#Cubs and Lackey face Giants in Game 4

John Lackey starts Tuesday night for the Cubs in Game 4 of the NL Division Series against the Giants. Manager Joe Maddon went with a more defensive lineup, starting Jason Heyward in right field and veteran catcher David Ross behind the plate.

Lackey will make his 21st career postseason start, tops among active pitchers. First pitch was scheduled for 7:40 p.m. CT (FS1).

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist LF

Russell SS

Heyward RF

Baez 2B

Ross C

Lackey P



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Let’s take care of business tonight! It’s ours to win. Just gotta not try to do too much and have fun…….both players & fans.🙂 Go Cubs!!!

What the heck! Terrible pitching by Lackey! Giving up the hit to Morris on an 0-2 count. But as KG aptly stated after last night’s debacle, the Cubs have to hit, especially with RISP. Especially with Morris on the mound, but how many times this past season did we comment on the Cubs hitters looking bad against sub-par pitchers. No doubt, all pressure is on the Cubs.

Who is Morris? I do not recall him.

Jack Morris, maybe? I think he was watching a tape of the 1991 World Series by accident.

Looking like it will be game five in Chicago unless they rally. Cub hitters looking like they did against the Mets last year. Cubs are now the underdogs as SF has all the momentum. Can’t watch the end.

You must regret turning the game off, also, Tomntexas. Oh ye of little faith!

You said it. Impotent offense and poor pitching tonight…last year’s script against the Mets. With all of the momentum with SF, and I have no confidence in this team for Thursday. Lester will feel like he has to pitch a perfect game, and that’s not a good mindset for a starter. I’m hitting the sack early, and can only hope that the Cubs won’t disappoint millions of fans…they are good at that.

Jason is going to regret retiring when he did tonight. Luckily for us, Matt Moore exited the game, and the Cubs went to town on the Giants` bullpen, one of the worst in baseball. That was impressive what the Cubs did in the ninth, and Chapman excelled in a role in which he is comfortable, meaning starting an inning cleanly. Coming into games when runners are on base and asking him to get six outs is not a situation he covets. Maddon panicked and was wrong to make that decision in that moment Monday. (Notice I utilized the term “moment,” one of Joe`s favorites.) Tonight`s win helps bail Joe out of any criticism. But he`s not perfect. No one is, of course. We are all imperfect. Going forward into the next series, whether we play the Nats or the Dodgers, certain players need to improve at the dish. I won`t embarrass them by naming them, but you know who they are. One thing I know for sure is that Javier Baez needs to start every game going forward in this postseason, and next season for every regular season game, assuming he is healthy. This guy is the real deal, and is a “keeper.” You`ll recall in July when the Cubs were looking to deal for a reliever before the trade deadline in July, it was apparent the Cubs wanted the Yankees` Miller. But the Yankees insisted Schwarber be part of that deal. Theo Epstein made it clear Schwarber was an “untouchable,” who would not be included in a deal with the Yankees or any other major league team. But it was also rumored that Javier Baez is a player the Cubs would not entertain trading at that time. I never saw that confirmed the way I saw the Schwarber thing confirmed. But I do believe now that indeed the Cubs view Baez as an “untouchable” now, and did so in July, and we are seeing why that is the case in this postseason.

this game was irritating and nerve wracking for 8 innings. Lackey was unimpressive, Thankfully Ross kept the Cubs close with his two RBI’s.
Ross and Baez with some remarkable defense. Baez is turning into a superstar before our eyes.
The Bats woke up after the short break just in time for another break.
Contreras is clutch, period. He will get more playing time next year and will get better.
Lets not forget Bryant’s game tying two run homer in the loss, sending it to extra innings where another pickup, Montgomery excelled.
I can see Montgomery in the rotation next year, adding a second LH’er.
They gave up a lot of talent for a few months of Chapman, but he did the job tonight.
Wood has been very impressive.
Lester’s first game shutout, was awesome.
The hit by Hendricks and HR’s by Arietta and Wood drove in 6 Runs for the Cubs.
I thought the UMPS did a very good job.
It was good to see Theo, Jed and McCleod in the stands.
There is much more, but the MVP of this Series in my opinion was Baez without a doubt.
I also thought the announcers of this series, Costas and Smoltz were very biased in favor of the Giants, especially Smoltz.

