#Cubs and Arrieta face Cards

Jake Arrieta gets the start Friday when the Cubs play Game 2 of their four-game series against the Cardinals. First pitch is 1:20 p.m. CT from Wrigley Field. Here’s the lineup:

Szczur CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soler RF

Russell SS

Contreras LF

Montero C

Baez 2B

Arrieta P

The Cubs have opened August with a 9-0 record, the best start to a calendar month since they were 9-0 in August 1909. The only month with a better start was June 1885 (18-0).

Anthony Rizzo, who drew the walk-off walk on Thursday in the win, has recorded the game-winning RBI in each of the team’s last two contests, and he now leads the Majors with 16 game-winning RBI this season (the Nationals’ Daniel Murphy is second with 15).


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I would say after last night, Montgomery proved himself. Two pressured filled innings had to help his confidence as a Cub. Hopefully we now see much better outings by him.
Coghlan had a two run single that will go down as maybe the most historical ” replay ” single of all time. If you missed it, I assure you, you will see it in the future at some point.
Great game, but that was yesterday. Cardinals have had a weird season with many injuries. They too have sent a couple regulars back to AAA during this season in Wong and Grichek. At least they both reported and are back with the big club.
Montgomery with that inside pitch, breaking Holidays thumb last night, really hurt them. In my opinion it was not a purpose pitch, as Holiday was 0 & 2 at the time.
Hoping there are no incidents the rest of the series.
Also their Closer Oh, threw 33 pitches and two innings last night. We will see how Matheney uses him the rest of the series.

Aloha jasper- it was a close call and “subjectively” could have gone either way. Read a very good post on another site whereby a person listed all the opportunities for the Cardinals and they did not execute both on offense and defense. I bring up that word “execute” a lot and in watching parts of the game later on MLBTV I have to agree that the Cardinals did not play that game well, some could argue if they “executed” they should have won that game. There were some posters in the past that thought some of us where “whining or harsh” when the team was going through that horrible period in June/July but did not understand, especially if they have not played the game, that for my part what I was expressing was a very good and talented team not “executing.” I have no problem if you play good ball and the other team wins, that is part of the game. But I also understand that in order to go beyond the regular season and be successful in the postseason one has to be playing the best ball at that time. I believe the team is playing great right now and hope it continues. I also agree with jhosk Montgomery will win folks over and really did an amazing job in those pressure-cooker 2 innings! Mahalo!

I don’t get it. Lol
Left Hand hitters are doing much better against Wainwright, so let’s use a RH hitting lineup against him?
Is Maddon hoping to get lucky and embarrass them?
For those who like to point out the obvious, I see that Rizzo and Montero are in the lineup.
It looks to me like Maddon is not giving Wainwright any respect by not playing, Fowler, Zobrist or Heyward.
I do like this.

Aloha jasper- I like this too but I am sure the “saber-metrics-only-folks” will not like it at all. As I always say, this game is not played by computers but humans. I do hope the outfield plays well today as I think this is the first time these 3 are playing together. Will be very interesting. Take care now. Mahalo!

Great win last night, kind of a gift though. The 3/1 to Rizzo was clearly a strike. Since it looks like the Cubs will be playing the wild card team any thoughts on who the preferred opponent would be?

I think that home plate Umpire gave the walk to Rizzo also. He was more than ready to get off the field, the Cubs could not take advantage with runners on base, so he gave it too them. Very unprofessional, but as a Cub fan, its all good.
No preference on any playoff opponent, they want to be the best, they must beat the best.

This is another example of a single decision by an umpire making the difference between winning and losing. I happen to agree with Anthony Rizzo that the pitch was inside and the arbiter, Ron Kulpa, got it right. But reasonable minds can disagree. Kulpa is in the same category as many other MLB umpires. He is controversial, and has made many decisions in the past which have come under fire. {I`m still waiting for an answer to my question on the “Cubs and Hammel Face Angels” thread. Specifically, when in the past did T. La Stella quit on the Cubs?} It`s unfortunate that Holliday suffered a fractured thumb last night, the result of a Montgomery delivery. I hope the Cardinals will not be looking for opportunities to retaliate in the next three games.

Aloha jhosk- totally agree, I hope Matheny who I respect will say to his guys, let’s go out there and play great ball/execute and let the chips fall where they may. Take care! Mahalo!

I answered your question there, but just in case you or anyone else doesn’t see it, Tommy La Stella quit his high school team before his senior year. Notice, I said he has quit “the team” before and not “the Cubs.” I meant “the team” as in the team he happened to be playing on at the time. I do see how that phrasing could be confusing, so I hope this clarifies my statement and helps clear up any misunderstanding.

I am VERY surprised to see Szczur in the starting lineup today, especially after how Coghlan played last night. Couple that with Soler in right who is helpless against good breaking pitches, with a pitcher who features a devastating curve, it makes me scratch my head a bit.

Alrighty Szczur leads of with a double. I guess Maddon was right about that one.

And yet they won 13-2. Maybe Maddon knows what he’s doing

Aloha Mat, hope all is well in Central IL! If Pat Hughes says it is hot and humid in Chi-town, it must be hot where you are! Time for a Steak n Shake Orange freeze! Anyhow, I like Maddon going against the grain with this lineup. I am sure he wanted to give some folks a rest too. Offense is getting it done today. Mahalo!

I had Steak n Shake for lunch today. Szczur is on fire!

Aloha Mat! I envy you, would get their chili-mac or double with cherry coke or freeze! Yes, Szczur is on fire, playing well in CF and responding in the leadoff slot. I am happy as well to see Soler hitting too. I am sure Maddon did not want to happen to Arrieta what took place against the Mariners, plus large lead. So bp has to hold and shut them down! Mahalo!

Szczur deserves to be spoke of today, what a game. NICE!!!

Aloha jasper, totally agree Szczur deserves kudos today, he played great! You can tell he wants to stay on this team! Jasper, go easy on your “cardinal” family now, this is not easy them being in this place but I also know I have had to take a lot of c%*# from Redbird family and friends over the years too; Including a retired general back in the islands! Mat your boy did good! Take care everyone and have a great Aloha Friday. Time to finish out and win this series! Mahalo!

Wow, I really thought starting Szczur & Soler against Wainright was a mistake. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They both played great, as did the rest of the team. I am really looking forward to the rest of the series.

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