#Cubs and Lester face Giants

Cubs lefty Jon Lester opens the NL Division Series on Friday night at Wrigley Field, facing the Giants. This is Lester’s fourth trip to the playoffs. In the regular season, he was 19-5 with a 2.44 ERA, second best in the Majors. He has recorded a quality start in all of his home starts.

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF
Bryant 3B
Rizzo 1B
Zobrist LF
Russell SS
Heyward RF
Baez 2B
Ross C
Lester P

*Note: Cubs vs Giants NLDS start times: Games 3 & 4 in San Franciso will be 6:30 pm PT/8:30 pm CT



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Rangers who had best record and Boston, who was favored will be down two games to none. It is baseball and no matter what a team does during the season, the playoffs are different. Nervous about our chances. Love the Sports Illustrated issue with our Cubs on the cover. Go Cubs!

Nervous here too. Dodgers and Nationals seem evenly matched. Toronto has some guys who really can smack the ball. For some odd reason, Cubs game not slated for TV in Brazil. The other three Friday games were. Hoping for good internet connection to watch our guys on the computer. Worst case: will listen to the game with Pat and Ron via internet. Cubs-Giants Saturday definitely on Brazilian TV. Hey, Chicago, whaddya say…

Aloha Tom & Bruce, as the wife likes to say, when the post-season starts everything resets. So, I just hope Lester keeps the ball low, in the park and our batters racking up Cueto’s pitch count. By the way, did Baez have a chance to make the play at first on the bunt? Thank God for Ross! Mahalo!

Aloha Tom and Bruce! You just knew this would be a great series! All my Giants buddies said our Cubbies got lucky. I will say it was a tremendous pitching duel. The Giants had opportunities and did score, though I thought Posey’s 9th inning hit was going yard. Let’s hope Hendricks and crew can repeat today! Mahalo!

We were fortunate to escape with the victory. That home plate umpire,Todd Tichenor, was terrible for both sides, but especially to the Cubs. At least early in game he refused to grant Lester strikes on the outside corner to left-handed batters. {Ross subtly complained in top third and it helped. John Smoltz called attention to that, and is why he`s an excellent analyst.) First base umpire, Alan Porter, who will be behind plate tonight, made up for it when he called Hernandez out in the ninth when the umpire ruled Hernandez did not check his swing on a 3-2 pitch. (The replay showed he clearly did.) Hernandez should have been on first when Posey doubled, and possibly could have scored on that double. I thought Zobrist should have caught that ball which went under his glove and behind him in left field. That NUVEEN sign in left field is ostentatious, garish, and downright intrusive. I`ve thought that for each television game I`ve seen this season from Wrigley, and it especially dominated the screen for last night`s contest. (Cubs` ownership sold out to corporate interests when it agreed to permit that humongous and ugly sign inside the venerable ballpark.)

Aloha jhosk- I was listening on the web/radio and folks pointed out the bad calling behind the plate. You are right, when I looked at the reply game on MLBTV, it sure looked like Hernandez checked his swing and he could have been the tying run. I felt the Giants played a little better ball last night. But they made mistakes on the base-path and did not capitalize when they could have. Also the Cubs defense which was good, was shaky at times. Cueto matched Lester, gave up less hits and made just the one mistake. Pitching as we always talk about wins games and the Giant’s pitching was stellar, Cueto ko’d 10 batters. I sure hope the hitting picks up soon! I also wonder if Zobrist will come back to 2nd and Coghlan play LF? Mahalo!

Would like to see Almora Jr. replace Heyward in lineup versus MadBum. I suppose Soler is an option also, but Almora Jr. is my first choice. Did you notice Maddon compared MadBum`s postseason heroics to greats Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax? I think the manager has a psychological motive in doing so. He`s trying to get inside Bum`s head. Or am I reading too much into that praise for the pitcher?

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