#Cubs Minor League report

Saturday’s games

Josh Collmenter gave up one run over five innings in Iowa’s 5-1 win over Colorado Springs. Jeimer Candelario had three hits and one RBI and Taylor Davis drove in a run and stole a base.

Tennessee lost, 3-2, to Montgomery. Kelly Dugan hit a solo homer in the seventh. Tyler Skulina gave up one earned run over seven innings, striking out five. Victor Caratini hit a game-tying sac fly in the ninth.

Myrtle Beachclinched the Southern Division second half title with a 5-4, 14-inning win. David Bote hit a three-run homer in the first. Donnie Dewees hit an RBI single in the top of the 14th for the game-winner. He finished with two hits. Yasiel Balaguert was a home run shy of the cycle.

Tyler Alamo and Matt Rose both homered in South Bend’s 7-4 win over Dayton. Alamo finished with two RBI. P.J. Higgins also drove in two runs.

Eugene lost, 1-0, to Hillsboro. Wladimir Guerrero had two hits and a walk.


One of the lessons we have learned from Sunday`s game is the following: Do not disparage weak contact. It resulted in three knocks for Jason Heyward and each drove in a run, including the game-tying run in the ninth, and the game-winner in the 13th.

Aloha jhosk- We have seen other teams this year do it to our Cubbies, the soft-contact drops in and scores a run. What I liked about Heyward’s last hit was that it went center-left, I hope that encourages him to know that he does not have to be a “pull-hitter” but can go opposite which will make him more dangerous at the plate. Also I hope fans recognized that the Giants match-up well against the Cubs. Look at the scores from the series: 5-4, 2-1, 3-2, 3-2. If the Giants starting pitching comes together and stays solid along with there bp, this last series could foreshadow a possible post-season series. Right now both the Giants and Cardinals are in the two top spots for the WC that of course could change if the Giants are able to take the Dodgers for 1st. Between the Dodgers and Giants the Cubs just won the season series in each case 4-3. Cannot count out the Cardinals either who do well on the road this season. So, 3 possible teams the Cubs will meet after they duke it out in the 1-game WC playoff that Maddon and team have to be prepared for. Kudo’s for Heyward yesterday I hope this is a sign of a lot to come! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., your boy, Hendricks, excelled again today. 2.07 is the best in the majors and 41 games over .500 is sensational. The secondary players were responsible for the victory on a day when the big guns were given a much deserved opportunity to relax. I read that Maddon is looking for an opportunity to rest Bryant. Why not now? It will be interesting to see which players are selected for the first playoff series. As Rick Sutcliffe suggested today, if the Cubs are fortunate enough to advance to the NLDS, that roster could include as many as four or five players who were not part of the NLDS roster. I agree the Cubs do not match up well with the Giants. I see you do not mention the Mets as a potential playoff opponent. I ask that you do not overlook them. The Mets play just one team with a winning record from now to the end of the regular season, and as I commented elsewhere, it could behoove the Cubs to have the Mets as an opponent in the postseason.

Aloha jhosk, it was to see the team come back late and give him offense! By the way, I left both the Mets and Marlins off the list for a reason! I hope the team does not see those two at all in the post-season! Mahalo!

I hear you, k.g. I think you do not need to worry about the Marlins. They are toast. The Mets are another matter. Given their soft path for the remainder of the season, and given the Cardinals` challenging road schedule, including games versus our Cubs, and given how pathetic the Giants have played since the All-Star break, I predict the Mets will be hosting the NL Wild Card Game Wednesday October 5 at Citi Field in Queens. I`m willing to go out on the limb about that. Have you noticed that very few other posters have been willing to do anything of the kind or contribute in any way about anything? Where are they? It`s pretty much just you and I. Sad indeed!

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