#Cubs Fowler to host baseball camp

Cubs outfielder Dexter Fowler will host a baseball camp for boys and girls, grades 1-8, on Aug. 15 at Timothy Christian High School from 4-7 p.m. CT. Cost is $119. Register now at DexterFowlerCamp.com.

Participants will receive a t-shirt, exclusive camp team photo with Fowler, participate in contests, and win prizes, plus they’ll learn about the game from an All-Star.

There will be various stations on fundamental skills and the groups will be small enough so each camper gets maximum instruction.0707Dex


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La Stella was hosed. I`m in league with MatB when he suggested recently that perhaps Matt Szczur would be better served going to another organization. I feel similarly regarding Tommy. Each could easily start on other MLB teams, but each has filled or fills his role as a utility player on this club sans complaint. If someone is bumped from the roster to make room for Soler, and the writing on the wall suggests that is imminent, that will amount to a disingenuous gesture as well, because Jorge has demonstrated little to merit such an elevated status. Did I mention it may be best that Tommy La Stella go to another organization, because this one does not appreciate him?

Aloha jhosk- I was away at a job then saw you comment and was wondering what is going on? Now I understand because Coghlan came off the DL La Stella was sent down. I know what I am about to say means nothing now but part of my reasoning for such a trade was for this reason. I wish the FO could have made a trade of Vogelbach/Baez/Soler and if need be Warren for Miller. I felt with Szczur and La Stella the team would have very good utility folks as Szczur can play all 3 outfield positions as well as La Stella in the infield. You know I had hoped that Soler would work out but currently, Szczur is a better defender, better base runner and has a better bat than Soler. I named Baez only because you would have to include a big piece to get a Miller under control for 2+ years. I felt as Jasper does about the youth within the organization that with 3 SS’s Russell/Baez/Torres, if Baez is traded away, Torres comes up in a few years and Russell is solid at SS; have you noticed how many rbi’s Russell has…61, he is 3rd on the team and I feel his average will get better. With the above trade for Miller you open up/secure spots with Soler and Baez gone. I still do not know about the Montgomery trade, it may take a while to see if it was good or not. But I think one thing is for sure that you see with a Chapman, folks like Rondon/Strop/Woods even Grimm have upped their game. I think the same would have been true if they had gotten Miller. If anything, by trading away Vogelbach and Blackburn to the Mariners it took away options in regard to the Yankees. Of course what I said above is pure speculation, one person’s thoughts. It does not take the sting away from La Stella who has done everything he has been asked to do. Take care now. Mahalo.

No Szczur in the lineup today, against a left hander. I’m guessing Hell be traded before game time and LaStella will be back.

He’ll be traded not Hell. Autocorrect, you know.

If I’m right, it will be a much larger deal

Aloha Mat B, I have been reading that since Szczur is out of options you could be correct about him and others being traded. I wonder why they do not leave Soler for now down at AAA at least through August then he can come up in the September call-ups. That way, Jorge can get more ab’s and work on his approach (if they plan to keep him). Because if he comes up now, I do not see him getting regular playing time but again, at Iowa he have that opportunity. Take care now. Mahalo!

I`m having a little difficulty following your argument, k.g. Any speculation which involves Baez being traded is not worth pursuing, because I`m convinced he`s viewed by the FO as “untouchable,” as is certainly the case with Schwarbs. I have no argument with protecting Schwarber. He may be my very favorite player with this entire organization. La Stella is high on that list, and I am unhappy with the way the organization has treated him. A player hitting .155 or so on the season (Cogs), supplanted one hitting .295 and playing excellent defense (Tommy), and I view that as not just unfair, but reprehensible. To place it in the proper vernacular, it sucks. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk, I did not do a good job explaining my theory. I used Baez, it could have been Vogelbach-Soler-McKinney-Warren for Miller. I picked Baez for my example, coupled with Soler. So, with moving folks like that and bringing only say Miller, I would a La Stella and Szczur are not only secured but can handle just fine their duties when called upon. Sorry for the long sentence, it is late! So, when Soler comes back as you mentioned who goes down? Contreras, probably not. Maybe another big trade takes place whereby 2-3 current players are traded for 1 person to open up room. I guess we will see soon. I feel for La Stella too. Take care now. Mahalo!

