#Cubs and Montgomery face Brewers

Lefty Mike Montgomery gets the start on Thursday when the Cubs open a four-game series against the Brewers at Wrigley Field. With a win, the Cubs can clinch the NL Central Division for the first time since 2008. If they do clinch, the Cubs would become the first team to do so on Sept. 15 or earlier since the 2008 Angels (Sept. 10). The last NL team to clinch a division title by this date was the 2005 Cardinals (Sept. 15).

First pitch from Wrigley Field is scheduled for 7:05 p.m. CT, and the game will be broadcast on Comcast Sportsnet and also MLB Network. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Russell SS

Soler LF

Heyward RF

Montero C

Montgomery P


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When the Cubs clinch, I presume we’ll see LaStella and Coghlan in the lineup against every right hander. Almora well probably get a few starts in center. Bryant and Rizzo will probably get a day off here and there and Soler will probably get some more starts in right to rest Heyward. Szczur, Kawasaki, and whichever catcher happens to not be playing may get a few more pinch hitting opportunities because I think Joe will want to keep his starters sharp but limit them to rest them, as well.

Aloha Mat, I hope it will be “strategic,” when he rests someone because you want to finish the season strong. So, right now the team has a 4-game series against the Brewers. Ideally you want to win at least 3 games, so Maddon could rest 1 starter per game for the next two weeks, that way they all get a couple days off but are in it to stay fresh and competitive. Look what is happening with Toronto right now, we do not want that for this team nor the 2015 Cardinals who coasted into the playoffs. I will say too, if the team with regulars can jump out and get some big leads you could also give others a chance to play, with substitutions. Right now is why they conditioned in the off-season leading into the season, so they could get to the post-season, they have to want it and be hungry for it! You take care now! Mahalo!

Aloha Mat, I am not sure what it is with the Brewers but the Cubs just do not play well against them as of late. Montgomery pitched very well tonight and they have had opportunities to get more runs but have not been able to and Bryant seems to be in a little slump right now with people on base. Addy’s error hurt so I hope he gets a chance to redeem himself tonight. I did not see the hit to left in the 7th that drove in 2 runs for the Brewers, will have to watch the replay but wonder if another fielder could have gotten to it? This is exactly what we do not want to see play wise. I hope they can turn this game around. Take care now. Mahalo!

This was a very sad loss and Madden did this. Grimm has not pitched at a major league level at all this season. If he stays on the roster into the playoffs if we make it that would be the poorest choice ever made. I hate it when the manager gives the game away and this game was exactly that.

Actually, I think Len and J.D. said that over his previous 28 appearances he’d had something like a .4 ERA.

The Cubs have a 6 game lead over the Nationals with 16 to go , so they’re not in danger of losing home field just yet. They also have an 11 game lead over the Dodgers, so they’re pretty much guaranteed hosting Games 1, 2 & 5 (if necessary) in the NLDS too. Plus, it’s also important to have as fresh of a team as possible when playing in the playoffs, so giving most of the regulars a day off the day after clinching the division seems like a good way to do that and a nice reward for a team goal accomplished too. As for home field advantage being important, it’s really only minimally important. The Mets didn’t have home field in the NLDS last year, but they still managed to beat the Dodgers. The Pirates had home field in the Wild Card Game, yet the Cubs shut them out. Not saying the Iowa Cubs should play for the rest of the regular season, but resting the regulars down the stretch is probably the biggest bonus of clinching the division with two weeks to go.

I guess today’s game just isn’t important. Leave them in until they give the game away. The sign of a real great team is they play to win every game. We have now opted to let the other team have that attitude so we can rest. Really?

Baez showed the real colors of this team. Swung at ball 2 and 5. Would have walked in a run but instead hit a dribbler to the pitcher trying to be a hero. Where are the coaches for these incredibly stupid players.

