Let’s play 2: #Cubs Hammel to start

Jason Hammel will start the second game of Tuesday’s day-night doubleheader against the Brewers at Wrigley Field. Here’s the lineup:

Szczur CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soler RF

Zobrist 2B

Contreras LF

Baez SS

Ross C

Hammel P

The Cubs won the first game, 4-0, as Trevor Cahill, Mike Montgomery, Hector Rondon, Joe Smith and Aroldis Chapman combined on a three-hit shutout. Cubs starting pitchers are 9-0 with a 1.20 ERA in 13 games this month.


Holy Tony Rizzo! That was some catch!

It was a remarkable grab, no doubt. Did you notice how the fans made certain they did not impede the first baseman from recording the putout? Do you think those identical fans made notes of the Bartman incident with Alou in 2003?

I loved Rizzo’s reaction. The fans starting back may have also had to do with the fact that he has made a play very much like that before.

So, if Tommy LaStella comes back, what does he say to someone like Matt Szczur, someone who was optioned so many times lust year he probably lost count?

La Stella and Szczur have talked quite a bit since La Stella was optioned. They are friends. There’s no problem there

If this is addressed to me, anything each has to say to the other has already been expressed, as I`ve read they are close friends, and have been in communication. They have at least two things in common. Both are originally from the Garden State, and both were born the same year (1989). I`ve opined that La Stella was unfairly demoted to AAA, but I did not defend his refusal to report to Iowa, and his decision to return home to New Jersey, and I doubt Szczur thinks that was prudent.

It was addressed to the commenting community at large, so thanks for the response. I was simply using Szczur as an example because of his history of being sent down over and over again and he did so each time without complaint. I could have just as easily used Grimm as an example or even Coghlan who was actually traded away so they could hold onto Szczur. It’s good to know that the players build bonds like that. I still think it would be awkward, especially in reference to some of these other players who have been through similar circumstances when they might not have the type of friendship that Szczur and LaStella apparently have.

Aloha Mat & jhosk, by now you know as reported by Carrie that La Stella has reported to AA. So, I wish him and the team the best, reconcile and let’s move on. Did you notice that the Giants are in 2nd place now?! And today were cruising with a 4-0 lead going into the 5th and poor Matt Cain fell apart and gave up 6 runs and that was it, the Pirates won 6-5. I thought it fascinating that Smith was put on the DL, curious as to why they do not dfa him but I am sure they have their reasons, one being that September is right around the corner. I hope Lester takes care of business tonight. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk, that was well said. Tommy I believe is now hurting himself. Like you, I felt for him but was looking for “character,” to win the day. The organization cannot give him what he wants because it would set a very bad precedent, whereby a player who thinks they were “unfairly” treated can just dissolve on their own the contract they entered into. I hope he reconsiders his decision but he will have to be an adult about this and doing what is asked of him (Iowa). I also understand if the FO says to La Stella, we have given you a lot of time and we must move on. What it comes down to is the decision is ultimately Tommy’s and thus he has to take responsibility for his actions. We will see what happens soon. Mahalo!

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