#Cubs and Hendricks face Pirates

Kyle Hendricks takes the mound Tuesday in the Cubs’ second game of a three-game set against the Pirates at Wrigley Field. Hendricks leads the Majors with his 2.19 ERA. He has not given up more than three earned runs since May 17. That’s a streak of 17 consecutive starts allowing three-or-fewer earned runs. It’s the second-longest streak by a Cubs pitcher over the last 20 years (Arrieta, 29 straight).

Here’s the lineup:

Baez 2B

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soler LF

Heyward RF

Russell SS

Montero C

Szczur CF

Hendricks P


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Aloha Folks! And Hendricks continues, he could easily be like 17-5 the way he has pitched all season. Also, kudos to the team for playing well in the field. Thought Szczur did well in CF as Fowler got a rest. Pretty soon the Giants are in town! Take care. Mahalo!

Aloha k.g. Hendricks is like a surgeon. He also works fast. The position players must love playing behind him. He`s the anti-Steve Trachsel. I`m sure you recall him. Younger fans may not know that observing Steve pitch was akin to waiting for paint to dry. It is not unreasonable or premature to compare Hendricks to Greg Maddux at the same stage. If Hendricks is pitching at this level when the postseason rolls around, he will deserve being placed at or near the top of the rotation. Perhaps Lester needs to be first. It`s arguable that Kyle warrants being No. 2 as he has been more consistent than Jake. {I`m sure I`ll get much blowback with that observation.} Hendricks is surely more deserving than Lackey or Hammel. {Aside: Did you hear about the two possible hurricanes which could impact Hawaii? One is apparently named after one of our starting pitchers.} smiling

Aloha jhosk&Tom, you know I love Hendricks and comparing him to Maddux is of course a tall-order but I see qualities in him like Greg. Nothing against Arrieta or any other hard-thrower but I love seeing a pitcher like Maddux/Hendricks that does it with control, using a pitch like his change up to set up his fastball; exciting stuff! Cannot wait to see the game on Friday! Yes I heard that first Madeline was to hit the Big Island then “Lester” could be right behind it. Jhosk I am hoping “Lester” is a no-hitter if you know what I mean, or at least weakens greatly! I am sure the family is preparing right now. I really hope Hammel can come out there today and establish his fastball/control. Would love to see him bounce back. And Tom, I think that is a good question as well about Hendricks, I know he has left with leads but the team loses, ie Colorado Rockies. So, will be interesting to see his stats as a starter for the team this year. Take care now and go Cubbies! Mahalo!

Glad to see Hendricks doing well. Only making 500 grand this year. How many years is he signed for? What is the Cubs record in games that he has started?

Hendricks is under team control through 2020 and doesn’t become arbitration eligible until after next season, so he’ll still be cheap next year and probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. As for the Cubs record in games he starts, the Cubs are 15-10 in Hendricks’ 25 starts. I should also note that the Cubs are 12-4 in Hendricks’ 16 quality starts.

Did you know Hendricks took instruction in how to bunt from one of the best when in high school? None other than Rod Carew. Kyle`s baseball coach, Bob Zamora, invited Carew to come to Capistrano Valley H.S. in Mission Viejo, Ca to assist Kyle in that department. You can look it up.

Len and JD were live on TV in Brazil Tuesday night. (Press SAP button for English!) Fun to watch. Cubs-Pirates on Wednesday also scheduled for broadcast here. Don’t know what feed we’ll get. Watching carefully and hopefully for hints of post-season strengths and weaknesses. Go, Cubs, go.

Aloha Bruce, as jhosk said, I hope you are doing well. I knew Doug could furnish us with Hendricks contract info, nice to know he will be with the team like a Bryant in term of years. I hope the fans will treat La Stella well tonight and that Hammel establishes himself early, we need him to go 6-7innings tonight. Mahalo!

I predict you will be receiving the ESPN feed, Bruce. We`re wanting to hear you continue to recover nicely from your surgery.

Absolutely right, ESPN. Too much stress in this one. Could be fatal in a short playoff series. Looking forward to the return of Strop and Rondon. Re other, once again thanks for asking. The doc says my chance for a total cure is “98 percent.” However, I will need some chemotherapy. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, Hey Chicago, whaddya say…

The Cubs are over-extending Chapman, Bruce. It should not be necessary to utilize him three straight games when the club has a ridiculous double digit lead in its division. He is going to be critical in the postseason, and that is the principal reason he was acquired. The manager is risking injury to our closer when he is required to make thirty pitches plus in a game after having worked the two prior games. {It was apparent he was not as efficient as is normal, and there is good reason for that.Chapman had better be unavailable tonight versus the Giants. I do not care what the circumstances are. Even if we lose the contest because we do not have someone other than Aroldis to successfully close the game, so be it. In fact, I`d give Chapman Friday off also, if I had my druthers. Did I mention the priority should be keeping Chapman healthy for the postseason?

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