#Cubs acquire Chapman from Yankees

On Monday, the Cubs acquired Aroldis Chapman from the Yankees in exchange for four players: Adam Warren, Gleyber Torres, Billy McKinney and Rashad Crawford. Chapman began this season serving a 30-game suspension covered by Major League Baseball’s domestic violence policy after a dispute with his girlfriend in South Florida. Both Chapman and Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts issued statements.

“I want to thank the New York Yankees for trusting and supporting me, and I wish nothing but the best for the Yankees organization and my former teammates,” Chapman said in the statement. “I am excited about today’s trade and look forward to joining the Chicago Cubs and meeting my new teammates. It is a privilege to wear the Cubs uniform and to play for the fans of Chicago.

“As you know, earlier this year I accepted and served a 30-game suspension from Major League Baseball resulting from my actions of October 30, 2015. I regret that I did not exercise better judgment and for that I am truly sorry. Looking back, I feel I have learned from this matter and have grown as a person. My girlfriend and I have worked hard to
strengthen our relationship, to raise our daughter together, and would appreciate the opportunity to move forward without revisiting an event we consider part of our past. Out of respect for my family, I will not comment any further on this matter.

“I cannot wait to take the mound at Wrigley Field and look forward to helping my teammates deliver a championship to Chicago.”

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts also issued a statement.

“Obviously, we are aware of the circumstances surrounding Aroldis Chapman’s suspension earlier this season,” Ricketts said. “We are also aware that he cooperated fully with the league investigation and takes responsibility for his actions.

“Today, prior to completing the trade, Theo, Jed and I spoke with Aroldis. I shared with him the high expectations we set for our players and staff both on and off the field. Aroldis indicated he is comfortable with meeting those expectations.

“Finally, my family, this team and Major League Baseball take the issue of domestic violence very seriously and support efforts to reduce domestic violence through education, awareness and intervention.”

— Carrie Muskat


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Giants should have tried to get him

Well, the people on here who were complaining about Rondon the other day have to be happy about this. Chapman definitely won’t be nibbling at the strike zone with a three-run lead and he definitely has an out pitch (look for clips of his 104 MPH fastball that he threw the other day). And now Rondon and Strop are your 8th/7th inning guys and throw in Montgomery, Wood, Grimm and Edwards and suddenly the Cubs have an above average bullpen at the least.
As for what the Cubs gave up, yeah it was a lot, but that was the asking price for an elite closer no matter how many years/months of control he has left. And if you look at it this way, the Cubs gave up the prospects they were most willing to give up. In other words, the Yankees didn’t force the Cubs to give up anyone the Cubs had previously thought of as untouchable. It’s no secret that the Yankees love Schwarber and any trade talk with them no doubt started with Schwarber. Schwarber is slated to be the Cubs starting LF/C/DH is 2017, so they really didn’t want to part with him. Torres is mlb.com’s Cubs #1 prospect, but he is only in Advanced-A ball, so he’s a good 2-3 years away from the majors. The Cubs currently have Russell at SS, and there’s no reason to suspect he won’t still be there in 2-3 years. At second, the Cubs long term answer could be Baez (once Zobrist moves to another position, becomes a bench player, or retires) or it could be 2015 1st round pick Ian Happ, who is ahead of Torres at AA. Don’t know if third or OF could be possible for Torres, but third is blocked by Bryant and Candelario, and the OF is plenty crowded too. So while Torres was highly regarded, he’s several years away still and there is no clear path for him to make the Majors on the Cubs. So while it’s tough to part with someone like that, he was probably the best option the Cubs had to trade away for someone good and not sacrifice the depth chart of the 2020 Cubs either.

Will Torres be blocked in a couple years when Russell starts his arbitration years?
Could Russell then be traded for a quality starter with some team control?
Way to much was given for two months.
I don’t know whats going on? Tonight, was Russell not hitting well in the 6th spot, driving in Runs?
Heyward, there is no where to hide him in the lineup. Another terrible FA signing to this point. 180 Million.
Lester, cant keep a runner close. Danny Divito could steal off of him. 160 Million.
Lackey, a 500 pitcher, two years at 30 Million. But he is Lesters friend.
Arietta already announcing he will not sign for a hometown discount, after that, ERA balloons.
And right there you go, as I am writing, Arietta gives up a three run homer.
This is no Championship team.