I, too, on TV announcers. Game was televised here, going until after 1 a.m. local time. I captured it on DVR. But today I went to the mlb.com archive and listened to Pat and Ron’s version of the ninth inning. Now, THAT’s announcing. I see Nats-Dodgers pretty much evenly matched. Don’t think it’ll make much of a difference which one we get. Go, Cubs, go!

Aloha Folks! Well, my father treated to me and and my brother to a second gift, last night’s game at AT&T Park! But I have to tell you I also felt for my Giant friends/fans. Being there and watching the game live, the team looked/played “flat-footed” for a good portion of the game. Moore pitched a great game and their defense was tremendous plus the Giants were producing runs the “small-ball” way with sac-flies, etc..My father could not believe that Bochy did not start the 9th inning with Strickland; he felt Bochy as well as other managers sometimes over use the “playing-the-matchups” card like Maddon may have the night before. If you were at the game last night, you felt like the Giants, mainly with the bp changes in the 9th just had a huge melt-down and gave the game away. Please do not take this the wrong way, I was there rooting for our Cubbies but if you asked me did they play a great game, the answer is no. I give props to Ross (my father felt for him because so many of Lackey’s pitches were bouncing in front of the plate) and Chapman for coming back from the day before. I know others contributed too. Maybe I am just exhausted because we got back late and had to make sure dad got on his 7am flight this morning back to the islands (2 late games in a row!). But again, not one of the better played games and I am concerned going forward in that this team needs to be able to make contact/be patient at the plate, run the bases well and manufacture runs. We cannot expect the result last night in the 9th to happen again against the Dodgers/Nationals and so forth. As my father did say, that is baseball and luck was on our Cubbies side last night and yes, we will take it! I am grateful; I have been to so many Giant games over the years especially with the opening of the park in 2000, have had colleagues play for and work for the Giants and last night had so many Giant fans come up to me after their heart-breaking loss and congratulating me/we Cubs fans and saying they would be rooting for us. A bitter-sweet win in some ways for me, different then back in 1989 when I had just gotten to the Bay Area as a student. Lastly my wife being so gracious and in the lost but happy for the Cubs and we fans. No matter what, I feel blessed that the team has made it this far will enjoy the upcoming games! Hope all of you get some rest too! “Gunbaremasu”-Cubbies! Mahalo!

Hey K.g, very happy you were able to see last nights game, that is awesome.🙂
The Giants have won the WS 3 out of the last 5 years, their fans understand winning and are maybe used to it.
I could care less about the Giants and very happy they are in the rear view.
The Cub bats were due to come alive and the Giants BP took the heat one inning, just like the Cubs BP the night before.
Moore pitched a great game, but the Cubs won. I prefer to give our Cubs some credit, say goodbye and congrats on a good season to the Giants. The best team in Baseball moves on.
Unlike in the AL where their best team is already out of it.

Yes, k.g. We won`t have to hear about that `even year” championship thing with the Giants in 2010, 2012, and 2014 any longer. It became tiresome, just as hearing about that damn goat associated with the Cubs has been annoying and tiresome, but we`ll be having to endure for at least another ten days. Let`s put that goat nonsense to bed forever, just as we want to put the “Wait until next year,” refrain away. “Wait until this year,” is a welcome alternative. {Lackey`s performance was awfully “ho-hum” for a guy who signed with the Cubs for just that moment last night. (4 innings pitched and 3 earned runs allowed.) He`ll have an opportunity to redeem himself in the LCS.}

Aloha jasper and jhosk, I probably did not express myself very well plus lack of sleep, etc… I am with you and happy that this series is as you say in the rear view mirror. I guess I did not realize how it might affect me on a personal level because of ties and associations I have with the Giants. As my father said this baseball and sometimes luck is there too. Whatever it is, our Cubbies deserve it too! Thank you for your concern and the pep talk I am back now and am so happy it did not go 5 because they would have lost Lester at the beginning of the next series! By the way, is Hendricks all good for game #2 for next series? And lastly, I am glad I was at both of these last games live and did not have to listen to Costas/Smoltz. John Miller and company were way more objective, complimentary and fair towards the Cubs on the Giants AM station. You all take care now! Mahalo!

