#Cubs Hendricks co-Player of the Week

Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks was named National League co-player of the week, sharing the honor with Ichiro Suzuki, who collected his 3,000th hit on Sunday. Hendricks was 2-0 with a 0.55 ERA in two starts last week.

The right-hander gave up one earned run over 16 1/3 innings in two games, striking out nine. Last Monday, Hendricks tossed his third career complete game and second career shutout in a 5-0 win over the Marlins. He threw a career-high 123 pitches in the outing.  The right-hander followed that on Sunday with a win over the A’s, going 7 1/3 innings. He gave up three hits and held the A’s scoreless into the eighth inning before Marcus Semien hit a solo home run.

Hendricks’ 2.17 ERA is the second-lowest ERA among qualifying Major League pitchers this season.



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Aloha Folks, a well deserved confirmation of his season. And a humble person. Gunbatene Hendricks-san! Mahalo!

I love watching Hendricks pitch. I compare him to a skilled surgeon.

Here`s a hypothetical question to ponder. If it came down to a one-game playoff between the Cubs and another team in 2016, as was the case in 2015 versus the Pirates, which Cubs` pitcher should start that game? In 2015, it was a no-brainer that Arrieta should have, and indeed did start that game. But given the way the rotation has performed to this point, the decision would not be as easy this time.

If the decision had to be made today, I think it should come down to Lester & Hendricks. I would drop Lackey from the playoff roster. Being competitive is one thing. Whining about every ball called no matter how far it is off the plate is another. That is why I never wanted him in the first place.

Aloha jhosk, good question. Like Mat B I would go with Hendricks then Lester. Also, if Cahill and even Wood/Edwards could start, I might want them over Lackey for the playoffs. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- I know this is not an answer to your original question but I wonder now if we will see your guy, La Stella as part of this team again? I hope so and can understand his original frustration. I as many Cub fans even questioned the move to demote him and then bring up Coghlan when there are many OF options currently on the team (I know one of the answers is to have a left-handed bat but when you look at the OPS of La Stella against both righties & lefties it is much higher than Coghlan: Coghlan: .550 OPS vs RHP, .332 OPS vs LHP
La Stella: .860 OPS vs RHP, .733 OPS vs LHP). But I also understand the “business” side of the game. We do not have to agree with it but it is what it is and now I am worried that with Tommy not showing up to Iowa this not only hurts his chances of coming back but the way this has “played-out,” if he does get back how will it be perceived by his teammate and coaches. Can they get past this incident and play ball? I hope so. Today will be another eventful one as Hammel returns and someone has to leave. Take care now. Mahalo.

Yes, k.g. From what`s been reported, the organization has given Tommy the latitude to engage in baseball activities on his own, and is not requiring him to report to Iowa, at least for the present. Reading between the lines, the FO is going out of its way to accommodate La Stella, perhaps feeling some guilt it felt required to demote him, not because it was unhappy with his performance, but because of 25-man roster constraints. If indeed a spot opens for him at some point, I would expect his teammates to welcome him back enthusiastically.

As you were! I based those La Stella comments on reports from two days ago. The latest information suggests the situation is complicated and Tommy`s status is in limbo. One needs a crystal ball to predict what will happen next, and what La Stella`s future in baseball is likely to include. In other words, it`s unlike the Tim Tebow situation. The odds of Tim reaching the majors one day amount to slim and none, and slim just left town.

Yes, John Lackey is a hothead. He`s been that way virtually most of his career, I reckon. When he pitches well and things go his way, as was true tonight, he`s fine. But when adversity rears its ugly head, and things go south, he`s not averse to accusing umpires or even teammates of `messing up` and ruining his day. We`ve all known people like John Lackey as we go through life. He can be a prick, but he`s our prick. If he can pitch the way he did tonight, we`ll live with his selfishness and emotional outbursts. He signed with the Cubs to win a championship. John Lackey said exactly that in an interview last week. Tolerating the pitcher is something most Cubs` fans are willing to do if he can help the team deliver on his goal.

Aloha jhosk- that is a salient point in regard to Lackey. I know I was raised differently and is why I like folks such as Hendricks-Rizzo-Russell just to name a few on this marvelous team. I did not follow Lackey that much in the past so I was not aware of his behavior. I like his enthusiasm for the game and sure there will be calls and situations that one does not like. Having said that, I expect more from veterans as they set an example for the younger players like Ross does. I hope John keeps that “hi-energy” but also thinks how his actions may affect his teammates. Kudos to him tonight for the way he pitched and did not let that early hr shake him up. Looking forward to Hammel returning tomorrow but also curious as to who is “demoted.” Take care now. Mahalo! PS: Russell & Heyward had some great defensive plays tonight! A well played game!

You are fortunate to have seen the game, k.g. The Olympics held sway at the venue where I was part of a captive audience. The Cubs are the first MLB team to 70 wins, and are on pace to win 102 games, I`ve heard said. If that figure were to be achieved in 2016, it would mark the most wins by a Cubs` team since 1910. That was a `tape measure` homer that Bryant hit, and I suggest he`s another player who belongs in the same category as those you cited, players whose demeanor and temperament are exemplary.

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