#Cubs and Hendricks face Cards

Kyle Hendricks will start Saturday in Game 3 of the Cubs’ four-game set against the Cardinals. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist LF

Russell SS

Heyward RF

Contreras C

Baez 2B

Hendricks P

The Cubs enter Saturday’s game with a 14-game lead in the NL Central Division. The last time the Cubs held this large of a lead in their division or (pre-1969) in their league was in 1929. Their last lead this large over 114 decisions or fewer was through the games of Aug. 25, 1907, when they held a 15 1/2-game lead in the NL

The Cubs have a plus 200 run differential for the first time since the completion of the 1945 regular season when the Cubs finished with a plus 203 differential (735 runs scored, 532 runs allowed).


Let’s see another beat down this afternoon. I’d love to see contributions up and down the lineup just like yesterday, and yeah, I’d like to see Szczur pinch hit for Hendricks after 7 solid innings and have Szczur come up with another extra base hit.

Well, I was right about everything except the extra base hit.

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Maybe Szczur’s hitting will rub off on Heyward. Hoping for another great start for Hendricks today. Cubs are rolling like a giant well oiled machine. Sweep the Redbirds. Feeling some compassion for them. We Cub fans have been long over due for this.

I think you might be engaging in wishful thinking regarding Heyward’s offense. Oh well, at least he plays great defense.

Oh my, I love watching Hendricks pitch. 9 strikeouts through 4!

Wishful thinking it is. Hendricks pitched well, not so much after that. Oh well, tomorrow 3 out of four.

Aloha Mat & Tom, I can accept a loss like this, do not like it. Hendricks was pitching well and made some mistakes. Still the offense went dry when needed. I think this is the first real meltdown for Edwards. The bp did not hold today and give the Cardinals credit for being patient and hanging in there til the game went to the pens. The team got spanked and jasper’s relatives can have one day of bragging rights. So, tomorrow is the day that the Cubs will win this series. Take care now. Mahalo!

Howdy. Hate to be greedy after an 11 game win streak, but today’s loss should have been a sure win. First, despite the Cubs good stretch, they still strand too many RISP. I’ve been harping on that for weeks. The Cubs could have dealt the death blow in the second with bases loaded, but let Weaver off the hook. Second, Maddon apparently fell asleep in the dugout while Edwards blew the game. Pitchers have bad days, but goodness gracious, Maddon has to yank him before allowing the game to get out of hand. Bottomline, the offense and Maddon wasted Hendricks’ good effort today. Hopefully, Lackey will have good stuff tomorrow, the Cubs can take the series, and start hammering the nails in the Cardinals’ coffin.

Aloha Jason, it is not greedy it is about playing good ball, executing well. You brought up the second inning with bases loaded and no clutch hit. I spoke many times last year to a lack of scoring with Runners In Scoring Position (RISP). Be patient, I know this is not easy as one who played the game I can share from experience it takes a while for a team that is so young to come around when “you” want them too. Players in high-school, college, the minors many times are perceived to be a certain way but that all changes as the male body matures as my college coach enlightened us. And one area of the game that really gets better with each level is pitching. So, what one was able to do in college or the minors may not be what they do right away in the “Show.” If you look back at this season you will see many times scores that are astronomical like on Friday then games or series in which the team could only string together so many runs. I do not know if a whole lot will change by the end of this season and why pitching is so important going into the post-season. One player that I have noticed a big difference in his “clutch” hitting this season is Addison Russell. It has been a joy to see him come to the plate. Almost seems like he would rather have men on base than not. His average is not quite where it should be for his caliber but on the conservative side I think he could be a .275/.280 hitter easily. And notice he is 3rd on this team with RBI’s! In part-time rolls for this team I would have to give kudo’s to Ross/Szczur. So again, hang in there as this young team learns more about the art-of-hitting and adjusting to the much better pitching in the majors because when it clicks for them, it will be amazing! Let’s hope they take the “rubber” game tomorrow and win this series! Mahalo!

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