Wow, I’m in a state of shock with that comeback. Went to bed thinking they had lost. Eating some crow again. Hoping that I can catch a game on tv this next week in St. Marteen. Go Cubs.

Psych! I stayed glued to the TV, because I’m a sucker for punishment. This time Lucy let me kick the football. Go Cubs!

Aloha Judson/Jason/Jhosk/Doug/Tom/Jasper/Bruce&Carrie- I promise this is Cubs baseball related. The past few days has been a whirl-wind with my father’s gift. I must be honest, I thought back to all ballgames I have been blessed to go to over the years. I have been invited to many games in the Bay Area and only went to 1 game and that was for the A’s/Tigers series so many years back (the Giants beat the Tigers in the WS). But to see our Cubbies was such a treat-not to be taken for granted. Tonight a dear friend and mentor of mine that helped to bring me into serving our seniors and helped to start American-Japanese day at the Park (Giants’ Baseball) was honored by the Japanese Consulate of San Francisco for his service to the community all these years. So, I was honored to be invited to go. Well, wouldn’t you know many of my friends at this event our lifelong Giants’ fans like we Cubs’ fans. My friend and honoree said to everyone at this event “KG wore a Cubs’ cap at Giants’ Stadium last night!” Now I have been to many Giants game with these folks over the years and some know I am a Cubs fan but others did not! Then they wanted (at the Consulate) all of us to take photos together and my friend the honoree next to me in the photo said instead of “cheese,” “Go Cubs!” Surprised everyone but put a smile on my face. There is a lot of goodwill between fans here and they sure want the Cubs to take out the Dodgers! As my friend said, Go Cubs! Mahalo!

Aloha folks, meant to say up above that I have only been to one playoff game out of many ball games in the past. So it was a big deal for our family to see our Cubbies on Mon/Tues. I hope the team is “staying warm/prepared” for the next round and Hendricks will be able to pitch as well as Addy and Rizzo busting out at the plate! Take care now! Mahalo!

Am pleased to hear about the good will you have received from Giants fans, and their wish to see the Cubs vanquish the Dodgers in the LCS is understandable, given the dislike they have for their dreaded rival. But I see the Nationals winning this game tonight, Thursday. The Nats have many things to their advantage for this Game 5 of the LDS. Their best starter, Max Scherzer is going, while the Dodgers` best, Clayton Kershaw, is not, nor will Kershaw be available in relief. The Nats are home. The Dodgers` starter, Hill, will be pitching with just three days rest. The Dodgers` bullpen is not as rested as they`d like. Scherzer signed a $210 mil contract not long ago, and it`s for games like this that he`s expected to justify such incredible money. It`s time for Max to pitch deep into this game and hand things over to closer Mark Melancon in the ninth with a lead. (There is an important reason why the Cubs will benefit from a Washington victory tonight. It means Scherzer will not be available to pitch versus the Cubs in the LCS until Game 3.} Also, if we do face the Nats, the game plan will include keeping lead-off batter Trea Turner of the bases. He makes that team go, and I`ve heard it said he`s one of those players who`s in scoring position while in the batter`s box.

Aloha jhosk, I tend to learn your way too, that the Nats pull this out too. Just learned that my father had interacted with Strasburg while he was at San Diego State. One of my father’s friends/rival on the Big Island was hosting the Aztecs at the time and he went over to lend support. My father said he was just a great young man and knew he would be in the bigs one day. I think a Cubs/Nats series as you say features some very good pitching and show cases some “big”closers too! As Pat Hughes says, “Cub Fans fasten your seat belts!” Mahalo!