Sometimes I wonder if the commenters on here are really Cubs fans. The Cubs have the best record in baseball again. The Cubs seemed to have recovered from their rough patch and have won 10 of their past 15 games against some good opponents. The Cubs beat one of the AL Cy Young contenders last night and a pitcher with a career ERA in the 3s who has a no-hitter to his name today. In fact, they beat his AL playoff contender team 12-1 and appear to have a their Cubby swagger back. So what do I read when I come on here? The Cubs front office is horrible because they sent down a backup infielder who had options left. And that backup IF and the greatest 4th OF to ever play the game should be traded so they can play everyday elsewhere. Seriously, do you guys like the Cubs team, or just certain players? And I’m sure LaStella and Szczur would be thrilled to be traded off of a team that could win the World Series this year. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be traded off of a World Series contender with great teammates and a players’ manager to a 100-loss bound Braves with a roster in flux and an interim manager? And if they play well enough for the Braves, they could be a key part of their 90-loss team in 2017 and can watch their old friends on the Cubs contend for the World Series again! Seriously people, MLB only allows 25 players on the roster at a time. Good teams have a lot of depth and sometimes the final guys on the roster fall victim to the numbers game. That’s a fact of the game and if you don’t like it, then maybe you should make it clear when you post that you don’t actually care how the Cubs do, but you’re here just to root for certain players and their success.

Aloha Doug- gosh you really have a rough-streak in you. I have never made fun of you, called into question you being a Cub’s fan or disparaged you. I am not sure if you do not like differences of opinion but it always seems to me that for you, everything is “rosey” in Cubs land. There are never no problems, all trades and acquisitions are great, all moves are wonderful, nothing should be questioned because if it is, then we are truly not Cubs fans. Doug, we are all individual stones not uniformed bricks. My “suggestion” up above that I did not explain well was that because there is a “log-jam” at certain positions, if certain trades might have been made, that may have elevated some of the difficulties that surround trying to field a 25-man roster. Maddon himself said that he did not blame La Stella at all for being upset because he has done everything asked of him and there are no reasons to send him down except for the “numbers,” as he put it. We have discussed in the past that it would be great if the organization could keep all the players we like both in the farm system as well as in the majors but that is not feasible. I know many on the team would love to win a WS, that’s a given. Now, only speaking from my experience, ball players want to play. I will not forget an outfielder on our college team that did not like to be platooned; frustrated with sharing “his” position. We were on a good team in one of the best divisions at the time. At the end of the season he left to go to another school that was not as good academically nor as strong a division as ours but got more playing time. Not the best example but trying to illustrate for you that these are competitive folks that all feel they contribute to a team no matter if the playoffs are insight or not. I am not saying Szczur or La Stella are the best ever and should be playing each and everyday. That is not what jhosk (I believe) or I said. We also were not saying that we were not happy with the better play as of late from this team. Rather, showing some empathy towards La Stella as did Maddon. Trying to understand the move and asking the “what-if” question when supposedly Soler comes off of the DL next. Are we not allowed to discuss these matters and offer up our opinions? In a civil society we should be able to and even though in the “arena-of-ideas” we may differ, we should be able to show respect and decorum towards one another. I hope you will extend to us what we have to you. Mahalo.

I hope you are not referencing me. I`ve been a passionate Cubs` fan since more than twenty years before you were born. {I know that because you once told us you were born in 1982, and I have a memory akin to that of an elephant.) Do not try to lecture me on what it means to be a Cubs` fan. We`re still waiting to see you defend your erroneous comment exactly a week ago today that Rondon does not pitch to contact. {In a sense, Maddon shot down your argument with his comments explaining why he chose to call on the Cuban Missile Thursday evening for a four-out save.}

Aloha k.g. jhosk and fellow pollsters, only chime in every once in a while now but well stated k.g. I enjoy reading the difference of opinions, including yours Doug, I do not think we are taking the season in as a whole,ups and downs will be part of the journey,a World Series is the ultimate goal, I think the F.O. has done a wonderful job building a very good team, we may not like certain moves they make but this is an open forum so I respect all opinions, not including a couple that contained some words that should only be used amongst yourself, getting back to the original article, does no one see that charging that amount of money for a baseball camp limit some individuals, how about limit the camp to 119 individuals with some way determining who goes. As baseball fans the price of admission to a game alone has already stopped many fans from being able to go to the Big Show, I know it happens all the time but to see the ‘Free’ advertising on this forum simply does not impress an individual living 1200 miles away.Sorry if that steps on any ones feet, and as always Go Cubs!

