#Cubs and Lackey face Brewers

John Lackey will start Friday for the Cubs in the second game of their four-game series against the Brewers at Wrigley Field. Manager Joe Maddon promised an interesting lineup, and here it is:

Szczur RF

Baez SS

Soler LF

Contreras C

Coghlan 1B

Almora CF

La Stella 3B

Kawasaki 2B

Lackey P


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I’m hoping this lineup puts up 7 or 8 runs and plays stellar defense.

That was not a wise decision for Russell to dive head first into first base Friday. We`ve been over this ground before, and Cubs` players continue to make the unintelligent choice to dive into bags. It`s risky business. There is absolutely no evidence, scientific or otherwise, that a runner reaches first base more rapidly by diving than by running through the bag. It`s been examined time and time again. Do I need to cite the obvious? Diving into first base makes one far more vulnerable to injury, especially jammed fingers, and fractures of the hand or wrist, or worse. It`s incumbent on the coaches and manager to insist that their charges not dive into first base. Since those individuals have had plenty of opportunities to do so, and have not, I suggest they are lax, and are not carrying out that responsibility. It`s imperative that starters of Addison Russell`s ilk remain healthy for the duration, meaning all the regular season games and certainly the postseason. You`ll recall we lost Addison to injury for much of the 2015 postseason, and I suggest, that contributed to the club`s failure. Did I mention it`s important that our Cubs` players remain healthy and diving head first into first base is not smart?

Aloha jhosk, thank you for bringing that injury up, I think it was against the Cardinals because we did not have Addy for the whole Mets series. Also, I think it was another poster that brought up Baez the other day and his at-bats. I have to agree with the person that Baez can be a liability at times and does not see the wisdom in accepting a “walk,” rather wants to always swing for the fences. I know it takes time to mature, just want him to get there soon. Take care now. Mahalo!

Aloha Folks, gosh Arrieta is having his troubles again today, too many walks/command issues. Team was winning 3-1 now behind 4-3. I hope they can rally and win this game. Mahalo.

Blowout city, k,g. Our middle relief is suspect, to put it politely. When we compete in the postseason, it will be best if our starters go deep into their games, and either finish, or turn over things to Rondon and the Cuban Missile. Asking our middle relievers for contributions should be minimized, ideally. Today`s game should provide more fodder in behalf of Hendricks getting the start in the second game of the first playoff round versus the Wild Card Saturday, October 8 at Wrigley. For all you contrarians, please do not tell me about past history or pitchers who have “swing and miss” stuff. Kyle Hendricks is excelling now and has for the past 17 plus starts. He is more than deserving of getting that start October 8. Will Joe Maddon see things that way? Don`t know. It`s why he`s being remunerated at the comfortable rate of $5mil annually to make those tough calls, and no one gives a tinker`s damn what I think. (smiling)

Aloha jhosk! Lol: “a tinker’s darn,” I know what I put at the end but still funny what you said. As I have said in the past there will only be one Greg Maddux but I liken Hendricks to him. Who cares about “swing & miss,” for example great sinker ball pitchers get ground outs as you know. So, I am with you put Hendricks either one or two for the first couple of games along with Lester. I also am not all in favor of this rest period for the main starters unless it is right now and then back to program. Sometimes too much rest is not good either. I heard Ron Coomer say the other day on the radio that all players will get all the rest they need after the WS. Well, I want to see the team get there. I am not saying all players need to be Cal Ripken Jr but at the same time they should not be coddled either. This is their job, this is what they worked and conditioned for. I was thinking in the last 17 games of the season that Maddon could rest 1 regular position starter a game, that way they all get at least 2 days off and if they jumped out to big leads he could pull other folks out by the 6inning for example to get more rest. The past 6 games against the Brewers the Cubs are 2-4, that is not right. Last year the team went 16-7 in their last 23 games. Right now they are 5-5. It is not so much that they equal that but rather the mindset/mentality they need to have. Let us hope they can pick up tomorrow’s game so that they can at least tie this series and end 12-7 against the Brewers for 2016. Mahalo!

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