Yes, sir, that`s interesting re: your father and Strasburg. Is unfortunate the pitcher is injured and may not be able to compete in this postseason. I thought of another reason why the Nats/Cubs would be a compelling match. Didn`t Bryant and Harper compete on the sandlots of Las Vegas as teens, if not even earlier in their young lives? Wonder if they envisioned ever meeting on this big stage? [I`m pleased Bryant is on our side; it`s my view he`s a better player, and a more admirable person.}

So the Cubs win a Playoff Series and there is no article on this blog.

I wonder why that is?

Aloha jasper, I bet Carrie is trying to get caught up on her sleep in prep for Saturday! Monday was a late night, then Tuesday went pretty late also and the game started an hour earlier! Well, we fans now know we will see Kershaw and company now. I hope they can jump on the Dodgers early and often. You saw how the Nats had chance after chance with a runner at 3rd and one out and could not bring them in. Our hitters have to clutch in this upcoming series. Take care now! Mahalo!

I would like to think in a positive way on the blog K.g.
It is becoming apparent that the BLOG is being ignored by Carrie.
I hate to assume, but isn’t this BLOG part of the job description and if it is, I would hate to see her end of year Evaluation.

Actually, no, Jasper, the blog is not required for my job. Most of my co-workers have abandoned theirs. As I’ve said in the past, there is plenty of copy on Cubs.com to read and that is my primary focus. If you’re not happy, you are free to go elsewhere

Aloha jasper- I try to think the best too. Maybe she is “overwhelmed” now. I am sure when the team was not doing as well, less attention was paid to this part of her job. I was thinking about when she started for Cubs, there was no internet, smartphones, etc… Shucks many of my friends were pioneers at Berkeley when it came to that in the late 80’s/early 90’s. They called it Unix and BBS (Bullentin Boards). My roommate was an EECS major as we called it (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). I remember building parts to go into computers with him for his experiments and when he had to communicate from off-campus from our apartment he used a very slow 1200 Baud Modem to connect to the university, then spending $$$’s of dollars to purchase a 2400 Baud Modem, eventually it got up to as you know 56K for dial-up. But at the time we were very few across the country communicating electronically with others and mainly through universities/colleges. So back to Carrie, I know there are only so many hours in a day and she is trying to keep up with not only the Cubs, the farm system but other organizations as well. I would not be surprised if she/Cubs hire additional folks to work with her when it comes to just this blog. Well, enough of my blabbing from up above. I read that Hendricks is cleared for game #2! Yes!!!. Cannot wait for tomorrow to arrive! Hang in there now. Mahalo!

I have been Carrie, there are much better BLOGS out there.
I just come to hear from K.g., jhosk, Doug and petrey.

Perhaps you folks should start your own.

I`m not wanting that, meaning the starting our own blog suggestion. Am content here.

Or perhaps when you put something up on the main page, you could share it here also.
That would be awesome.

Yes, k.g. My prediction was wrong again. The Nats had plenty of opportunities to take control of this game, and failed. Scherzer should have been able to pitch longer than six innings, given he is remunerated hundreds of $millions. Please! Dusty will be criticized again, and probably deserves it. He has failed many times in the postseason, including with our Cubs. The Cubs will have many advantages in that first game Saturday. The Dodgers are one of the worst teams in the game when facing starting pitchers who are left handed, and we have Lester going. It could be prudent to start Montgomery in one of the games, given how pathetic the Dodgers are versus southpaws. The Dodgers burned their bullpen tonight and were even forced to utilize Kershaw, who would have been scheduled to start Game 2, and still may, I suppose. All that should not matter, because the Cubs are a better team than the Dodgers, and had the Nationals been the opponent, the same thing would have been true. None of these remaining teams should scare the Cubs, including the Blue Jays and Indians.

