#Cubs and Hendricks face Brewers

Kyle Hendricks starts on Sunday in the Cubs’ series finale against the Brewers at Wrigley Field. Hendricks leads the Majors with a 2.03 ERA while teammate Jon Lester is second with a 2.40 ERA. The last time pitchers from the same team finished with the top two ERAs in the Majors was in 2005, when the Astros’ Roger Clemens (1.87) and Andy Pettitte (2.39) did so. Hendricks has given up three or fewer earned runs in each of his last 20 starts dating to May 22 (1.59 ERA), the longest streak by any big league pitcher this season.

The regulars are back. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist LF

Russell SS

Heyward RF

Montero C

Baez 2B

Hendricks P

*Looking ahead to the Cubs series against the Reds:

Monday: RHP Jason Hammel (14-9, 3.60) vs. RHP Tim Adleman (2-4, 4.21)
Tuesday: LHP Jon Lester (17-4, 2.40) vs. TBD
Wednesday: RHP John Lackey (9-8. 3.42) vs. RHP Robert Stephenson (2-1, 4.97)


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Can you relay a message to Mr.Chris Bosio and ask him to check Mr. Arrieta’s front foot on his delivery. I noticed that lately its been pointing toward the 3rd base foul line. as opposed to his previous starts where its been pointing towards home plate where he has enjoyed his success . I just noticed this after going over his delivery from early in April until now.

Wow, so many questions here. 1) Do you really think Chris Bosio wants to hear pointers from some random fan via the beat writer? 2) Do you really think Carrie Muskat wants to relay pointers to the pitching coach from some random fan? 3) Do you really think no one on the Cubs coaching staff has bothered to view any tape of Arrieta at all this season? 4) Do you really think Arrieta himself hasn’t watched any tape of himself pitch at all this season? 5) Do you actually have tape of every one of Arrieta’s starts from early April until now? If so, then 6) why? and 7) do you have nothing else better to do than watch tape of Jake Arrieta for the whole season?

I’m sorry you’re so upset by what I said Doug. Again it was a suggestion nothing more. and in the era of the internet .yes you can go back and see his mechanics as far back as you like. And Doug if you caught his performance against the Cardinals on Friday the 23rd you’ll notice his front foot was pointing towards home plate. Sometimes something as little as that can be overseen by anybody and everyone. sorry you took it so personal. just CUB Fan who wants his team to finally succeed. every little bit helps after all these years . I didn’t expect to get my message to anybody in the organization .just thinking out loud brother that’s it. Again sorry to upset you. GO CUBS KEEP THE FAITH

Today and yesterday we (Cubs Fans) witnessed the playoff results from this team. They are absolutely not playing anything to win. They are not in a slump, they are just lathargic in both playing and caring. After 69 years of being a fan I can again see the crap on the wall. This is so sad for us fans. They get paid no matter what and this is what we will be getting in October. Loss after loss and then NEXT YEAR.
Enough guys. Start coaching/playing like your are supposed to.

Joe will have this team ready come play off time. Last year they were too young and ran out of gas but what a run it was. Pitching order for playoffs I like Lester, Hendricks, Lackey, and then Arrieta fourth. Thoughts anyone?

Aloha Tom! Starting pitching not too worried about, middle relief some questions. But what is really concerning is the lack of run production/small ball. If the team cannot score runs then you are expecting a lot from your starters plus defense has to be Stella. I would love to see someone like Baez draw walks, lay down sac bunts or bunt for a hit, change his thinking and see this as a team effort not a “me” only. That comes with maturity, maybe the team can convince Ross to stay one more year! Take care now. Mahalo!

Lester, Hendricks, Arietta then Lackey. Still worried they will give away home field advantage to Washington. They just don’t look like they care at the moment.

I would have to disagree with you, sir.

Can`t argue with the order of your rotation. It`s pretty close to a certainty Lester will be No.1. Like you and others, I prefer Hendricks No.2. I heard a replay today of an interview David Ross gave to the MLB Radio Network, I assume sometime last week, and you are not going to like what the veteran catcher said. He was asked what he would like the Cubs` order of rotation in the postseason be. He replied: Lester, Arrieta, Lackey, and Hendricks and Hammel at the back end. David did not even distinguish between Hammel and Hendricks. He left the impression that those two starters are interchangeable as No. 4 and No. 5. David`s view is that he wants experience in the first three rotation slots. Just recently I opined that Kyle Hendricks is the Rodney Dangerfield of the Cubs` rotation, and this is more evidence of that, I`m afraid.

