#Cubs and Lackey face Brewers

John Lackey gets the start Saturday night at Miller Park where the Cubs will face the Brewers in the second game of a three-game series. First pitch is scheduled for 6:10 p.m. CT. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist LF

Contreras C

Heyward RF

Russell SS

Baez 2B

Lackey P

The Cubs are 6-2 in their last eight games, and 5-2 since the All-Star break. The pitching has been sharp, compiling a 1.71 ERA in seven games since the break, the best mark in the Majors. Overall, the Cubs starting rotation leads the Majors with a 2.98 ERA and a .215 opponent batting average against.



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Aloha folks, well this has been a hard game to watch. Lackey still is in a funk. His pitches looked flat. I like that he works fast but sometimes he looks out of control. Giving up too many hrs this year and it is hurting. At least he calmed down and his 5th and 6th innings were much better. Have to give Davies credit, the Cubs batters were not patient tonight and making soft contact; a lot of ground ball outs. RISP through the 8th, 1-5. Davies pitched one heck of a game. Thought Baez made a great couple of plays tonight and had just hoped that that would have carried over to his ab in the 7th but it did not. He continues not to make adjustments with his at bats and is striking out way too much; killed a possible rally. Lastly, Nathan is due to come up tomorrow. I think Richard shot himself in the foot tonight as he faced two batters gave up a hit, then hit the next batter left with no outs. I do not think the FO will send down Contreras so I think they either dfa Richard or send someone else (Warren/Grimm). Will be interesting. Any thoughts who is let go? Mahalo.

Aloha Folks, well I guess Montgomery got initiated into the NL! Let us hope that Lester brings his a-game tomorrow and the infield can be Bryant-Russell-Zobrist-Rizzo. Now I see why so many other teams want the Brewers’ relievers because they actually get the job done. Glad to see Zobrist get some hits tonight. Let us hope they can take the series tomorrow and thank goodness for the Dodgers today! Mahalo!

Hey, John Lackey, you’re right. This is the big leagues. So put your big boy pants on and take the bad with the good. While you’re at it, stop complaining about your pitches that are clearly out of the strike zone when the umpire calls them balls.

Aloha Mat B- yes it has been tough watching Lackey this past month+, though I will say the offense has not been there for him. Still he was out-matched by Davies yesterday. Will be interesting to see who is dropped down or let go when Nathan arrives today. I sure hope the FO does not go after Chapman (a rental). Forgot to reply to your Peoria post; I have a relative in your neck of the woods that at one point worked at ICC and had to deal with a student name Jim Thome! Also, they said that Avanti’s is run by two brothers (separate areas) and go to the one in Normal as it is now closer for them. Quick story you might like: when I would visit the grandparents by you, if there was a Cubs game on sometimes as a treat they would take me to certain restaurants and get food to go or enjoy it “curbside.” Well one of those places was started by their friend in 1934 in Normal, Steak N Shake. Enjoyed many a steak-burger and their hand-dipped shakes. I think you have some of those in Peoria too! Let us hope the offense comes alive today and Lester keeps the ball in the park! Mahalo!

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