#Cubs Maddon’s book report

While prepping for the postseason, Cubs manager Joe Maddon said Tuesday that he downloaded “The Haj,” “Exodus,” and “Armageddon: A Novel of Berlin” by author Leon Uris for some light reading. Maddon had read the books before, and wanted to re-read them. He’s upset at himself for not reading more.

“I really want to be that guy again.” he said. “I used to be so well read and now I stink.”

Maddon likes to read before he goes to sleep.

“It’s gymnastics for your brain,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


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Any book our manager reads is guaranteed to be one more book than Donald Trump has read, because when one has the attention span of a fly, one is incapable of reading books. He does not write books either. “The Art of the Deal” was entirely written by ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz, who thoroughly regrets today having done so. It was revealed today that Steven Matz will be shut down for the remainder of the season. This, along with the fact that Jacob deGrom had surgery recently, and will not be available to the Mets, are just two more reasons why it will behoove the Cubs to play the Metropolitans in the NLDS.

Good for Coach to stimulate his mind at a time like this. His decisions will make or break the team during playoffs. Taking pitchers out, leaving them in, when to bunt, when to steal etc.. I’ve read Leon Uris’s books and they are fantastic, especially Trinity. So go for it Joe, take your mind off the game for a few hours and be fresh and ready to make a run for the crown like we haven’t seen in generations.

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