Chapman on joining the #Cubs

Aroldis Chapman met with the Chicago media, and then did an interview with ESPN’s Pedro Gomez in Spanish. Here’s the translation from the interview:

Q: Did you expect a trade in season?

“I expected it because there had been so many rumors about the possibility of me being traded, so it did not come as a surprise to me,” Chapman said. “But I didn’t know where I was going to go to and now here I am with the Cubs.”

Q: Did you expect the controversy re: the domestic violence allegations to resurface?

“I knew that no matter where I was traded to this would resurface, that the controversy is going to follow me,” Chapman said. “But I’m with my girlfriend. Our family is together. We’re working toward making things better in our lives.”

Q: How do you feel about taking Hector Rondon’s job as closer?

“This is something that’s already happened in my career because when I got to the Yankees, they took Andrew Miller out of the closer’s role and put me in,” Chapman said. “So it’s something that I’ve already gone through and thankfully, Rondon is taking it really well. And I’m thankful that the manager has all the confidence in me to put me into that closer’s role.”

Q: Where are you today compared to October regarding the controversy?

“I’ve grown tremendously from that time,” Chapman said. “I’m with my girlfriend still, with the family, and I feel that I have absolutely changed as a person. I’m working to be a better person. And now that I remember because they just asked me in the previous press conference what the owners asked me, one of the things they did ask me was about being a better person and being a better neighbor to people. And that’s something that I think that I am now, much more so.”

Q: Do you feel any pressure closing for a contending team?

“I don’t feel any different pressure at all,” Chapman said. “I don’t think that you have to put any pressure on yourself. I’m still the closer. I’m going to do the same job I always have.”


Yup, that’s what he meant to say. 30 more saves will speak louder still–hopefully.

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I hear Chris Scissorhands will be coming off his suspension just in time to start against us Thursday.

Bueno. Gracias.

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