#Cubs and Montgomery face LA

Mike Montgomery will make his second start of the season for the Cubs on Friday night when  they face the Dodgers. Last Saturday vs. the Rockies, Montgomery took a no-hitter into the fifth inning before departing one out later after giving up a solo homer to Nick Hundley. Montgomery got a no-decision in the Cubs’ 9-2 victory. Here’s the lineup for Friday’s game at Dodger Stadium:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Russell SS

Heyward RF

Soler LF

Montero C

Montgomery P

The Cubs have won 22 of their last 27 games, and the starting pitchers are 18-2, 2.04 ERA in those 27 contests.


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We continue to see weak contact from Heyward. Come playoff time, if he`s not producing, he deserves to sit. His $184 mil contract should be irrelevant. The manager should be obligated to play the athletes who give the team the best opportunity to win. For instance, with tonight`s game versus the Dodgers, one can easily see that Baez plays second base, and Zo plays right field. Jason Heyward has plenty of time between now and playoff time in October to demonstrate he has earned the right to start, but if he continues to struggle at the dish, the case can be made that he should ride the bench. Yes, his stellar defense is a consideration. But does that outstanding defense override his lack of offense? Yes, you can make the case that this could amount to a conundrum. But did I mention that Jason Heyward`s obscene contract should not play a factor in whether he should start for the Cubs when the playoffs roll around? Think about it. I invite your feedback.

Aloha jhosk- Well I am sure you know the result by now for tonight’s game. This is was one of those where if the result was a loss, it might be pointed out that Montgomery did not have his best start, command problems and walking to many folks. Heyward was an 0’er until the 9th against one of the best Jansen and got that double. Soler struck out but because of the play he ran to first (being out) which allowed Heyward to move over, then on a wild pitch Heyward scored. So, I have to give him kudos for that because if not for Heyward’s 9th and Jansen’s wild pitch, there is no Bryant coming up in the 10th and hitting that blast to win the game! This was an important game to win because it was one in which for the majority of it, the Cubs were losing. So to come back and take it is huge. The lower part of the batting order was stagnant til the late innings. But I am with you in regard to Heyward’s salary, just because he is one of the highest paid on the team does not make him an instant to start every game. I was reading about the best players with the W.A.R. stat and number one is Bryant, not far off is Rizzo. The article spoke about what they are currently getting paid and what they might be worth if not “controllable,” because they have such great stats. Heyward is not up there and right now is an expensive defensive player (again at this current time). You and I both know that pitching wins you games and will be the deciding factor in the post season, so you need all the fire-power you can throw at the opposing team’s pitchers. If Heyward is still in this slump by then, I think Maddon needs to think about having a Szczur-Fowler-Soler or Zobrist-Fowler-Szczur in some of the games because Baez can fit in at 2nd or 3rd. But if it is a close game then you can also bring in Heyward for the later innings. I do hope he can get hot now, like Soler did last year in the playoffs so that he can start but as you said, Maddon has to think about the whole team not just 1 player. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., I`ve heard it said Bryant is the NL leader in WAR and Corey Seager is second. I saw only Heyward`s first three ab`s, and was sawing logs by the time he doubled. If he can do things like that consistently, there will be no one questioning if he should start playoff games. Ruiz`s defense, or lack thereof, proved costly to the Dodgers. His unfamiliarity with reliever Jansen proved an advantage to the Cubs. They traded for Carlos principally for his offense, especially versus southpaws. Today`s game will be telecast by Fox Sports 1 and Sunday`s by TBS. Did I mention it was refreshing to hear a Jason Heyward offensive contribution figured prominently in a Cubs` win? Would love to see more of that.

Aloha jhosk, love that “sawing logs,” terms! I have to say what a difference 2 years makes because Barney is a defensive specialist like Heyward but was on a “losing” team so all the negatives are high-lighted. This current team has been able to absorb Heyward’s lack of hitting thus far. But it would be great for him to turn things around now because it only betters the team going into the playoffs. So if Maddon needs to sit him or platoon him to get him back, then so be it and to reiterate what you said earlier, salary should be of no consideration; this is a merit based game. Hoping Hammel has a great outting today! Mahalo!

Howdy! Great win last night. Good points on all of the posts, especially K.G. (to whom I often referred as Mahalo, no offense…in Kentucky, we only speak two languages, English and hillbilly). It was nice to see a Cubs victory that was actually snatched from the opposition. The Cubs trailed most of the game, and the starting pitching was not lights out. The Cubs have been so dominant in most of their wins, it was encouraging to see them prevail on less than their best, because there will be nights like that on occasion. Of course, Bryant was the exception, he’s playing the best baseball. He reminds me of Ryne Sandberg’s 1984 MVP season. I hope it continues. Have a great weekend everyone. Mahalo! (Whatever that means).

Aloha Jason- no offense taken. I love that the US is such a melting pot of folks! I have met many great folks from KY and had the pleasure so many years ago of visiting E-Town! Mahalo means: respect/regards/thanks. I wanted to bring a little of the Aloha Spirit to Carrie’s blog and so I do with some of our words from the islands. As a youngster I remember that 1984 season well (I think the mainstream media dictated that year that the Cubs would only have 2 home games instead of 3 because they could not stand losing revenue due to day games only for the post-season- against the Padres). Anyhow that is the past and today I hope the team can come back and re-take the lead like they did yesterday. Take care now and Go Cubs! Mahalo!

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