Aloha Michael- Yes, this was a poorly executed game but it was not just on Grimm. I have been one of the hardest when it comes to Grimm in the past but as Mat B pointed out, before tonight he had done much better. Hopefully he will still get a couple more tries to show he can do it but you know, the bp has been an issue all year long. Montgomery pitched a great game tonight and the defense did not back him up nor did the offense. Bryant has been in a slump with runners on base and it is hurting. I have to give Heyward kudos though as he has been hitting much better the past couple of games as well as Montero; I hope they keep it up. Manufacturing runs or what is known as “small-ball,” does not come easy for this young team because there is so much “power” in the lineup they all think they can hit it out. It is going to take time for the young guys to mature but in the meantime they need to learn to be more patient at the plate and take pitches. This will definitely pay off, look at today where the Brewer pitchers struck-out 11 batters (at-bats); not good. The team was only 1-5 RISP that needs to change. I wrote earlier that this year’s team needs to finish out like last year’s did by going 16-7 in the last 23games. So far the 2016 team in the last 23 games are 4-3, not a good start because in order to finish like last year they have to go 12-4 the rest of the way. Remember, last year they won 10 out of those last 16 wins on the road! This year they are having a hard time winning away from Wrigley. For a young team it is important to finish well and to know that they can do the job/deliver. These last 16 games are crucial. Let’s hope they pick it up tomorrow and take care of business. Mahalo!

I respectfully disagree, Michael. It`s Maddon, not Madden, by the way. I suggest you have not been paying attention, because Grimm has performed admirably out of the pen for a long while. Did not see tonight`s game, and if Grimm experienced a hiccup, he`s entitled. We need him to excel when the postseason arrives. That will be far more important than tonight`s game, which was a meaningless contest when one views the big picture. And yes, Grimm will be part of that postseason roster, and indeed deserves to be, contrary to your wishes. I want to address those posters who disparaged Montgomery shortly after he joined this club. Mike was less than impressive in his first two appearances, and some of y`all were all over his case. You know who you are, and I know who you are. I won`t embarrass y`all by naming you, but he pitched well tonight, and I predict he will be a positive factor in the postseason as a reliever, and in future seasons for the Cubs, probably as a starter.

Aloha jhosk- I will say this for my part in regard to Montgomery as well as Chapman, I felt a lot of talent was given away. I thought Vogelbach would have been enough to get Mike. The other player that Doug clued me onto is the pitcher Paul Blackburn who is from the SF Area. I really wanted to see what he could do with the Cubs. Right now with his new team in AA he is 3-1 with a very good 3/1 ratio of ko’s/bb’s. And since the organization is not heavy on pitching in the farm system I felt it would have been prudent to hold onto Paul. I was not against the acquisition of Montgomery I just wish Blackburn was not part of the deal. The same can be said for the rental, Chapman and Jasper made a good point of how many players in the end went to NY starting with the Warren-Castro trade, I felt at least McKinney did not have to be a part of that trade. I will say that since Chapman has come over, he is doing better with the Cubs. I think the jury is still out on Smith. Well, today will be an interesting game whereby all starters are getting a rest but Lackey. I hope John keeps his composure seeing his lineup for today and wouldn’t it be great if they won and this lineup produces runs! Take care now. Mahalo!

What team is this? I feel so sorry for Lackey. Isn’t Home Field Advantage important?

Michael, Grimm had given up one run over 22 2/3 innings in his previous 28 outings.It was not a poor choice

Did someone forget to take their meds today?
or are you just stupid?

Aloha Jasper! Saw the wife’s Giants beat up on your relatives’ Cardinals last night! I know I should not say this but I did feel a little bad for them when the Giants scored 5 runs after two outs. Then I reminded myself about the rivalry and was back to normal! Really would like for this team to finish out strong and kudos to Montero, Almora and Coghlan. Mahalo!

And you have been a Cubs Fan how long? As for my meds, maybe you should be on what I take. After 69 Years as a Cub Fan, I will say (right or wrong) whatever I wish without being rude or vulgar. You should try it some time.

A win would have been nice for the clincher, but at least our second favorite team won.

Aloha Mat! Yes, it took my wife’s team, the Giants beating the Cardinals for the Cubs to clinch. I wish the team would have won and clinched it that way. Tonight I am going to the SF/Cardinal game and I hope the Giants continue to win! I do hope that our Cubbies finish this season strong. Take care now. Mahalo!

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