#Cubs add Soler vs. A’s

The Cubs open a three-game Interleague series against the Athletics in Oakland on Friday night, sending Jon Lester to the mound. Jorge Soler was activated from the disabled list prior to the game and pitcher Joe Nathan designated for assignment. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF
Bryant LF
Rizzo 1B
Zobrist 2B
Russell SS
Soler DH
Heyward RF
Baez 3B
Ross C

*The Cubs are 13-7 in their last 20 Interleague games, dating to July 12, 2015. That includes an 8-4 record this year vs. AL teams.

*Here are the pitching matchups for Cubs at A’s:
Friday: LHP Jon Lester (11-4, 2.95) vs. LHP Dillon Overton (1-2, 9.33)
Saturday: RHP Jake Arrieta (12-5, 2.75) vs. RHP Sonny Gray (5-10, 5.84)
Sunday: RHP Kyle Hendricks (10-7, 2.22) vs. LHP Sean Manaea (3-6, 4.68)


I am wondering how low Heyward’s batting average has to be before Szczur gets a start in right field with a left hander on the mound.

Aloha Mat, not sure how low, it is tough as he is a $20mil player at the moment. Also, Soler was brought up to DH, which means someone had to be optioned. Hang in there. Mahalo!

Szczur has had his most value off the bench. What is his STATS when starting? His defense is no where near Heywards. Great defense makes good Pitching look much better.

Aloha jasper, gosh I overlooked the part where Carrot reported that Nathan was dfa’d. As much as I am a fan of Soler, I thought the time in Iowa would be good for him to get more ab’s and work on defense. In the meantime, Nathan I felt had done well in his limited time, 4ko’s in two innings no runs. I am sure someone will give him a chance when he clears waivers. Mahalo.

Aloha jasper, good point, should look at Szczur’s stats from a starting aspect. I would say that his defense is good, better than Soler/Schwarber/Bryant even Coghlan again in the outfield. Of course Heyward is the man in RF and his arm has saved runs/games. Maddon probably thinks with this A’s pitcher, good chance for Soler though I could have seen Szczur or Contreras at DH as well. I know Mat B’s point is about Heyward’s lack of production at the plate. Take care now. Mahalo!

I understand Mat B’s point my friend.
Lets try it this way, Szczur is hitting over .333 of the bench. Yet his average is .301, that kinds says he don’t hit much when in the regular lineup.
So if his true value is off the bench, where would you rather have him?

Aloha jasper, I wonder if they might start Szczur for 3-4 innings, if close game then bring in Heyward for the better defense. Or, if a lefthander is blanking the team, insert him say the 4-5th inning. I guess I feel he is very good on the days for ph especially when a righty is the starter but on days that a lefty is in play, he could have a larger role. It is tough because even Mat B mentioned how Szczur has become valuable in a role off of the bench. I know you understand, the decisions the coaches have to make everyday is amazing. I have to explain to folks that baseball is not a simplistic game at all. Take care now, game time soon!

It is always a pleasure to read this blog / comments. I enjoy reading what Carrie has to say, follow her on Twitter @carriemuskat, and enjoy the polite and intelligent Cubs talk.

Okay, so I checked cubs.com. They don’t have starting vs. bench stats, but they do break things down by the inning, as well as break downs of 1st through 6th inning & 7th inning & later. Szczur hits .264 through the 6th inning while he hits .333 7th inning & later. You may ask, “what does Heyward hit the first 6 innings? He hits .205 in the first 6 innings, while he hits .287 7th inning or later. While I’ve been swiping this out on my smart phone the game has started & Heyward made a very nice sliding catch in right. You definitely can’t fault his defense. I’m not calling for Szczur to take over right field. I’m just suggesting that Szczur could be used to give the starters a few days off more often than he does.

You just gave the reason, he is more valuable off the bench, .333 or better from the 7th inning on.
Its getting to a point on here, where I am hoping Szczur gets traded, so he is not the topic of conversation everyday.
The Cubs are a team, there is not any one of them, that would bother me to see traded, if it improved the team long term.
In other words, I don’t put Szczur pictures up on my wall, nor do I carry a wallet sized photo in my wallet. I don’t have special made Szczur key chains, nor do I have Szczur T-shirt or jersey.
He is one guy on a team of 25 that is being used, for his value, that’s off the bench.

Aloha jasper, I feel the same way too, it is a team effort. So as much as I like Soler personally, if he was traded and it helped the team, great. Same with Baez/Schwarber/Arrieta/etc..I heard it recently with the Pirates, there is confusion with their trades if they got better or not. My concern in a season as you get close to October is pitching and again as much as I like Soler, wish there were a way that Nathan could have been tested a little bit more in the bp. Right around the corner rosters can expand so Soler-La Stella-Cahill could come back. Thought Gray did all right in 5innings today against a better team, our Cubs. The A’s as you know are always in rebuilding mold! Take care now. Mahalo!

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