Aloha jhosk, do not be too hard on yourself! This has been a playoff season of bp meltdowns! I think it comes down to whose bp “endures” the best. The Dodgers’ starting pitching is not far behind our Cubbies. In fact I would say the two National League teams have the strongest starting rotations compared to the American Leagues’. When it comes to the bp’s you have to acknowledge Cleveland’s! This is why I say, the Cubs have to overcome their RISP woes, attack early/often. Yes, we have spoken many times that pitching wins games. But I want for our Cubbies offense to break through and send a message! Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. That third base coach who sent Werth must be blind. Werth was out by a country mile. Roberts has something in common with Trump. He lies. The manager told reporters before the game he would absolutely not use Kershaw in relief. The last batter Kershaw faced, a player no one has ever heard of, was overmatched, and that`s an understatement. That was Rendon`s spot. That`s on Baker. Dan Plesac on the MLB network predicts the Cubs will have their way with the Dodgers. Dan believes the Nats would have been a more formidable opponent for the Cubs. Yes, I agree the Cubs` bats are overdue to come alive, especially Anthony`s and Addison`s, Rizzo was 1 for 15 in the LDS and is 7 for 47 in his postseason career. Cubs` pitchers are going to need to neutralize Turner. He`s hitting .400 this postseason, with a .591 on-base percentage, and .733 slugging percentage. For his postseason career he has a .444 average and 1.295 OPS. He`s going to be a free agent after this season. Is it safe to say he will garner uncommon interest from multiple organizations?

Darwin Barney sucks…. that is all

Aloha Petrey, nice to see you are still around. Well, Barney must be pretty “bad,” cause he is on a playoff team too in I believe a supporting role like LaStella. So, will you be going to any of the Cubs/Dodgers games at Wrigley? Mahalo!

Why do you encourage him by responding? If you ignored the ingrate, he might have quietly returned to the swamp he emerged from, or has it been drained?

Aloha jhosk- I guess after the Giants/Cubs games and experience this past week. Then to go to that event at the Japanese Consulate on Wednesday and to have the goodwill continue to we Cub fans, I just wanted to extend an olive branch. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the game! Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- Not sure about you or anyone else here but again we were “blacked-out!!!” This is due to the MLB. But my Giants’ friend who has cable and gets the MLB channel through his cable can watch the game. The message I received is that approximately 90mins after the game, I can watch the “archived” game. So, am listening to it “radio-style.” Now I am glad I was able to see Monday’s/Tuesday’s games at AT&T Park because those games in our area where blacked-out too! Anyhow, neat to hear the “Golden-Glove” type of defense that Fowler is playing. Look forward to seeing that later on the replay game. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, sir. Those were two sensational defensive plays Fowler made, the second being even more amazing than the first. He outran the baseball. Eithier`s long ball surprised everyone; it felt like a routine fly ball off the bat. Rizzo and Russell continue to fail at the dish. Javy Baez continues to impress. This two-run lead is precarious, given the wind is blowing out at NUVEEN Field. {Have you noticed what Andrew Miller has been doing in the other league? Absolutely dominant! Fans now know why he was Theo`s first choice as a reliever when negotiating with the Yankees in July. It`s not a stretch to envision the Cubs possibly facing the Indians and Miller in the Fall Classic.} Our bullpen will be challenged tonight, as Lester was just removed after just six innings. This fan does not like that.

LMAO, perfect!!!!

Sorry K.g., but that was hilarious.

Aloha jasper, well I was trying to make a point that Barney is good enough to be of service and still playing. He batted close to .270 this past year, actually had more hr’s/rbi’s/hits then LaStella did. By the way, you probably saw LaStella was taken off of this next roster for another pitcher. I sure hope he does not take the decision the wrong way. Take care now and Go Cubs! Mahalo!

Kg I believe he was laughing at my comment…. and hitting 270 means nothing. He was a negative war offensive player …. defensive sub …. he sucks

Aloha Petrey- I know you and I have something in common, being associated with ball up through college. Now, I cannot speak for you but myself: it was a dream of mine just like many before me to play in “the Show!” Well, thank goodness my coach said to us that most of us would never go pro but to be thankful that you got here and to get your education. Having said that, Barney was good enough to go pro, again something very few will ever have the chance to do. He may not have the best WAR as you say and of course you know I can talk stats/metrics all day too but again at the end of the day very few actually ever don a professional baseball uniform and he did. Now let us hope the 25 men who where the Cubs uniform during this series can take of business against them Dodgers! Mahalo.

It was a moronic comment, unless one subscribes to character assassination and lacks class.

Still butt hurt huh?

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