2016 #Cubs numbers to brag about

The Cubs finished the regular season with a 103-58 record, 17 1/2 games ahead of the Cardinals in the Central Division, and posted a +252 run differential. They secured the best record in MLB for the first time since 1945, and the 12th time in franchise history. The run differential is the best since a +324 in 1906.

Here are some other numbers to talk about as the Cubs wait for the postseason to start:

*Cubs starting pitchers led the Majors with 81 victories, a 2.96 ERA, and a .213 batting average against. The Nationals were second with 72 wins, 3.60 ERA and .235 batting average against. Think about this for a moment: The Cubs starters combined for a better ERA than the American League ERA leader, Aaron Sanchez of the Blue Jays (3.00).

*Speaking of ERAs, Kyle Hendricks finished with the best ERA in the Majors (2.13) followed by Jon Lester (2.44). Jake Arrieta was 13th (3.10) and John Lackey was 22nd (3.35). Arrieta led the Majors with a .194 batting average against.

*And if you’re a fan of WHIP, the Nationals’ Max Scherzer led the National League at 0.97 and Hendricks was second at 0.98 followed by Lester at 1.02. Lackey (1.06) and Arrieta (1.08) ranked sixth and seventh, respectively. Hammel was 17th (1.21).

*The Cubs bullpen ranked sixth in the NL with a 3.56 ERA, and had the fewest innings pitched (470 2/3). Travis Wood led the bullpen with 77 appearances, followed by Justin Grimm (68), Hector Rondon and Pedro Strop (54 each), and Trevor Cahill (49). Rondon went 18-for-23 in save situations with a 3.53 ERA, Aroldis Chapman was 16-for-18 with a 1.01 ERA.

*Offensively, Kris Bryant led the NL in runs (121) and was third in home runs (39), while Anthony Rizzo was second in RBIs (109). Both finished with a .292 batting average, very Bryzzo.

*As Miguel Montero pointed out, the Cubs three catchers — Willson Contreras, David Ross and Montero — combined for 30 home runs and 100 RBIs.

*Dexter Fowler, Ben Zobrist, Bryant, and Rizzo ranked sixth, eighth, ninth and 10th in the NL in on-base percentage. As a team, the Cubs led the NL with a .343 mark.

*Bryant is the fourth Cub in franchise history to total at least 120 runs, 35 doubles, 39 homers and 100 RBI in a single season. The others include Rogers Hornsby in 1929, Hack Wilson in 1930 and Derrek Lee in 2005.

*Rizzo is the first left-handed hitter in Cubs history with 40 doubles and 30 homers in a saeson, and fourth overall, joining Hornsby in 1929, Lee in 2005 and Alfonso Soriano in 2007.


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Carrie and fans: These number are impressive. So why am I still apprehensive about our Cubbies’ chances in that best-of-five vs. Mets/Giants? I understand our post-clinch games were just exercises, sort of. But still, our inability to come through with key hits with RISP, the bullpen flaws, including Rondon….Somebody, please tell me something reassuring.

Aloha Bruce, hope your post-op healing continues to go well. I too am concerned with the lack of clutch hitting. Good news is folks like Montero, Szczur, Fowler and Zobrist are hitting again! I am very wary of the Giants, things are coming together strongly for them They had to play great ball in their last homestand and they did. I think their starting pitching right now is as good or better then our Cubbies, again I mean right at this moment. So, that means that Maddon has to prepare the team to strike early and often, manufacture runs by stealing bases, sac bunts/flies. The team has to show patience at the plate. I think they have it and have to block out the “noise” and go out and play great ball including defense. Take care now! Mahalo!

You are assuming the Giants will win Wednesday`s game, k.g. I disagree. I see the Mets prevailing and marching on. That outcome will be to the Cubs` advantage, given what transpired in 2015. Such a matchup will give the players even more incentive, if that`s possible, to vanquish the NLDS opponent, and move on to the NLCS.

Aloha jhosk- you could be right. You know I like to look at the last 23 games of the season. The Mets ended 14-9. The only team they played during that stint that ended up over .500 was the Nationals and they lost that series 1-2. The Giants ended up 13-10 and had to play the Dodgers twice as well as the Cardinals. In those 3 series they went 6-4. Then I like to look at the road records, the Cardinals had the best record in the NL (so I am happy they are out of it!) followed by the Cubs, Nats, Mets, Giants. So the match-up of the Mets-Giants is a great one for that 1 game. If it were a longer series I would hedge towards the Giants because of their starting rotation. But in this 1 game, with Thor pitching at home, the Mets could pull it out. So, you are right in that looking ahead is premature until tomorrow’s game is decided. I will say this if it is the Mets, when playing out there (NY) defense in the outfield is critical and as much as I have advocated for Soler in the past, Maddon has to put his best on the field so I could see Coghlan/Szczur starting in LF. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes,k.g. Agree regarding Soler and his defense, and I`m concerned with that aspect of his game at home as well. I see both MadBum and Thor performing in stellar fashion and the game being turned over to the bullpens to be decided, and the Mets` is better, especially closer Famiglia (sp.?)

