#Cubs and Arrieta face Giants

Jorge Soler will start in left field and Ben Zobrist move to right for the Cubs in Game 3 of the NL Division Series against the Giants on Monday night.

Miguel Montero will catch Jake Arrieta, and the Cubs now join the 1915 Red Sox, the 1927 Yankees, the 1998 Padres and the 2002 D-backs as the only teams to start three catchers in a postseason series.

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soler LF

Zobrist RF

Russell SS

Baez 2B

Montero C

Arrieta P

This will be Soler’s first postseason start. The outfielder batted .474 in seven playoff games last year. He was sidelined this year because of a sore right side, and hit .238 in 86 regular season games.

The odd man out is Jason Heyward, who is 1-for-7 in the two NLDS games so far.

With Arrieta facing Madison Bumgarner, this is a pitching rematch from Sept. 3 in Chicago. Bumgarner allowed two earned runs in six innings and got the win. Arrieta gave up three runs (two earned) in six innings and took the loss in a Giants 3-2 victory.



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I can’t believe that the blogosphere is this quiet. I suppose nobody wanted to jinx the game, but tonight’s loss can be hung on Maddon. Obviously the biggest mistake was bringing Chapman in the eighth with the crazy intent of pitching him six outs. Second big mistake was not starting the runners in Ross’s last at-bat, knowing he was a DP target. In fact, Cub base runners had their feet stuck in cement all night long. Let’s hope the Cubs rebound tomorrow despite any more bad managing by Maddon.

Aloha Jason- Well, I kept quiet only because it was a last-minute gift from my father, coming from the islands. We just got back from tonight’s game here is SF. It was exciting. I too questioned Chapman coming in and taking out Heyward in the double-switch. Almora tried to get the Conner hit but that man is “gold” right now (and I have spoken on here before about how difficult SF’s outfield is to defend especially hits towards “Triples Alley” or the Right Field line). Not sure if Heyward would have gotten to it, maybe but Almora did make a great catch in the 9th. I have to tell you, what concerns me more is the lack of hitting from this team and RISP. If not for Arrieta’s dinger, there are no runs. In fact Cub’s pitchers are bringing in the runs expect for say Baez’s game one dinger and Bryant’s 9th inning hr today. At least Bryant is hitting but Rizzo is just cold, it reminds of me of last year in the playoffs. Also, I think it was the 4th inning where Cubs had runners on 1st and 3rd one out and Baez strikes out! No runs. I almost wish Bryant did not hit the homer, so team could go back to hotel and rest plus not use anymore pitchers up but it showed the Giants that this team can fight too. I have been hard on Strop in the past but thought he could have easily finished out the inning he came in and even started the next. Grimm and Montgomery were good too, just wish they did not have to go to Mike M, he is not available now. I feel for Rondon, he is in a funk. I felt the Cubs had MadBum on the ropes early and failed to deliver the deciding blow and that kept the door open for the Giants. My wife who is a lifelong Giants fan said she feels for Cubs fans and the team because the Giants have been here before (facing elimination) and emerged victorious. The pressure is on the Cubs and the Giants are just happy to be here in the post-season. In fact out of the Giants last 3 WS, they came in twice as the WC winner. Tomorrow it is imperative that Lackey keep his calm and get ahead in the count. Also, I think Maddon has to start Ross. Nothing against Contreras or Miggy but you have to have your best catcher out there and that right now is clearly Ross. I have to give Romo credit because after giving up Bryant’s hr, he did not fall apart he got the next 3 outs then came in the following inning and did his job again. Brandon Crawford: my father felt when he was at 3rd base, he should have been running home and scored the 6th Giants’ run before extra innings. That is the inning where Contreras hit him in the elbow with a throw to 3rd. But what did Crawford do late in the game…hit a double and Panik drove him in for the win. This is what the Cubs have to do. They have to want it and believe they can do it. As much as it was neat to see Arrieta hit the homer, the main position players need to be hitting and manufacture runs and I also agree with you about better base-running. Tomorrow is a big game. I hope the Cubs outplay the Giants and Maddon out-manages Bochy. Take care now and go Cubs! Mahalo!

That was a good call you made when you advocated for Ross behind plate tonight for Game 4, k.g. That is what we are going to get; not sure if Heyward in right is best option. It`s time he provided some offensive production. That dugout celebrating after Jake`s homer Monday was excessive. After all, it was still the second inning. The Cubs acted as if it was close to a foregone conclusion they win that game. In the second inning? I don`t think so. It was a sign of immaturity, I suggest. Let`s hope the players learn from the experience, and wait until they actually win the series before celebrating again in that vociferous manner.

We expect a solid outing from Lackey tonight. He told us it`s for games like this that he came to the Cubs. He said so in an interview earlier this season when he utilized the term “jewelry,” you should recall. He came to the Cubs for rings is what he surely meant. It`s time for you to deliver, John. Lackey has abundant postseason experience, and he has been successful. Just last season, you should recall he pitched very well in a postseason game for the Cardinals, and when the Cubs were the opponent. It`s time for the Cubs` batters to step up also. Other than Bryant and Baez, and our pitchers, our position players have provided precious little at the dish. Let`s close this out tonight. We do not want to play a Game 5 in which anything can happen, including the real possibility of MadBum pitching in relief. I know he was off his game Monday, but he pitches better on the road, especially when the pressure is at its highest level.

Will be interesting to see who the Dodgers` starter will be in Game 2 Sunday. Tim Tebow is 0 for 10 thus far in the Arizona Fall League. He`s not even going to play this weekend as he gets an excused absence in order to fulfill his college football broadcasting duties. This is a joke. Tim Tebow is disrespecting the game of baseball, and this effort is a publicity stunt, as we suggested a month ago or more. He has no business trying to compete in the AFL where he is in way over his head. Tim also has something in common with Donald Trump. Both are frauds.

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