#Cubs and Hendricks face Giants in G2

Kyle Hendricks will start Game 2 of the NL Division Series, and be paired up with rookie Willson Contreras. First pitch is scheduled for 7:08 p.m. CT from Wrigley Field. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist LF

Russell SS

Heyward RF

Baez 2B

Contreras C

Hendricks P

Friday was the Cubs’ first 1-0 win in a postseason game since beating the White Sox in game four of the 1906 World Series.


Aloha folks, I hope batters are more patient tonight and let Shark dig his own hole. Surprised to see Zobrist again in LF, which also tells you that Maddon does not see Soler out there, a reason why I thought for the short series Szczur would have been good along with Coghlan. Then if you get to the big dance, you can take a chance on Soler as a DH. Anyhow, will be interesting to see how Maddon sets up the defense in SF’s outfield. Looking forward to Hendricks start tonight, go Cubs! Mahalo!

I do believe the Cubs` batters are going to solve Shark tonight. You`ll recall I`ve never been all that impresssed with Jeff, and advised against the Cubs signing him long term, as well as “Big Game” James Shields and David Price. One can make the case that Shark was the sorriest starter in the AL, if not all of mlb in 2015, when with the White Sox. He was positively awful. This game tonight is critical. Whichever team wins tonight emerges with the momentum heading for the left coast and with MadBum looming in Game 3 Monday. If the Cubs are up 2-zip going into Monday`s game, the players will be bulging with confidence, and may very well even find a way to take down Bum, as manager Bochy calls him. As for Hendricks tonight, we are going to find out. He`s a different pitcher from the one who performed in the 2015 postseason and was pedestrian. Tonight`s a test. How will he handle the pressure? He was not all that effective in his very last start last week. But there is a high probability he could repeat the form he displayed in the 22 or more appearances prior to that when he surrendered three runs or fewer while going deep into those contests. (And I want to see Kyle prove Mad Dog Chris Russo wrong when on his program “High Heat” Thursday doubted the ability of Hendricks or any of the Cubs` players to perform at a high level in this postseason, and in fact, picked the Giants to win this series three games to two.)

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Yes, k.g. Hoping the weather conditions are favorable in Chicago. Very disappointng the Nats/Dodgers were rained out. Was so looking forward to seeing, and will not be able to see tomorrow`s. Chapman has not been efficient of late. Made 21 pitches last night. He has command issues at times. If he`s called on again tonight, he is less likely to be as effective as we may want due to his work load Friday. Some have labeled Aroldis the best closer in the game. Can`t agree with that. The Royals` Davis and the Indians` Miller are two I can name who are better. The Dodgers` closer is not shabby either. Love watching Rossy play defense. That set play when he combined with Baez to pick off Gillaspie at first was something to behold.

Aloha jhosk, what happened to Hendricks? Hurt or just off? I was away from the radio. Also, can someone please tell Baez to stop acting flashy, play the game hard and run the bases like Hunter Pence! He just cost the team a double and is thrown out, he should have never been in that position, should have been a stand-up double. Anyhow, I think Maddon needs to sit him down and have a deep talk about his conduct. I say this because I want to see him succeed but not at the expense of acting like a j—–s. I wish he were more like Addison, let you play speak for you. Hope the team can hold onto this lead. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk, my Giants friend just info I me what happened to Hendricks. I sure hope he is all right and will be back. I heard John Miller via Giants radio say our Cubbies were heading out right after the game but that the Giants would leave tomorrow. Thought that was interesting. Take care, Monday is right around the corner! Mahalo!

Hendricks has a bruised forearm from being struck by a liner back at him. Should make his next start. Baez Cadillacked ( is that how it`s spelled?) it out of the box tonight when he thought the ball he drove to left would leave the yard. When it did not, he had to hustle to second before the throw beat him. He was shaken up by the dive into the bag and tag. But do not look for Maddon to chastise Javy for anything. The manager was effusive with his praise for Baez`s baseball acumen and especially his read for that ball Hendricks hit to medium center, and on which Javy scored. Maddon said after the game 97% of the Cubs` players would not have scored from second on that play. The boys on the MLB Network are very high on Javy too. Kevin Millar is saying he has been the best performer on the field in these two games. Dan Plesac and Millar are saying Javy needs to be in the lineup for every one of these games. I agree with you that Maddon needs to point out areas the player can improve, but I doubt that will happen tonight. Javy has a swagger, and many baseball observers, including Pete Rose and Frank Thomas last night on FS1 after the game, are praising Javy Baez as a special talent. They say he`s a game-changer. He has tremendous baseball instincts. I`ve heard it said Maddon has asserted Baez has better baseball instincts than any player he has ever seen.

