Matusz to make#Cubs debut vs Mariners

Brian Matusz will make his Cubs debut on Sunday night when the team closes its three-game Interleague series against the Mariners at Wrigley Field. This will be the lefty’s first big league start since July 1, 2012.

Matusz was traded by the Orioles to the Braves in late May and was released without seeing the field for Atlanta. He signed with the Cubs on June 14 and has been getting stretched out as a starter. He posted a 2.13 ERA at Double-A and Triple-A combined.

Matusz will be the seventh pitcher to start for Cubs this year. Four teams have used fewer starters: Blue Jays, Cardinals, Giants and Mets (six each).

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Russell SS

Heyward RF

Contreras C

Coghlan LF

Matusz P

*Looking ahead to Cubs vs. Marlins series, here are the pitching matchups:

Monday: RHP Kyle Hendricks (9-7, 2.39) vs. LHP Adam Conley (7-5, 3.38)
Tuesday: RHP Jason Hammel (10-5, 3.23) vs. RHP Jose Fernandez (12-5, 2.79)
Wednesday: RHP John Lackey (8-7, 3.69) vs. RHP Tom Koehler (8-8, 4.18)


So how many boneheads does it take to make a decision in the Cubs FO or the dugout? It’s bad enough that moronic managing cost the Cubs a victory yesterday, but let’s look at the genius of tonight’s game, even though the game is only in the 3rd inning. Let’s start with using a sixth starter (regardless of whom) for tonight’s game, when the Cubs already have a healthy, five man rotation. If that’s not puzzling enough, the Cubs bring up Matusz…really? He hasn’t started a big league game in over 4 years! And big surprise, the scrub has given up 6 runs in 3 innings. After letting yesterday’s game escape, this game became more important to win the series. And let’s not forget that the Cards finally lose two games in a row, so that’s 2 games the Cubs could have picked up this weekend. It will be amazing if the Cubs hold on to win the division, because they will do so on feet riddled with self-inflicted gunshots. I can’t wait to see what idiotic moves the FO and coaches make over the ensuing weeks!

Cubs throwing a game away! Boooo! Waiting for mid-August when we play the Cards! Had a chance to pick up two games. Typical.

I hope you stayed until the end on Sunday night.

How long has it been since Brian Matusz started a ML game? I have not looked it up, I don’t know.
I do know he was in the AZL awhile, then AAA for two starts.
So I am driving home with my wife, when I hear that Matusz is starting a Nationally Televised game on Sunday night. My wife asks who is this guy, I explain an ex first round Draft Pick, then explain the above and tell her he pitched for BALT.
Then she asks: Do you think they are putting him in a position to succeed, starting him in a Nationally Televised game? She goes on: You would think they would start him on the road, not at home in a game like this.
She is pretty awesome and I could not have agreed with her more.
The only thing I can think of, they wanted to see if he could handle the pressure? That’s all I can think of, for that decision.
So Matusz gets released the next day, hopefully he gets another shot with someone else, that can be a little more understanding of his situation. Oh, just heard from Neil, it had been four years since his last ML start.

I’ll eating some crow today after giving up after 3 innings. Was feeling frustrated at the bad start. Great to see the Cubs hang in and come back and win. Tough series against the Marlins starting tonight. Hendricks will get us the good start that we need. Go Cubs.

Aloha Tom, do not even worry. The tough thing is for this year, when team was behind by that much late in a game, chances are they lose. So it was a nice surprise to have this outcome. I am sure many of you here have been watching the trades. Cleveland got Andrew Miller for not much more than what the Cubs coughed up for Chapman (a rental at this point). Rangers are much stronger now and different than the team the Cubs played recently with additions of Lucroy (one if the best backstops) and Beltran having a nice year. Also the wife’s Giants made a bold move by giving up Matt Duffy to the Rays for pitching. I am looking forward to Hendricks shutting these Marlins down! Mahalo!

Aloha Jasper! Today I met some folks from AZ and one of them works for the Diamondbacks! There were up celebrating a family member’s birthday. Well, that family member is a long time Cubs fan whose brother-in-law back in I think he said the 1940’s was in the Cubs farm system. So, in talking with this Diamondback I brought up how you have educated many of us here about the AFL in they said that that is a real gem not many know about. That for 10.00 one can sit anywhere and see some great ball. I mentioned how you would let many of us Cubs fans know in advance about folks like Contreras/Candy/Torres and so forth. I never would have expected this today but it was very cool. Well, I see our “guy” Hendricks worked through it today, along with the defense and timely hitting. A real big win, more than the final score will show because it was a 2-0 game going late and they were able to hold the lead and add onto it. Big Kudo’s to Hendricks for getting out of certain innings, even with the error and no runs scored. Boy, I wish he could be given a CY award from the team, he has really come through big-time and his record does not reflect how great he has been this whole season. Take care now. Mahalo!

Hello K.g., very nice of you to speak kind of me. Believe me, its very rare. lol
Anyway, they needed a well pitched game from Hendricks tonight. Especially after the usage of everyone last night.
I was hoping Hendricks could go 7, what a bonus to get a complete game shutout. That gave the BP the night off they needed.

Write, glad I was outside working in the yard until the 5th inning.

That was supposed to say wow

If the Cubs think it is necessary to have a 6th starter, they need to stretch out Edwards.

Attaboy Szczur!

Aloha Mat, that is not a bad idea, Edwards has said he would like to start. I think today was a tough experiment because of yesterday’s loss. I think some of you brought up the chance wasted to go up on the Cardinals. I do hope after the darn deadline passes, that the lineup can be more set/regular and the team can get to business. Increase the space between them and the Cardinals/Pirates. Hang in there, the team has scored 3 runs tonight. Mahalo!

Aloha Mat, I know we chatted about Avanti’s and I shared with you my grandfather’s friend who started a restaurant in Normal called Steak N Shake. I think you have those in Peoria. Do you remember a place in your neck of the woods called “Heritage House,” I believe it was known for their amazing buffet. Sometimes in these nail-biter games, I think about those places/foods that remind me of Cubs games past. Well, let us hope they pull this one out. No matter what, a valiant comeback and great defense. Take care now. Mahalo! PS: b/c game is on ESPN, it is blacked out but enjoying listening to Pat Hughes and Ron C.

Hello K.G. I am very familiar with Steak n Shake. My dad worked at the first Steak n Shake in Galesburg (not the first, the first one in Galesburg.) My dad was born the same year Steak n Shake came into existence, 1934. I’ve only lived in the Peoria area for about 15 years, so, no, I’m not familiar with Heritage House. Though, it sounds like something I’ve heard someone else mention. The game just ended. How incredible was that?!?

Aloha Mat, yes what a comeback! Very cool about your dad, yes 1934 was the year! I had the pleasure of working one summer at a SnS in Normal. Not the original one that was on Main Street. But I had to go there once I think to fill in/cover. I must say I enjoyed making and eating them steak burgers! Wish I could have one tomorrow to celebrate today’s win! Galesburg, very cool, Lincoln would go through there often. I always believe if he were alive today, he too would be a Cub’s fan! Take care now! Mahalo!

I have a new nickname for Joe Maddon. The Maddon Hatter. He is, indeed, mad. At least it works much of the time.

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