And to answer this part of your question, Russell is under team control thru the 2021 season. The Cubs are several years away still from thinking about trading him as he nears the end of team control. Plus for all we know, they might want to lock him up and make sure he is to the Cubs what Barry Larkin was to the Reds or Jimmy Rollins was to the Phillies or maybe even what Derek Jeter was to the Yankees. You don’t not make a trade because there’s a possibility in three years or so that you might want to trade Addison Russell and you’ll need someone to take his spot if that does in fact happen.
And this is definitely not a perfect team. They have plenty of flaws, which you point out above. But they are a good team none-the-less, and are more likely than not playoff bound. And in today’s game, any playoff team can be a championship team. There have been some really good teams that won a lot of games and look invincible on paper who were quick exits in the playoffs not because they weren’t good teams, but because the playoffs are funny like that. You can do what you can do to give yourself the best chance to succeed in the playoffs, but recent playoff history is full of minimally-powered secondbasemen who suddenly look like Babe Ruth reincarnated, young and inexperienced pitchers who suddenly look like the offspring that would be produced if Nolan Ryan and Sandy Koufax could somehow have a baby together, and players with the legs of a 60 year old who suddenly are stealing bases like they’re Rickey Henderson. My biggest fear is that the Cubs make the playoffs with upper 90s amount of wins and then get bounced again before the World Series, which will lead to people complaining about Maddon or X-player(s) or Theo, when really this window to win is wide open and shows no signs of shutting anytime soon, whether Torres is in the organization or not.

It`s going to be easy to measure if this trade is a prudent one. If we go to the NLCS and then the WS, and Chapman plays a prominent role helping us reach those goals, then the trade will have proved a wise one. If the Cubs fall short of those targets, the Cubs will have made a mistake.

I would rather go on record saying: The youth is the future, you don’t trade it for two months. Especially if your trading for a guy represented by Boras.
I do not like this trade.

I’d agree if this were 2013 and the Cubs were coming off of a 101-loss season and on their way to a 96-loss season. But the Cubs are coming off of a 97-win season in which they made the NLCS and are currently the best team in baseball. Besides, the whole plan that Theo & Jed instituted when they got here was to get the Cubs farm system to the point where they are continuously producing talent, which can be used to both fill in the roster at the major league level and to cash in for established talent at positions that are behind in overall organizational development.
Just look at this year alone. Willson Contreras, Albert Almora, Jeimer Candelario and Gerardo Concepcion have all made their Major League debuts and Carl Edwards Jr. appears poised to play a big part in the bullpen down the stretch. The Cubs aren’t giving up on the future. They’re just trading something they felt they could part with without doing significant damage to the depth charts of four years from now. And even with Torres gone, the Cubs still have some great prospects that would be the envy of most farm systems around baseball. In addition to the ones who came up already this year there’s Ian Happ and Eloy Jimenez. You have 2015 Cuban signee Eddy Martinez, who looks like he’s starting to figure out how to hit. You have pitchers Dylan Cease and Oscar de la Cruz and recently promoted to high-A Preston Morrison. You have OBP machine Mark Zagunis at AAA too. None of these are shabby prospects. Some of them will be Cubs someday, while some of them could very well be cashed in for another help me now type player.
The Cubs weren’t going to win the World Series by fielding a 25-man roster full of their own developed players. No one does that. So you have to leave it up to the front office to know who they want to make as their core group of players and who they could give up to add to that core. Kyle Schwarber appears to be part of the core group. Addison Russell appears to be part of the core group. That’s why Schwarber is still here and Torres didn’t make it past high-A ball.
And why should Scott Boras scare Theo? He’s been doing this for a long time now. I don’t think he’s going to be intimidated by who someone’s agent is. If he was, he would have been out of a job in this game a long long time ago! But really, you don’t have to like this trade. Maybe you do think Torres will become the next Derek Jeter and that’s fair enough. But at least try to understand why the Cubs agreed to it. If you can say “I see what the Cubs are doing, but I really liked Torres” then fair enough. But if all you see this as is the Cubs giving up on the future, then please get out of the year 2013 and join us all here in the lovely year of 2016.

