#Cubs and Hammel face Marlins

Jason Hammel will start Tuesday night against Jose Fernandez at Wrigley Field in the second game of this three-game series against the Marlins. Kris Bryant, who is 0-for-9 in his last two games, is not in the starting lineup for a breather. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF
Contreras C
Rizzo 1B
Zobrist 2B
Heyward RF
Russell SS
Coghlan LF
Baez 3B
Hammel P

Fernandez defeated the Cubs on June 26 in Miami, giving up one earned run over seven innings while striking out 13. He’s 12-5 for the season, and 2-2 with a 4.35 ERA over his last five starts.



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Aloha folks, this is a unique lineup. Thought Addison might be in 5/6 slot, did not Heyward up there yet. Could see Baez above Jason but maybe this is how Maddon will even things out, once the lineup has rotated at least once. Very good pitcher tonight, they have to run the pitch count on him, take the bb’s, no shame in that, run the bases like Szczur did the other night and before you know it, runs are produced. Mahalo!

Sure wish Maddon would leave Russell in the 5th spot. If he is driving in Runs, put him there and leave him the heck alone. Whats not to understand?

Aloha jasper, I agree about Addison. I do not know why Heyward was up there in the lineup, he could have been where Coghlan or Baez was. I know Jason that it is hard to see the left on base and that is going to happen with this young team that still needs to mature and sometimes vets like Zobrist feel that they need to make something happen, especially against an elite pitcher like Fernandez. But I also think if the lineup can be more set, you will see better production too, for example jasper poses the question why not leave Addison in the 5th slot, he is producing and in the top rbi folks on the team. I will also point out and I know jhosk can chime in here that Strop is problematic. I never feel confident when he comes in. I am sorry to say this: he came into the 7th with a 3-0 lead and falls apart. Does Pedro have stuff to be a good bp person, I think so but he lets his emotions get in the way and loses his composure. That could have been a disastrous inning. I think Maddon needs to have a real hard talk with him. I know if Doug chimed in he could tell us if Strop has options available to him, like sending him down to AAA and bringing up Grimm or La Stella when they are available. Middle relief pitchers in effort need to be like “mini-closers.” Their job is to go out there and hold the line if there is a lead or keep the game close if the team is behind. Pedro in 2015 in 68innings of work had 6 wild pitches(wp) and 4 hit batsmen(hb). This year, 2016, in 41 innings of work he has 7 wild pitches and 3hb. Now that may not sound like a whole lot but for a pitcher coming out of the bp look at Wood, in 43+ innings of work he has 0wp and 1hp. By contrast Hammel in say 120 innings of work this year has 6wp and 6hp. I know that was not the best comparison between a starter and a relief pitcher; there may be some control issues at time but I also think a lot of it is in the “head-mind.” So again, with stronger pitching after Hammel’s very good outing tonight I think the score could have been different. Lackey needs to have a big game tomorrow too so the bp can have a rest and as jasper pointed out, no hit batsmen and keep his composure! They need a breather coming out my way for a short 3-game series against the A’s! I would love to go but have family in town. Take care now. Mahalo!

Howdy! Good performance by Hammel. Still concerned about the Cubs runners LOB. Some of the hitters still need to do a better job with situational hitting. I was really disappointed when Zobrist expanded his strike zone, and struck out with the bases loaded. I expect that from Baez, not Zobrist. But I’ll take the win.

No need to be concerned, you get a bunch of guys with high OBP’s and there are men left on base. Just the way it is.
Good thing, is getting on base gives them a better chance of scoring, they scored just enough tonight.

Did not see or hear most of tonight`s game, but anytime a club defeats Jose Fernandez, it`s to be celebrated, because he is one of the elite starters in the game. I did hear the radio broadcast of the ninth, and Baez made two excellent defensive plays to assist Chapman, who is a unique weapon, as Ron Coomer asserts often. The `Cuban Missile` is a hired gun, for sure, but he`s our hired gun.

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