Aloha jhosk- You know I like Ross very much and a veteran presence is important for this young team. Of course he is playing and is privy to info that we do not know and has caught these folks. I love veterans and was one of the loudest voices here, hoping that in the rebuild “seasoned” players would be picked up. Having said that let us look at the 2010 Giants and their victory over the Braves in the NLDS: first game Lincecum started (at that point 3-3.5seasons, 26yrs old), game two Cain (5seasons, 25yrs old), game three Sanchez, (5seasons, 27yrs old) and game four your guy Madbum (less than a season, 21yrs old). The other thing to take into account is that from 2005 to 2008 the Giants ended no better than 3rd place and all these seasons played under .500 ball. Not until 2009 did they play above .500 ball and ended that season in 3rd place. So, the 4 pitchers I named above did not have any playoff experience. So, you have to give it to the 2010 Giants as their starting catcher was a rookie name Posey. Going back to Ross’ comment, I am sure he means well and is thinking about the “experience” aspect but as I displayed above a very very young Giants’ pitching staff without any playoff experience took the team all the way to the WS and won. So, in the end Maddon will make the final decision, though listening to his catchers. We could still see Lester-Hendricks-Arrieta-Lackey… I also think if the team can bounce back, play well and secure home field advantage all the way that it would be good to have Lester-Hendricks start off at home because if any of the series go long your two most durable pitchers are there for the next rounds. Let us not forget as well that in the playoffs things change: Remember the 88′ Dodgers and a pitcher named Hershiser, 4 appearances in the Mets-Dodgers 7-game series! Then there is your guy Madbum in 2014 on 2 days rest came into game 7 against the Royals and pitched the longest save WS history, 5innings. Right now the pitchers I see on this Cubs team that have that ability are again Lester and Hendricks. Well, first things first, end the season strong! Take care now. Mahalo!

Aloha Michael- I know it is not easy to watch. The starting pitching was pretty darn good over the last 4 games but here again, this young team has to learn how to take pitches, run the bases effectively, play good defense and manufacture runs. I was hoping they would finish the season strong like last year; they still can but need to right this ship now. The Mets are playing better ball right now than our Cubbies. To lose 3 of 4 to the Brewers at home and go 2-5 against them in the last week is worrisome. Let’s hope this gets corrected soon. Hang in there. Mahalo.

Yes, k.g. I`ve read that the pitchers who are likely to start could depend on who the opponent is, and more and more it looks as if it could be either the Mets or Cardinals. The Giants have been dreadful in the second half, losing again last night after their ace had given his team seven shutout innings. Hard to believe the Giants briefly before the break boasted the best record in the game. Speaking of the Giants, did you know Vin Scully grew up a Giants fan? You must know he`s decided he will broadcast his final game October 2 in San Francisco, the final regular season game between the Dodgers and Giants. He will work no postseason games. He related the following on NPR this morning: Walking home from school October 2, 1936, he passed a Chinese laundry and observed a line score from that day`s World Series game in the window. Vin paused for a moment and looked at it. Yankees 18; Giants 4. He said he felt bad for the Giants having been trounced to that degree, and became a fan from that day forward. So you see it`s fitting that Vin will end his broadcast career October 2, 2016, the same date on the calendar when he became a baseball fan way back when.

Aloha jhosk, yes the Giants cannot even buy a win. It has been hard for the fans. Thank you for the refresher, I remember hearing that Scully was a Giants fan. He will be sorely missed. I wish he would do a couple of the Dodgers home games in the playoffs but I respect his decision. You probably know that Cubs radio announcer, Pat Hughes is from the SF bay area and grew up a Giants fan too. He will talk from time to time about watching Willie Mays and that his mother who is still alive today listens to all of his broadcasts. Take care now! Mahalo!

I meant to point out Vin Scully was 8 that day he saw that WS line score in the window, k.g. Did know that Pat Hughes came from California and that his mother listens to his broadcasts, but did not know he was from the Bay area and grew up a Giants` fan. We encourage new posters to come on here, and it`s a pity when they do, they are sometimes rudely shot down. It drives others away, I suggest. {See angelo falco above.} I thought his suggestion was charming, even though it may be unrealistic to expect anyone to follow through on it. In basketball there is an expression “No harm, no foul.” Another one is “Play on.” I believe they both apply here, if you follow my drift.

Wait, the playoffs already started and they were playing the Brewers in the first round? Darn it, I guess I missed them this year. Oh well, we’ll get them next year.

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