#Cubs and Arrieta face Brewers

Jake Arrieta will close the Cubs’ homestand and series against the Brewers on Thursday at Wrigley Field. Arrieta has a 2.14 ERA in five starts since the All-Star break. Rookie Willson Contreras will be behind the plate for the game. First pitch will be at 1:20 p.m. CT. Here’s the lineup:

Szczur CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist RF

Russell SS

Soler LF

Contreras C

Baez 2B

Arrieta P


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Why not give both Bryant and rizzo the day off, worst case scenario we lose half game but they get a break to rejuvenate before long west coast trip?

Great idea, bro. Maybe the Cubs should fire Joe Maddon because he’s so terrible with managing his players and hire you?

Doug, you have a lot of negative feedback for anybody who makes suggestions. None of us are trying to take Maddon’s job we’re just making suggestions and you like to go off on us implying that we think Maddon is a terrible manager. You did that to me when I advocated for Szczur to get more playing time. Well, he has gotten more playing time, and look what he’s done with it. We are all fans, and we all have suggestions. We’re not always wrong. On the other hand, without Rizzo and Bryant today, that would have been a loss.

Yes, and Szczur has played well, so I’ll give him credit for that. But that doesn’t mean that every single cockamamie “suggestion” on here needs to be treated like it’s a brilliant idea and deserves praise. I would think that the player that was suggested to be given a day off going 5 for 5 with 2 homers would be enough for any reasonable person to say that them being in the lineup on that day was a good thing. Plus, given that Maddon’s whole thing is player flexibility, criticizing him for not giving a player a day off or playing his regulars too much is the absolute last thing I would expect anyone to criticize him for! So excuse me for being negative about someone complaining… sorry, suggesting that Maddon should give the current NL MVP front-runner a day off, but if I were to go off the deep end and say something stupid like Trevor Cahill should start Game 1 of the NLDS or I really think the Cubs should make Jason Hammel the closer and start Chapman instead, then I would expect nothing less from all of you!

Bryant 5 for 5, 2 HR 5 Rbi 4 runs. Please leave the managerial decisions to Joe Maddon next time. I think he maybe kind of knows what he’s doing.

Aloha Kent- I have to admit, even though still young I am old school whereby I love the folks like Cal Ripken Jr. or Lou Gehrig that could play all the games in a season for years in a row. Having said that, especially with Rizzo the last couple of years I know it is important to get him some rest when possible; his is the one position that they are not as well stocked or should I say, backed up on. I also have read that it has been hot and humid the past couple of weeks so I am sure that takes a toll on them. I have a feeling that Maddon will work in some rest for them but maybe not at the same time. Today both Bryant & Rizzo were needed in the lineup with Arrieta’s melt-down. I am very concerned about Jake as he has not been consistent since the end of May. His record is very deceptive at 15-5 whereas Kyle Hendricks record is 11-7. Kyle has been a much better and more consistent pitcher this whole season compared to Jake and many of the other starters. You are correct to state too that this coming road trip will be challenge as the Dodgers are surging now and in 1st place, the Padres want to be spoilers as well as the Rockies. Take care now & Go Cubs! Mahalo!

Japan plays Canada this afternoon at the LLWS, k.g. Am predicting the Chofu L.League team from Tokyo wins that game easily. West versus Midwest later in theafternoon.

Aloha jhosk- wish I could watch the game and thank you for the update! Let us hope Hendricks keeps the ball in the park as you know in Denver “things” like to fly! I also hope with Lackey and Rondon going on the DL that this does not mean Jonathan P coming?! Take care now. Mahalo!

I was a little off with my prediction. This was one of the biggest upsets in the history of the tournament. First time in 51 years Japan has lost its opening game at the LLWS. Canada`s entry is traditionally a weak one, but apparently this year`s team is an exceptional one. It`s refreshing to see the narrative change.

Aloha jhosk! No problem, I am sure most “betting” folks would have said the same. Good for Canada. If it is any consolation, Japan is doing pretty good in the Olympics, though baseball is huge with the relatives! Mahalo!

Okay, Doug, the fact of the matter is that, yes, Rizzo and Bryant could probably both use a day off. Would it have cost the Cubs that game? Maybe. They had a 12 1/2 game lead going into that game, and the Cardinals were off. The worst it would have done is cost the Cubs 1/2 a game. It was not a terrible suggestion. In fact I would rather give them both a day off against the Brewers than against the Dodgers or Cardinals or Nationals or Giants. So, in ridiculing that suggestion, I believe you made yourself look ridiculous.

How do you know they both could probably use a day off? Did you talk to them? Did you talk to the trainers? Did you talk to the coaches? Did you talk to Maddon himself? If Carrie reports it then I’m sure she got that info directly from one of sources I mentioned. If you, Kent, or some other blowhard suggests it without anything to back it up (I mean, at least give me some stats like they’re hitting .210 in the last 10 games or something other than NOTHING at all!), then I will give it very little credence. You guys are making suggestions like you’re filling out some customer service card at Wendy’s and have absolutely nothing to back it up with, yet I’m the ridiculous one. At least when we were talking Szczur, you were able to back it up with some stats, which is why I at least respected that point and give you your props for being right about him. But this, you really want to defend this when you have absolutely nothing to back it up with??? Good luck with that!

The point is to give players a day off to prevent them from going into tailspins. Kent didn’t suggest the rest because either is slumping. He suggested it because rest does everybody some good, or do you never rest? I know these two are young and strong, but that doesn’t mean that rest doesn’t help. Rizzo has been hit by pitches 14 times this year. Bryant has been hit 15 times. Shoot, a day off could help relieve some aches and pains. You can shout us down as much as you want. It doesn’t make you right or wrong. It makes you loud.

Aloha Folks, many of us here have thought something needed to be done with Heyward. Earlier in the season I furnished some stats for Jason from 2015 and how he was moved from the top of the order to almost the bottom. Have to the Matheny credit on that one. He did not wait long to take action and by July/August Heyward was coming back strong and ended the season at .290+. I respect Maddon a whole lot but think he should have acted sooner in regards to Jason. Maybe he is the type, that is slow out of the blocks, so put him down in the lineup, then inch him back up as he finds his stride. I just read that Maddon may take Jason out of the lineup for the whole weekend. That will be interesting. Remember how the time on the bench helped Castro. I hope this helps Heyward. Mahalo.

If you want to debate a point, debate the point. Don’t just call the other person’s point ridiculous

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