Aloha Kenly- always good to hear from you. Have to remember that you, jasper, jhosk, Bruce are quite a ways from Wrigley where as Doug and Mat B are blessed to be close. Yes, it is getting expensive these days. I thought the “camp” would be for a couple of day, even if Fowler only showed up for 1 of the days. But I see it is just a 3hr session. I can see why you, jhosk and jasper like going to the farm games or the Fall League because it is more economical. Games out my way, especially where the Giants play have really gone up. They used to have a couple of ticket prices for the entire season but now they price depending on the opponent! If the Cubs came to town and played a 4-game series I used to tickets to at least 3 of the games. Now, no matter if it is a 4 or 3-game series I get one. Maybe Fowler’s camp will have some scholarships for those with hardships and for those who can afford it, their entry fee helps to fund those who cannot. You take care now. Mahalo and Go Cubs!

Ok, Mr. Elephant Memory, access your data banks and tell us all in your 83 years as a Cubs fan, what front office has done a better job and generally knows how to put together a team better than this one? And I’m all rosey and everything is good because the Cubs have the best freaking record in baseball right now! Maybe you all should check the standings from time to time. Seriously though, what happened to the good posters on here? There was that one guy, petrey or something like that (maybe Elephant Man can let us know for sure) who seemed to know what he was talking about. Jasper tends to know a thing or two and while we had a recent disagreement about the Chapman trade, I don’t doubt that he knows what he’s talking about. Even White was good for a chuckle every now and again. The rest is all whining and moaning about Matt Szczur and Tommy LaStella not playing over a Gold Glove winner in Heyward and all-star Ben Zobrist. Or a guy whose walked just 5 guys all season and has a sub 2 era needs to be more aggressive. Until some people show up here who actually have a clue, I’m done with all of you. I’ll still check in for updates, as Carrie does an excellent job, but I’m not going to get into it with folks who bash this front office because they had to send a backup IF down. It’s ridiculous to do and I’m done wasting time dealing with it. Go Cubs, to those of you who do care. And enjoy following the careers of Tommy LaStella and Matt Szczur, to those of you who seem to care more about that. And remember, your opinion is always right and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Aloha Doug- Wow, what a sad day. I guess I should have connected the dots over the years to see the “disdain & contempt” you have for me. I did not realize that I did not fit your criteria as a “good” poster. I remember when I first came on here with regularity back in 2014, I mentioned that I could “speak” only stats/metrics and the such because of my experience with baseball and having to use the “numbers” but I also realize that not all fans want that much in depth analysis plus I did not want to put folks asleep (I am sure you will jump on that now). Having said that, over the years when you made a point about someone’s contract/options, trade deadlines and the like I acknowledged you even said hopefully “Doug will chime in here” because that is an area you are knowledgeable about. I also this year acknowledged your comment about Blackburn. I like to keep as current as I can but the organization is large and I can only follow so many in the minors so I appreciated you mentioning him because I started to pay more attention to Paul. I was sad that for the Montgomery trade they included Paul because I felt that the FO could have made the case for a straight up trade for just Vogelbach. Anyhow I digress. One would have said maybe if you have nothing to say, better not say it but I thank you for your honesty with regard to myself. I am sorry that I have never made any points that resonated with you. Even though after your admission one might conclude that we agree on nothing, actually we do and that is in regard to the Cubs and wanting them to achieve a WS victory and then some. We are all individuals, I am glad that we are different and not the same, that would make this blog and we Cub fans boring, for which we are not. I wish you well in your endeavors, Sayonara & Mahalo.

Donald Trump and you have much in common. You`re both absolutely incapable of admitting you may have been wrong about something. Don`t let the door hit you on the way out.

Thank you for this!

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