#Cubs update

Thursday’s Cubs vs. Pirates game ended in a 1-1 tie after five innings because of rain. It will not be made up. On Friday, it will be another bullpen day and right-hander Jake Buchanan will get the start. He’ll be starting his second game since he was promoted from Triple-A Iowa. In 22 starts at Iowa, Buchanan posted a 4.35 ERA, striking out 97 over 130 1/3 innings. It won’t be his first big league start; he made two with the Astros in 2014.


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Thursday`s Reds/Cardinals game should not have ended as it did. That Molina knock should have been ruled a ground-rule double, thus keeping Carpenter on third, rather than scoring. The baseball rule, permitting the Reds in this case just 10 seconds to challenge the ruling, must be changed this off-season. It`s a ridiculous rule. Bottom line, the Redbirds luck-out bigtime once again, and the Giants are the biggest losers in this instance.

Aloha jhosk- you said it, the Giants were the big losers here and someone gave the Cardinals a huge gift! Maybe them Pirates can help out? I do not see the Phillies upending the Mets and the Giants have to compete against the Dodgers. Going to be quite a roller-coaster ride for those teams! Mahalo!

Yes, kg. Am going to be able to follow the NL Wild Card race all weekend due to having access to both the Phillies` and Pirates` networks, and tonight`s Dodgers/Giants game will be televised by the MLB Network. Nightengale chooses Scherzer for the Cy Young, Seager for Rookie of year, and Baker for Manager of year. {Aside: I believe I heard it said on this day in 1972 the immortal Roberto Clemente doubled for his 3,000th hit, and it would be his very last major league knock.}

Today`s “USA Today” should be a must-read for Cubs` fans for several reasons. Bob Nightengale suggests Kris Bryant deserves the NL MVP award, and he predicts the Cubs will win the 2016 World Series by defeating the Boston Red Sox. The Editorial Board does something it has never before done in the newspaper`s 34 year history, when it takes a stand on the presidential election, and recommends you do not vote for Trump due to the fact that he`s unfit and unqualified. {I suggest the newspaper has made this unprecedented decision, because we`ve never had a major candidate for president the likes of the unhinged ignoramus Donald Trump.}

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