#Cubs and Arrieta face Cards

Jake Arrieta gets the start at Wrigley Field on Friday as the Cubs open a three-game series against the Cardinals. It’s the final three home games of the regular season for the Cubs, who open the NL Division Series on Oct. 7. The Cardinals are fighting for a Wild Card berth. They’re a half game behind the Mets and Giants.

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Russell SS

Heyward RF

Coghlan LF

Montero C

Arrieta P

Cubs manager Joe Maddon has compiled a 194-120 record in his first two seasons with the team. Only two managers have reached that many victories with fewer than 120 losses: Cap Anson in 1879-82 and Frank Chance in 1905-07.

The Cubs have won 97 games, matching their win total last season. That’s tied for the most single-season wins since winning 98 games in 1945.


But Cubs won 98 in 2008 too didn’t we?

Ok 97, my bad

If we have to face the Nationals in the postseason, a critical piece of the game-plan will be keeping Trea Turner off the bases. This dude has been a revelation. One can easily make the case that he`s the most important player in that lineup, and to think that he was in AAA just ten weeks ago. He`s been labeled the fastest runner in the game, yes, even faster than Billy Hamilton or Dee Gordon, or Mike Trout. If you`ve ever wondered why the San Diego Padres occupy the basement of the West Division of the NL, and consistently finish each season as a bottom-feeder, look no further than how the organization handled Trea Turner. The 23 year-old was their property a mere 15 months ago, and designated him as a “player-to-be-named later” in a three team deal involving the Tampa Rays.

Dee Gordon needed help to run faster and he didn’t use pf flyers.

What about Addison Russell as an MVP candidate? He has nearly 100rbi as well. 3 players with at least 20 hrs and 100rbi. 2 of them have a chance for 40 hrs. Russell could possibly get 30. 110hrs between 3 players. Thats phenomenal.

Russell would need to hit 9 homers in 9 games to get to 30, so not going to happen! And he’s only hitting in the .240s, so aside from getting a few 7th place votes, I doubt he’ll be anywhere near the top of the MVP voting.

He only needs 8rbi for 100. That could and I have no doubts it will happen. For me Russell is the team mvp. He the most clutch player they have. Its not even a big deal he if get to 100rbi I just Bryzzo to get hot the last week of the season and being at Cincinnati the final weekend. Bryant should have no issues. He’ll be mvp.

Aloha John, love Addison as well. One of the clutch hitters this year on the team. What is exciting for the future is as he gets better at the plate, average goes up you will see the other stats go up too. I have to remind myself, he is only 22yrs old! Another big win and much better outing from Arrieta. Take care. Mahalo!

Addison Russell may not be in the running for MVP but he is certainly up there with Rizzo and Bryant for Cubs MVP! Let’s stay healthy and get ready for October baseball!

Why don’t teams shake hands after playoffs and World Series end? All other sports do especially hockey. Why not class it up.

That was a great win yesterday. I just think that the MLB should have the top team with home field in the World Series and not the ASG winner.

I agree, it diminishes playing the grueling 162 game season, have the best record and don’t get home field advantage all the way through the World Series because of a meaningless All Star game. I know you still have to win the division series and the NLCS but that needs to change.

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