Aloha jhosk- I hope I did not come across as disparaging towards Baez, I am probably a little “old-school” because of my father and other mentors in and around the game. I also do not want the Cubs to give any “fuel for a fire” to the Giants. I know Baez has a lot of gifts when it comes to this game and want those to “speak” for him. That is not to say that he cannot be excited or enjoy a moment. I agree that he made a very good decision to score on Hendricks single then in the 6th, him staring to watch his “supposed” dinger instead of taking off was not good and as you stated, could have been hurt as well. So, I just hope to see a more composed/alert player going forward. Now, kudos have to go to Wood for coming in right after Hendricks and frankly to whole bp! I know we have spoken about Rondon and his performance tonight was gusty; good for him. You know the Giants are not going down without a fight, game 3 should be a good one! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., the bullpen was stellar Saturday, and Travis Wood going deep was a special moment for him and all Cubs` fans. Bill Murray was in the stands, as was the case Friday, and someone said the Cubs win when he attends games. Let`s hope he makes the trek to AT&T Park. {Did I mention that NUVEEN signage is an eyesore and diminishes and detracts from the ambience of Wrigley Field bigtime?}

Aloha jhosk- I must say I hope the hitting picks up as I have been reading that it is Cubs pitchers that are providing the offense (Hendricks/Wood). I will say, going into Monday’s game you have 2 starting pitchers that can take the ball long and if it goes to the bp at some point, bring in Wood again! I am very happy for Travis, he was getting used a lot early on and then received some well deserved rest. To see him last night throw a pitch at 94mph let you know he was excited! I have to admit that the large sign out in LF is a bit of a distraction. I give the Ricketts credit for purchasing the team and putting money back into the organization. That used to grate my nerves about the Chicago Tribune that I think purchased the team for only $20-ish million back in 1981 from the Wrigley’s. They never really put that much into the organization, they were just happy with “loyal” fans packing the stand, eating hotdogs and buying beer. By the way, I loved the fact that Wrigley made sure that Yosh Kawano had a job for life in the sale. Yosh and his brother Nobu are longtime baseball folks. Well, Nobu and Yosh were very good friends of a dear friend of mine here in the Bay Area. They were all in the internment camps back in WWII and after getting out, many folks ended up in Chicago. Well my friend met his future wife, also from California in Chicago and the Kawano’s were at their wedding. I believe it was Nobu who was the best man. So, Yosh was the main clubhouse manager for years for our Cubbies and Nobu ended up working for the Dodgers. But as you would say, I digressed. So, the Ricketts had to pay a lot more than the 20mil that the Tribune did to acquire the team, plus they were willing to pour in funds to do necessary improvements to keep Wrigley going/preserve it as well as the rest of the organizational infrastructure. I was amazed back in September to see all of the construction going on around the ballpark area. I understood why they added the big scoreboard in LF and am happy that they keep up the old manual one in CF. I think they have done a great job with the renovations overall but agree that that big sign takes away from the charm of Wrigley. The Giants, like the Cubs, did most of their building of the new stadium not at the expense of the tax-payers: amazing. But they too had to figure out ways to bring in revenue so there are sign-boards throughout the stadium but because it was “new” they could better design where they wanted to put such items. With Wrigley it is already there, you are limited to what you can do in some respect. Maybe in the future they can re-think what to do with it. Still my favorite ballpark in all of baseball! Well, the Bay Area is preparing for the arrival of our Cubbies! Takes me back to 1989 as a youngster in college, taking time out of classes/studies to go to our Cal Bears Taven and catch some of the games! I am hoping for a very different outcome this time! Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- this should be an interesting game tonight for many reasons but one is with our Cubbies: Jake feels more comfortable having Miggy catch over Willson. But since it is MadBum pitching, it is also nice to have a RHB so do you go with Ross? Ross is the best defensive backstop and he is great throwing out runners. The other issue is the outfield. SF’s park can be tough on the opposing teams. So trying to have a mix of defense and offense in the game do you put Bryant/Zobrist/Coghlan out in LF? Which means you could have Baez at 3rd and Zo at 2nd. Notice I do not have Soler in there. He just is not the best defender and LF at AT&T park is not easy. But you could use Soler as a PH at some point. I just hope Arrieta does not lose control early and can give the team 6+ innings. Take care now! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g, want a right-handed catcher`s bat versus MadBum. I`d like Ross for sure. No Miggy. No Coghlan in left today for me. Giants want to get an early lead in this game, perhaps one or two in the first or second. Jake has been ordinary for past 14 or 16 starts. Many of the broadcasters I`ve heard are not aware of that. They are thinking this is a great pitching matchup because they have the Arrieta of 2015 in mind, and we know that guy could not maintain that historic run. No one could. It`s time Addison gave us something. He`s hitless thus far in postseason. {Mad Dog is now picking Cubs/Blue Jays for WS. This guy is as changeable as the wind, as he had Giants winning this series last Thursday.}

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