#Cubs Minor League report

Thursday’s games

Jordan Pries gave up three earned runs over five innings in Iowa’s 7-4 win over New Orleans. Taylor Davis had two hits, including a home run and a double, and two RBI. Albert Almora Jr. had two hits, including a double, and three RBI. Spencer Patton struck out two over one inning and has not give up a run in 13 consecutive innings pitched.

Zach Hedges gave up four hits over seven innings in Tennessee’s 5-1 win over Birmingham. Ben Carhart had two hits and Trey Martin had two RBI. Hedges has given up one earned run over his last 12 innings.

Preston Morrison gave up two earned runs over seven innings in Myrtle Beach’s 6-4 win over Carolina. Morrison struck out seven. Jeffrey Baez had two hits, including a double and a triple, and two RBI. Charcer Burks had two hits and one RBI.

South Bend lost, 2-1, to Fort Wayne. Casey Bloomquist gave up two runs over 6 2/3 innings. Connor Myers, the Cubs’ 27th round pick, had two hits and a stolen base. P.J. Higgins had two hits.

Eugene lost, 8-4, to Vancouver. Zack Short had two hits, including a home run, and three RBI. Kevonte Mitchell had two hits and stole a base. Pitchers Bailey Clark and Tyson MIller both made their Eugene debuts in the game.

Eugenio Palma gave up one run over five innings in Mesa’s 4-3 win over the Padres. Michael Rucker, the 11th-round pick out of Brigham Young, picked up the win in relief in his pro debut.


The Cubs have won five straight. Lester already has more wins (12) this season than he had all of 2015 (11). I`ve heard it said that Soler is going to DH in today`s game just as he did Friday. The difference is he faced a southpaw yesterday when he went yard. Today will be more of a challenge for Jorge, as he goes against a righthander (Gray). Someone said Soler is going to need to prove he can hit both types of pitcher if he wants to see consistent playing time. It means there is much competition amongst the talented roster, and guess who benefits most from that fact: you, the fans.

Nice post jhosk,
Soler hit a nice 3 run HR yesterday, but he exposed a huge weakness. For a young man, he just don’t run well. He would have hit into two DP’s if not for Russell taking out the 2nd Baseman. I think there are some serious issues with his legs.
Then there is a very well kept secret, LaStella is not at all happy about being sent to AAA. Management is doing their best to keep this quiet and get it ironed out with LaStella. However he is on the IA Roster and waiting to see if he reports.
The Cubs have their selves in a situation, too many guys on the 25 man Roster out of options, especially with more coming off the DL.
They are trying to get through AUG and get them all back in SEP.

Aloha jhosk- I think last year the team won 97 games and ended up on 3rd place if memory serves me. I think this year 97 games can win the division so with today’s win the team has 68. There are only 53 games remaining so to get to the 97 they can lose 24 and win 29. I think barring a June/July repeat they can reach this number. Just highlighting this as it would mean playing a little better than .50% ball. I believe they care more capable of this and would love to see them finish strong. I remember the Cardinals playing very strong first half ball last year, then “cruised” into the playoffs which I think hurt them. I do not want to this team to fall into that trap, rather play good ball everyday. They other positive stat for the team right now is since the All-Star Game, the team has played in 7 series and have won all but one in which they tied with the WhiteSox. I read that Maddon was “stressed” about the roster decisions that need to be made in regard to La Stella and Cahill. He said that La Stella needs to get in some ab’s in order to be ready to come back. I hope Tommy and team can get past this, he is a needed piece to the puzzle. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., the Cubs are in a good place, for sure. They get to go home after sweeping this series with the A`s, and enjoy an off-day Monday. Our two closest competitors, the Pirates and Cardinals, both lost today. Hendricks was outstanding again today, and has the second lowest ERA in all of MLB I`ve heard said. The entire Cubs` rotation appears back on the beam after that long hiccup before the All-Star Game break. I heard the Oakland radio feed for much of today`s contest, and those A`s broadcasters had high praise for Hendricks and all the Cubs` starters in this series. {You must be pleased Ichiro attained the 3,000 hit milestone today via a triple. I surely am. I still marvel at that single season when he achieved 262 hits.}

Aloha jhosk- Yes, very happy for Ichiro. It is amazing to see him still play with the tenacity he brings to the game and to think he has had two great careers in different leagues(countries) is incredible. I wish I could have watched the games live on Sunday. We had another one of our events in San Francisco Japantown, called The Nihonmachi Street Fair over the weekend. Of all the times the team would come to the area and play the A’s and we have the street fair! It’s all right. Take care now. Mahalo!

That`s interesting what you reported about La Stella, jasper. We did know he was crestfallen when the manager informed him he would be sent down because of the numbers situation. I did not know he still has not reported to Iowa. I guess it`s a good problem to have, in one way, but it leaves individual players in awkward places; Tommy is an example. I feel bad for him as he`s one of my favorites.

The sad part jhosk, LaStella is a solid ML Ballplayer, just caught up in a numbers game.

Aloha jhosk & jasper, the one thing that stinks here in the Bay Area, is trying to catch A’s on tv unless you pay big to have cable. Of course with MLBTV the game was blacked out. So I can only listen to it, radio. I was wondering about Soler’s legs. Another reason I wish he had time at Iowa to strengthen them; this maybe an issue every year with him. I too have been looking at the daily lineups for Iowa, checking to see if La Stella reported or not. I like stats and metrics but feel they can be overused as well. This is a game played by humans. I cannot remember a season with as much up and down between Wrigley and Iowa as this year. I am hoping for the best and that this gets worked out but also remember come playoff time, the roster goes back to 25 again. Take care now. Mahalo!

What you observed about Soler is concerning, jasper. Did not see last night`s game. I will be sure to pay attention today when he runs the bases. If there are ongoing issues with his mobility, how can we expect him to adequately cover ground in the outfield? Also, Jorge`s trade value will be limited if he has chronic leg issues, of course.

I sure do hope La Stella reports we are going to need him

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