#Cubs and Lester face Cardinals

Jon Lester opens the Cubs’ four-game series against their division rivals, the Cardinals, on Thursday night at Wrigley Field. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Russell SS

Heyward RF

Coghlan LF

Ross C

Lester P

Lester is 6-3 with a 2.04 ERA (17 ER/75 IP) in his last 11 starts at Wrigley Field dating to last Sept. 25. At 12-4 with a 2.93 ERA, he’s the only National League left-hander to record at least 12 victories and an ERA under 3.00, and just one of three lefties in the Majors to do so.

This is the second time since 1954 that Chicago has won at least nine-straight games in August or later.

The Cubs are 8-0 to start this month. Their best August start ever is 9-0 in 1908, and we all know what happened that year.



Let’s take 3 of 4 and put a stake through the cards hearts!

The Cubs lead the Cardinals by 12 games, so it’s more or less over already. But please do keep in mind that today is actress Anna Gunn’s 48th birthday so let’s all wish her a happy birthday by singing her favorite song “Jet” by Paul McCartney & Wings.

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Been a Cub fan forever, but it’s not over till it’s over. We are all feeling the excitement. Go Cubs!

Aloha Tom, good point there are still 50+ games to go. And just because one finishes in first place or wins the most games does not mean a World Series championship; just ask the 2015 Cardinals. One reason why I like to say instead of winning 10 games in a row, better to consistently win series, take 2-3 or 3-4. The team is doing this now as well as holding leads and coming back from deficits. Maddon to his credit also is setting his lineup with more regularity of personnel. This Cardinals series is just as important as all those to come in the future. Take care now. Mahalo!

Aloha again Tom, forgot to mention, with Strope out for so many weeks as well as Rondon out, do the they try to bring back Nathan in addition to having Grimm? Then they also have the La Stella situation as well. Who said Cubs baseball was not interesting! Mahalo!

Think rondon is close to ready, how about some more innings for Carl Edwards Jr.? He was lights out last night.

Sure hope you guys all were able to see that game.
I think that Home Plate UMP just wanted it over with. lol
Walk off walk for Rizzo.

It was a close pitch, jasper. But I think the umpire got it right, and it was not a home field decision on his part. The pitch was inside and off the plate. I expect you liked Montgomery tonight. I know you and others have not been impressed with his early returns, but I predict he`s going to win y`all over. And how about Chapman throwing just three total pitches in his one inning. Very rare, indeed!

That was a crazy game: (1) Coghlan’s no time out two run single. (2) Martinez cuts off the throw from RF allowing Rizzo to score easily. (3) Ross a suicide squeeze. (4) Cardinals get their 13th PH HR. (5) Montgomery two pressured innings for the win. (6) Chapman a 3 pitch inning. (7) Baez caught missiles back to back. (8) Montgomery breaking Holidays thumb. (9) Rizzo’s walk off walk.

Aloha jasper & jhosk! I need to go back and watch the reply of the later part of the game, was listening to it on radio then had to turn it off. Mahalo!

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