I too hope its the Mets, but whoever it is, they start in Wrigley.
The Giants Pitching Staff was nowhere near the Cubs during the regular season, but the last few weeks they have come together.
Bumgardner, Cueto and Moore could easily match up to Lester, Hendrick and Arietta. Samardizija and Lackey, another toss up.
Much prefer the Mets.

Come on Bruce, really?
Nervous is one thing, but the Cubs are the best team in Baseball this year. PERIOD!!!
Here is the way I look at it: This is the year the Cubs were supposed to start competing. Last year the Cubs arrived a year early, then shocked and excited us all. So, if in Managements plan, this year was supposed to be the start and they won 103 games, that’s a damn good start. lol
No matter the outcome of the Playoff’s, I just witnessed the best most exciting season of my life. A Cubs fan since 1966, I have had dreams of a season like this, but the reality is amazing.🙂
I am just going to enjoy the Playoffs, try not to complain, hope the Umpires call fair games and if it is meant to be, it will happen. As I have stated, I am already looking forward to next season.
I would love to see Schwarber in the lineup a full season. What will Russell do for an 23 y/o SS after this season. Bryant another year experience. What moves will Management make this winter? This is fun.
Just enjoy the Playoffs, if things go wrong, remember, there really is a next year.

Aloha jasper- I agree with you about where this team is today. I remember a couple of years ago when it was said that the Pirates arrived early or even two years ago with the Royals. Yes, last year was a real treat as well as this year. As a fan I would be dishonest in saying that it does not matter what happens, of course I would like to see them go all the way and win it! But I also appreciate what this organization has gone through in the short time that I have been a fan remembering 1984/2003 very well. So, to see this team in the playoffs for a second consecutive year is awesome and being with family and meeting new friends at that Sept 2 game where Lester almost had a no-no will be a highlight for years to come. I do hope for a fairly called game, no Joe West antics! Take care now. Mahalo!

“Waiting for next year” is what Cubs` fans have been doing forever. That is not going to be acceptable this postseason. What was the point of all the hard work and the outstanding numbers offensively, defensively, and pitching-wise, and the more than 100 wins, if we do not utilize all that as a prelude to something more? This fan is not going to settle for anything less than a trip to the World Series, and y`all should not either. You`ll recall Joe Maddon that day he was introduced to the fans at the Cubby Bear in 2014. He boldly expressed expectations of reaching the playoffs in his very first season managing in 2015. Joe has his sights set on the World Series these days, and that`s a certainty. Y`all should feel likewise. It`s high time to put to bed that expression “Wait till next year.”

Knowing your personality a little bit jhosk, I expected that kind of reply. Anyone can win a short series, we all know that. Remember the Cubs losing to the Brewers?
That could happen in a Playoff.
Its best to be ready for it and hope it don’t happen.
If it does happen, you have no choice but to accept it. This fan is going to enjoy what I get.🙂

Wow! Those are some impressive numbers and elite company our 2016 Cubs are in. Great job keeping us in the loop Carrie, thank you.🙂

Here’s to us all talking about the real prize after 11 more W’s. Go Cubs!!!

Some thoughts about tonight`s “monster game” in Flushing, Queens. If Giants prevail, Cueto will pitch Friday versus Cubs. If Mets win, it`s Bartolo Colon. Just two players who started for Mets in the 2015 postseason will be in tonight`s lineup: Cespedes and Granderson. Thor is one of the best hitting pitchers in the game, and we know Bumgarner certainly is.

Hoping for a bean ball war.

Aloha jasper- LOL! Yes, I hope for some sore folks arriving to Wrigley on Friday! Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk, boy MadBum just missed taking Thor yard! This may be a low scoring game coming down to a run or two. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. We anticipated this scenario. Love pitchers` duels. I live for games like this. Love observing how players perform under pressure, especially when my team is not involved. If the Cubs were one of the clubs playing in this game, I`d be a nervous wreck.

Aloha jhosk, yes I’d be sweating a little too. By the, I hope you, jasper, Bruce, Kenly, White keep this quiet for me; because I want to see our Beloved Cubbies play on Friday, the Mets need to win because MLBTV is blacked-out for me (sorry Giants)! Mahalo!

Aloha Folks! Well, this Cubs’ fan will be “blacked-out! for Friday! So I hope I can work a deal with jhosk/jasper/White/Carrie/Bruce anyone if you have a DVD-R and record it (of course the wins only!). Anyhow, just my experience from watching and studying the Giants for years now, this looks like the 2010 team. I can see Bochy spacing it such that MadBum pitches in at least 2 games out of the 5 if it goes past 3. You saw a very good Giants team tonight make great defensive plays and wait it out til Thor was out of the game. The Cubs outfield has to play stellar defense to match with the Giants. I like our match-up for the infield against the Giants: Bryant-Russell-Zobrist-Rizzo to their Gillaspie-Crawford-Panik-Belt. Their outfield is better overall, that is just fact so again Maddon has to be prepared for this. The Giants will also run if they there is a pitcher with a long delivery or does not throw to first as they tried with Thor tonight. So Lester/Ross have to be on top of it. The hitters have to take pitches and be patient. I read somewhere where the Cubs ranked almost last when it came to relief pitching matched against the current teams in the playoffs including the Mets. The Mets/Dodgers/Nats ranked the best. The only team below the Cubs were the Giants. So that could be very important in this series. Looking forward to it! Go Cubs! Mahalo!

