not of a closer, he does not have an out pitch. I think there is a good chance another arm is added by the deadline that could compete for that role or share it. I too am happy to see Fowler back as it also helped with the starting infield. Soler could be gone if the right deal presents itself. Well, them Cardinals continue to find ways to win. Let us hope this Cubs team does as well. Take care. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. We can`t expect the Cardinals to go away, given their pedigree. We`ll need to beat them head to head, as jasper points out, and that`s as it should be. You must have noticed the Giants are having a miserable swing through the East. They`ve lost six straight, very unlike them. Fans will recall they surpassed our Cubs before the All-Star break, and boasted of the best record in the NL, if not all of MLB. That is no longer true. The Cubs are back to having the best record in the game as I type. Did you notice Andrew Miller proved “human” last night? He surrendered three hits in one inning, something one rarely sees with him. Giants` shortstop, Crawford, one of the best in the business, committed three errors in that one contest. Another example of baseball proving to be a humbling game.

Aloha jhosk, yes Miller is human! Maybe the Yankees will ask for less now in return! The Giants are in a little valley, nothing like Cubs were in but their FO knows they need bullpen help and are also looking to strengthen their outfield. I normally do not root for the Dodgers but am right now! Let us hope Lackey can have an “uneventful” and strong outting today. Mahalo!

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