Disagree Doug. You say, you don’t do this or you don’t do that.
My opinion you don’t give up that many prospects, one very good for a two month rental. And again, especially a rental represented by Boras.
That’s my opinion should it be 2013 or 2016.

Aloha folks, still cannot believe so much talent traded away. I do not care if some of them might have been “blocked” from coming up or not, for 2-3 months. Jasper you and jhosk have both brought up the need for another starter, especially one under control. Well, Arrieta fell apart and gave up a 3-run blast. If the pitching does not come through with consistency from all 5 current starters, getting a closer til end of season may be for nought. Take care now. Mahalo.

This does not look like a Playoff team.
Only Pitcher I would pay to watch right now is Hendricks

I do not think you want to hear this now, k.g., so please forgive me, as I can`t resist. What Todd Frazier did in that sixth inning versus Jake is something I saw him do in 1998 in Williamsport at the Little League World Series when he was 12, and in Bristol, Connecticut at the Eastern regionals that year prior to Williamsport. He was a clutch hitter then, and is now. I think his current batting average is in the neighborhood of .210 or so, but he is an example of a batter who gets knocks when it matters, regardless of the batting average. He has 29 dingers on the season. Give me hitters like that on the Cubs. {Aside to jasper and you: if Aroldis is a major contributor to our getting to the “Promised Land” in 2016, I do not see how you can argue with that, despite what it cost us in players to acquire his services. The accomplishment will be historic, and isn’t that what we fans all want?}

Aloha jhosk, the LLWS is still on my list! Have had many teams from Hawaii and Japan get there. Hope one day to see some of it. Your point about Frazier and for that matter many other batters around the .200 “Mendoza-line” to steal one from you, the pitching staff has been weak, especially giving up the hr’s. Remember only 2 days ago a player name Neiuwenhuis for the Brewers with a .207 average hit two. I think it would be interesting to see how many batters with these low averages have had big hits off of Cubs’ pitching. Now, I believe in taking a risk. If all the Cubs needed was a closer to get to the “promise land” and everything else is great/consistent I could see a possible trade but still not so much for a rental. I was thinking about this as my father has been sharing with me the need for the Yankees to shed a lot of the “dead-weight” that is currently on the team and that includes 1st base. You would think with Vogelbach in the system and the Yankees Mark Teixeira hitting an amazing .188 that the FO could have worked out a deal with Dan V/Warren and possibly McKinney. I think Theo and company could have swung that deal and sold it as NY needs a first baseman and he mashes hrs from the left side kind of like Schwarber plus they are looking for future outfielders and McKinney can fill a hole. But with the FO giving up Vogelbach and Blackburn to the Mariners that was not an option and now I look back and see for Montgomery/Chapman the other teams gained Dan V/Blackburn/Torres/McKinney/Warren/Crawford. Boy, that is a lot. On top of that, Castro has done all right in NY, his fielding has been good at 2nd, Warren did not work out and was a rental the other person that was a part of that trade was let go. The Yankees seem to have really made out. So, looking now at the funds tied up with players like Lester/Heyward/Montero/Lackey/Zobrist, there will need to be some relief and I saw it through young players in the system or getting young controllable players through trades. I hope things work out. Take care now. Mahalo.

Yes, k.g., had overlooked that Neiuwenhuis had a very low batting average as well; Starlin may be fielding his position well, but his OBP is well below average (.295 or so). Heard yesterday that the NL average is .320, and would expect the AL average to be in that range. Montgomery has taken his lumps since joining our club. Hope it does not affect his confidence. I do not have the statistics, but I have the distinct impression we have not fared well with this crosstown rivalry with the Sox over the years. (Our boy, Lincecum, was shelled yesterday versus Houston. Think it`s past time for Tim to retire, as I believe you`ve concluded in past.) Anthony was pinch-run for tonight; must have been good reason for that, as it`s not normal, but I missed it.

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