We now know who we will play. My prediction was wrong. MadBum is amazing. He has no fear. The Cubs` challenge is to solve the Giants` rotation. MadBum was what he has been consistently in his postseason history. His postseason road ERA is 0.50, ahead of names the likes of Gibson, Rivera, and Koufax. Fortunately he won`t pitch versus Cubs until Game 3. Game 1 Friday will be televised by FS1. That game should be available to you there, should it not?

Aloha jhosk- I actually wish yours/jasper’s and what I read most fans wished for in terms of the Mets. They had dominated earlier in the season against the Cubs but are not the same though I might concede that they have a better bullpen. I feel with all of the injuries to the Mets and how it has affected their rotation, the Cubs had a very good chance in against them. The Giants are playing inspired ball just like they have in past seasons. For example: the trade of Duffy for Moore was a tough one for Giants’ fans, I questioned it myself. Now Moore is coming into his own and the Giants’ FO brought in Nunez, though his defense not as good as Duffy his bat would be a much needed asset and it paid off before he went down to injury. But as in the past with the Giants, something happens and someone else comes on the scene and today that is Gillaspie. Putting a “Thor” aside, the Giants are hitting again and their starting pitching is falling into place. As I said above I feel a weakness with a very good Cubs team besides the bp is the outfield. Fowler is playing good defense though he has as many errors this year (4) in 117 games started as he did last year in 149(gs). Denard has 1 error this year in 132(gs). So not far off but edge to Denard. Pence in a 102 games started has no errors, Heyward has 2 errors in 133(gs), edge to Pence because of his leadership/clutch hitting. Pagan, though a good defender played mostly CF and moved to LF with the addition of Denard. He had 6 errors in a 127(gs). So, Soler to me is not an asset right now with either his defense or bat but he could surprise many like he did in last year’s playoff games. As my wife likes to say come post-season time everything resets. Winning 103 games in the regular season does not matter now, the Giants know this, it is about winning the WS. When all is said and done, you are remembered for how many championships you won. Take the 2001 Seattle Mariners: I only remember them because of two things: Suzuki-san (Rookie of the Year/AL MVP/AL Batting champ) and that they tied our 1908 Cubbies for 116 wins in the regular season. Did they win the WS…No. I appreciate very much the great season this team had but as my coach used to say when it came time for the CWS, we begin anew. I feel the team has to jump on the Giants early and often and the starters have to go long like MadBum. They have to be thinking “take-2,” winning the first 2 games at home. And do not be surprised to see Bochy move MadBum up, complete game today or not. Thank you for the heads up about FS1, as long as it is shown on our affiliate I will be able to enjoy the game. Well, I had hoped at the beginning of the season for a Cubs-Giants series and now it will happen. Friday cannot come fast enough! Go Cubs! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. It is a new season and the Giants have the postseason pedigree and quality starters, but is a team which is not exactly an offensive juggernaut. It`s ironic that they won last night`s game via the home run, because the Giants did not hit many in 2016. They are the only team in all of mlb not to have even one player with 20 homers. Belt led the team with 17. The team finished 28th in that category with 130, ahead of only Miami (128), and Atlanta (122). Yes, the Cubs are going to be tested in this series, and there are abundant reasons why the club should pass that test.

Aloha jhosk, very true about the Giants lack of homer production this year as Posey, Crawford and Belt are down. Let’s keep it that way! Mahalo!

Bob Costas will have the call for the Cubs/Giants Saturday on the the MLB Network. Will be a pleasure to listen to a knowledgeable baseball mind who is objective and is not a “homer,” something which is more and more rare these days.

I REALLY hope that the Cubs trade Szczur in the off-season. He deserves more chance than he will ever get with the Cubs. I do understand the reason he will never get that chance with the Cubs is due to the large quantity and quality of talent they have acquired. I just think that if given the opportunity he could be a very solid player for any team.

Either that or he can go say hi to Micah Hoffpauir and Bryan LaHair in Japan. They can all get together for some sushi and reminisce about how they would have all been superstars if only the Cubs would have given them a chance.

Go away Doug. I said nothing that should garner your scorn or ridicule. If you didn’t notice I haven’t been repeatedly calling for more playing time for Szczur lately. I was calling for playing time for him when both Fowler and Soler were on the DL.

Aloha Mat, I was surprised that LaStella was taken over both Kawasaki and Szczur as they are very good ph and base runners. Plus both are very good defensively. I am guessing that Maddon wanted an additional left-handed bat. Also, things can change for the roster but first things first, da Giants! Mahalo!

Go Cubs!

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